Service or repair order for water ionizers and reverse osmosis systems


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  • Repair and maintenance from all water ionizers available on the market
  • We also repair models that we do not offer or that are not purchased from us
  • Most spare parts are in stock in Munich, so no long waiting times
  • First select the device you have in the selection window next to the price. If you cannot find your device, you can select “Item”.
  • Please order this 0-Euro product with all the necessary information such as model name and problem description in the ordering process or by email, we will contact you
  • We will make a rough cost estimate in advance
  • After we receive your device, you will receive a detailed cost estimate, which usually stays under €200
  • After successful repair or maintenance, we will send the device back to you with the service invoice

Installation service water filter water ionizer RO system
Service or repair order for water ionizers and reverse osmosis systems
Business hours: Monday through Friday 9-20 clock

Water ionizer repair order

Here you can order a repair if your device is defective. We will first make you a price proposal by email, and then you can send us the invoice that will arise for this repair order, which will be revised by us, and the device to be serviced.

Please click on “buy” and then enter the following details Order note/message box with a:

  • Which water ionizer model is affected?
  • If you purchased from us, do you still have an order number and invoice number?
  • What is defective? please provide a short description.
  • We will make a rough cost estimate in advance
  • After we receive your device, you will receive a detailed cost estimate, which usually stays under €200 or even €100
  • After successful repair or maintenance, we will send the device back to you with the service invoice

Please note:

When returning this repair order, please include a copy of your previous invoice in the package as a copy of the invoice, if you have it at hand.

Please lay down only the affected device with drip protection caps well packed in the package, completely without accessories and hoses etc - just the device itself.

If the device is defective within the first 6 months, we will cover the entire shipping costs and you will receive a voucher or goods worth the shipping costs for approx. €7 (e.g. 2 Tritan bottles).

During the normal warranty period, you only have to pay the outbound shipping costs; we will cover the return shipping costs.

We will carry out the repair as quickly as possible and send the package back to you.

We ask for your understanding and hope that this will no longer happen after the maintenance.

Old versus new action

Yes, you have one Water Ionizers. Bought years ago. It still works or it no longer meets your expectations. But can it keep up with the new, powerful generation, which is particularly active when it comes to dissolved hydrogen and doesn't just create acid from the water?

Test how strong your device is in this area. He reaches readys therapeutic hydrogen level of > 0,5 ppm, as discussed in Japan and America. Here you can request the pH and H2 test set for your old device.

If you old versus modern If you want to exchange, we have a limited offer for you:

We will take back your used water ionizer, even if you did not buy it from us. No matter what brand. Even if the warranty has already expired. As long as it still works and isn't visibly damaged, it's still worth something. Depending on the condition, you will receive between 20 and 40% discount on each of our new water ionizers. Send us your old device and tell us which new device you would like to have. We will send you our discount offer within 3 – 6 working days.

Even a defective water ionizer can lead to a discount when purchasing a new water ionizer. It is best to speak to us or, better yet, write to us with two photos of the water ionizer.

e.g. old-versus-new: AquaVolta® EOS Revelation II

EOS Revelation II Undersink Water Ionizer 1000

13 Reviews for Service or repair order for water ionizers and reverse osmosis systems

  1. Beatrice V., Meditech -

    Hello Yasin,
    Thank you very much Yasin, top service again
    I wish you and your family a happy Easter!
    Yours faithfully,
    With best regards,
    Kind regards,
    Best Regards,
    Beatrice V., Meditech

  2. Evren -

    Slm Yasin. Device has just arrived. Connected and works perfectly. Thanks again for the great service. Greetings Evren

  3. Radu D. -

    Re: Cracks on AquaVolta 2.8 plastic body:
    Hello Yasin,
    Thank you very much. I received the unit and I am using it fine.
    Warm regards,
    Radu D.

  4. Angela V -

    Good day,
    the device arrived today, connected and works. Thank you and thank you for the shower filter.
    With kind regards,
    Angela V

  5. Constantine S. -

    Service desert Germany?
    Maybe that's why the company is called Aquacentrum!!! (basically an oasis in the desert!)
    Here you will not only be treated nice and friendly, but SERVICE is also very important here!
    Always available, quick, uncomplicated help, within the guarantee period, without hassle or hassle, and very friendly.
    My tractor had a problem with the normal chamber and only worked the other way around. It still works, but it's annoying when the good water only comes out of the stubborn (rigid) drain hose. The entire chamber was replaced completely free of charge!
    A dream when the good water comes from above again and can be easily used!

    My H2 booster no longer worked so well and was also repaired for free! (It was more than busy working for me…)

    Return shipping was also taken care of free of charge.

    If there is an award for courteous and friendly service, then Yasin and his team more than deserve it!
    Hats off!!! Keep it up!

  6. Constantine S. -

    Thank you very much for the repair!
    It's much more pleasant, I didn't know how much better it is with the functioning top outlet.

  7. Manuela B -

    Hello Mr. Akgün, I wanted to thank you again very much for the quick repair and also that it was free. Thank you very much Mr. Akgün, I wish you a nice time and a nice weekend. LG Manuela B.

  8. Angelica F. -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    Thank you very much for repairing the booster. Now everything is working again.
    Best Regards,
    Angelica F.

  9. Annegret P -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    My water system is running better than ever. The water tastes better than it has in years. Thank you very much for the repair and the quick visit.
    With lovely greetings
    Annegret P

  10. Manfred W -

    Thank you for the information and of course for the repair under warranty in the 5th year. I am glad that I chose your company back then.
    With kind regards,
    Manfred W

  11. Anke -

    Hello Yasin,
    Unfortunately, customers only ever come forward to complain. So I wanted to get in touch now to say that I am very satisfied with the repair and overhaul of our tractor. Today I had to change a filter and took the opportunity to test all the pH values ​​again. Great, everything as it should be. With Alkaline 4 there are lots of bubbles in the water. The two Acidic 1 and 2 levels are still very high at pH 7,5, but we hardly use them anyway. The Acidic 2 drain water that we use to keep the plate usage even is great for this at 9,8.
    Many greetings from the south and a nice summer to all of you!

  12. Konrad and Petra -

    All right... we wait patiently... and we are extremely satisfied with your service
    Greetings from Berlin
    Konrad and Petra

  13. georg -

    dear yasin,

    Thank you very much for the ionizer service. It is now hanging again next to the stove above the grandl (water container integrated into the kitchen stove)

    Now I have a full water program again:

    Tap water: very hard but good

    Grandl water: lukewarm to boiling, not drinking water quality, but contains anolytes

    boiling: drinking water from the stove

    and now again sour and basic and filtered and and...

    and wood in front of the hut

    I wish you a Merry Christmas


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