Selective nitrate ion exchanger


  • Aquaphor plug-in/plug-out softener cartridge
  • Capacity window: 250-1000 liters, depending on the hardness of your water
  • Flow: Max. 4 to 5 liters/min at approx. 4,0 bar, (58 psi), the slower, the better the results
  • Weight: 0,53kg; Filter dimensions: diameter 78 mm, height 308 mm; Material white: PP
  • Please note: You also need the Mono filter head around the ion exchanger to be used to filter nitrate.

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Selective nitrate ion exchanger from AQUAPHOR® including optional regeneration set

Regeneration attachment

Water can contain nitrate ions [NO3 -]. Nitrate ions are not desirable in drinking water in higher concentrations. According to the current drinking water regulations maximum 50mg nitrate – Ions contained in one liter of drinking water.

For the use of The WHO recommends a lower value for drinking water for infants [max. 10 mg/liter] recommended. Nitrate can be removed by reverse osmosis with a typical efficiency > 90%.

Nitrate ions can also be removed using anion exchangers. Selective ion exchangers have that here The advantage is that once nitrate ions have been absorbed, they are practically not released back into the water when saturation is reached. A prerequisite, however, is that the water quality does not change significantly, which is typically the case with drinking water.

Selective ion exchangers that only and exclusively absorb nitrate are not yet available for series applications; sulfate ions [SO4 2-] are also absorbed. The efficiency essentially depends on Bed volume [volume of the column that is available] and from the Flow rate [liters/minute] depends on how the water to be treated is passed through the column with the ion exchanger.

Selective nitrate ion exchanger from AQUAPHOR including optional regeneration set-500

Structure of the nitrate ion exchange cartridge


  1. QuickChange – empty housing
  2. Stainless steel riser pipe with integrated ventilation
  3. ion exchanger (pattern in the glass)
  4. Input sediment filter
  5. Output filter fleece (in stainless steel tube)
Aquaphor Mono filter head including filter insert - QuickChange 500

Principle of the QuickChange filter change system

QuickChange systems consist of a head and a (filter) cartridge. They offer the highest level of hygienic safety.

When the (filter) medium is changed, the filter housing is automatically replaced as well, as both form a unit.

There is no need to clean or disinfect the inside of the housing, as with classic systems. This means that no germs can get into the interior of the system while the filter is being changed.

The user also no longer comes into contact with the used or new filter medium, which is a significant advantage for hygiene.

The filter head itself can be easily disinfected if necessary. When changing the filter, just press the locking button and remove and insert the replaceable filter with a ¼ turn.

Special features of housing type K1-P

  1. Very compact thanks to patented filter head design
  2. Easy plug-in and plug-out filter change
  3. Filter head can be easily disinfected.
  4. Filter head with integrated wall bracket
  5. The housing can be screwed on
  6. There is a sediment filter on the input side and a filter fleece on the output side
  7. Stainless steel riser pipe with integrated ventilation

Technical data

  • Dimensions: H 350 x Ø 90 mm
  • Weight: depending on the filling, usually 1000g
  • Connectors: 6,25mm [1/4”] connector
  • Maximum water pressure: 6,3bar / 91,4 psi
  • Water temperature: +5…+30 oC
  • Material white: ​PP
  • Material blue: POM
  • Riser pipe: stainless steel with integrated ventilation
  • Inlet and outlet with sediment filter


The sIN cartridge is intended to reduce the nitrate content.

The bed volume is sufficient for approx. 4.000 mg nitrate [starting water with approx. 50 mg/liter sulfate content].

Example: 25 mg/liter nitrate in the input water = capacity approx. 200 liters with a volume flow of 1,5 liters/minute and a reduction of 80% [the output water contains 25 mg nitrate/liter, the treated water 5 mg nitrate/liter]

Efficiency with reduction in percent:
Volume flow 1,5 liters / minute > 80%
Volume flow 0,5 liters / minute > 95%


The results obtained relate to the following conditions:

Drinking water: 31618 Liebenau, tapping point Pennigsehler Str. 343
Flow: approx. 1,5 liters / minute
Test drinking water Liebenau

Information from water supplier [limit values ​​in brackets]:
Nitrate: approx. 20mg/liter ​[50] sulfate: ​approx. 28mg/liter [240] chloride: approx. 35mg/liter ​[250] nitrate content
10 liters​5,4 mg
100 <4,8 mg
200​5,1 mg
300​9,5 mg

Measurements photometer Spectro 2, limit of nitrate quantification 4,8 mg/liter

Intended use


Service life / filter change:

If necessary and depending on the load.


As with other Na ion exchangers, possible with pure saline solution.

Since it is not possible to say exactly when the ion exchanger needs to be replaced or regenerated, it is recommended to check the nitrate content (nitrate test strips).

An approximate statement can be made if the parameters nitrate, sulfate and chloride of the water to be treated are known.


Only with hygienically perfect water in accordance with the current Drinking Water Ordinance Annex 1 (to Section 5 Paragraphs 2 and 3, Microbiological Parameters).

Basic recommendation:

Downstream and end-of-system microfiltration (0,1 µm membrane filter, e.g. type K1-07B).

Especially with nitrate ion exchangers, if germ-free input water cannot be guaranteed, a germ barrier on the input side is recommended.

Regeneration Aquaphor softener sodium ion exchanger

Instructions for regeneration of the nitrate ion exchange cartridge


Regeneration through sodium chloride

The sIN Removable cartridge can be regenerated with a sodium chloride solution. To do this, one liter of a saturated brine solution is poured through a funnel into the filter. Please order the optionally available regeneration funnel with your first purchase.


The regenerating and rinsing solution can be added to the wastewater and rinsed with at least 2 liters of water. The system is now ready for use again for the next 300 to 900 liters of soft water. With every liter, its performance decreases again until it no longer softens or exchanges nitrate. You decide when you regenerate again. In the worst case, the cartridge does nothing. Each cartridge exchanges around 10 degrees of dH or significantly reduces the nitrate content.

To extend the regeneration intervals, you can use two cartridges or three cartridges in parallel. If the result is not enough for you, you also have the option of connecting two or three cartridges in a row.


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Technical data Aquaphor water-lime softener cartridge

  • Applied technology(s): Sodium ion exchange granules, regenerable
  • Working medium: water
  • Diameter ∅: 78 mm or 7,8 cm
  • Color white
  • Height: 308 mm or 30,8 cm
  • Line pressure: 4 bar
  • Material: Housing: Polypropylene, Contents: Silver-coated activated carbon granules
  • pH values ​​at 2 l/min, dH°14-18: no change
  • ORP or redox potentials at 2 l/min, dH°14-18: no change
  • Flow range: 1 – 5 liters / min.
  • Power consumption: no electricity, only line pressure required
  • Ambient temperature: 4°C - 40°C
  • Temperature inlet water: 4 °C – 30 °C

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Do you have more questions?

If you have any further questions, please write to us

I would be happy to answer all your questions, you Yasin Akgün (biography)