Terahertz Wall Negative Ion Blaster 7.0 | including wrinkle smoothers


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Terahertz Wand iteracare 7 Negative Ion Blaster Wrinkle Smoother
Terahertz Wall Negative Ion Blaster 7.0 | including wrinkle smoothers
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Terahertz Wall Negative Ion Blaster 7.0 | including wrinkle smoothers

Application of the Terahertz Wand Negative Ion Blaster

  1. Insert the quartz glass inner tube into the outer tube.
  2. Place the installed outer cylinder on the motor part, screw it into the buckle and make sure it is locked tightly.
  3. Plug in the power, experience or start physical therapy.
  4. Use a detector to detect terahertz

Three working modes for the blower

  1. Mode: High speed and low heat.
  2. Mode: Low speed and high heat.
  3. Mode: High speed and high heat.

When warm or hot air is blown onto the human body, it accelerates blood circulation, helps open capillaries, and makes it easier for terahertz frequencies to penetrate the skin and travel deep into the human body.

The product principle

The terahertz wave is a type of short wavelength light wave that lies between the microwave and the infrared wave. The frequency is in the range of 0,1-10THZ (wavelength 0,03-3mm). She has many unique ones

The core technologies

  • Terahertz + Quantum + Optical Quartz + Negative Ion Technology + Blue Light Therapy
  • Terahertz plus quantum bodies, 3 times more effective
  • 4 blue light lamps focusing
  • the light source can be concentrated on the area, improving the effect of phototherapy
  • Quantum light wave, blue light, more focused negative ions
  • High quality heat-resistant crystal energy tube, Seiko production, strict quality
  • Excellent Material: Quartz stone and rare earth powder, fired with chlorine gas, collects energy and light source, heats up quickly, withstands high temperatures and prevents thermal explosions!
  • With the addition of terahertz improvement stickers, it can effectively increase terahertz by 1-2 times
  • Bio-electromagnetic low noise and strong performance Enhanced blue light
  • 360 rotating wire
  • Humanized design

Current, new version 7.0 with small optimizations compared to the previous version 6.0 (also known as itera Care

Terahertz Wand iteracare 6 Negative Ion Blaster Wrinkle Smoother

Previous version: Terahertz Wand Negative Ion Blaster 6.0

Terahertz Wand itera care 7 Negative Ion Blaster Wrinkle Smoother

Latest version: Terahertz Wand Negative Ion Blaster 7.0


low energy, high frequency, strong penetration, high temperature and is harmless to human body. It is in the same frequency range as the vibration and rotation frequencies of biological macromolecules and water and has differences in the terahertz spectrum of different materials. It has a wide range of applications in biomedical, agricultural, environmental, information, materials, national defense, aerospace and security inspection fields.

It can penetrate 20cm to 30cm into the human body, produce strong thermal effect and high efficiency. It can shape the body and beauty, activate cells, improve microcirculation, improve blood supply, regulate hormonal balance, purify blood, strengthen immunity, reduce free radicals, vibrate at the same frequency and activate blood. It eliminates blood stasis, reduces inflammation and relieves pain, and has a significant healing effect on various inflammations.

The effect of terahertz waves

Brings a lot of negative ions. Release the state of excessive accumulation of positive ions in the resting area of ​​the machine to activate the “charge” of cells, further repair damaged cells and improve self-healing abilities

Assist in pain relief

Blue light is a high-energy, highly penetrating visible light with a wavelength of 380 to 500 nanometers. It can change cell structure, kill bacteria, create a suitable environment for new cells, promote the production of new collagen and collagen, and stimulate cell growth. It can repair inflamed, acne-prone, aging skin, relieve sunburn without damaging the skin, whiten the skin and promote skin elasticity.

Negative ions

Negative ions can stimulate human epithelium regeneration, promote wound healing and improve immunity. Due to its exceptional binding ability with dust, viruses and bacteria in the air, it can remove dust, sterilize and prevent diseases, disinfect and purify the air.

Quartz crystal

The quartz crystal is a healing stone that can concentrate energy and release it in one direction, with strong and direct energy fluctuations. Due to these energy properties, crystals are not only widely used in industry and technology, the energy of crystals is also an indispensable component in the field of energy healing.

Quantum Health Technology – Longwave Infrared + Terahertz Frequency

The long-wave infrared frequency generated by the device is combined with the terahertz frequency generated by the terahertz chip (on the quartz crystal) to radiate in a single direction.
Long-wave infrared is a kind of invisible light that can increase the temperature of tissue, expand blood capillaries, accelerate blood circulation and accelerate the metabolism of body substances. It is often used in medical treatment for certain patients. For example, in patients with local swelling, infrared therapy can promote the absorption of swelling. It can be used in the treatment of rheumatism, abdominal pain, joint inflammation, swelling of the lower limbs and other diseases.

  1. Terahertz frequency can directly act on the subcutaneous tissue, replenish the cells of life, regulate the body's physiological functions and accelerate cell formation.
  2. After the frequency acts on the human body, it can resonate with the cells at the same frequency, stimulate the movement of water molecules in the body, increase blood circulation and promote the new metabolism of cells.
  3. Terahertz stimulates individual molecules, reduces blood viscosity, enlarges cells, improves immunity and reduces the rate of aging.
  4. Terahertz generates high-frequency vibrations, which has a massage effect on skin cells, can accelerate the excretion of waste in the body, unblock capillaries, reduce keratinization, make skin smooth, reduce wrinkles, and achieve the effect of skin beautification.
  5. Terahertz frequency penetrates the human body through the skin, increases the temperature of subcutaneous tissue, dilates blood vessels, accelerates blood circulation, accelerates metabolism and nutrient absorption, and also eliminates metabolic waste and fat in the body.



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