Tesla@Home Water Resonator | 150MHz, 22Hz and 7,83Hz MWO for domestic water vitalization


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Tesla@Home domestic water resonator 150MHz single-wave oscillator

Tesla@Home uses, among other things, the three primal frequencies to recalibrate all living organisms through the ingenious optimization of water:

150MHz, 22,5Hz and 7,83Hz

Through this electromagnetic frequency portfolio of the Tesla@Home (range approx. 10 - 15m), which resonates exclusively with water molecules, water, which numerically makes up 99 out of 100 molecules in a person's body (up to approx. 70% by weight) and is also involved in 98% of all metabolic processes, returned to the most natural, living, hexagonal original structure.
The quality of water is incredibly important; it is by far the most important food for all living organisms.
Since the importance of “Hexagonal Water” is now scientifically proven to be so great for the health of humans, animals and plants, it is rightly ennobled with the title “The Holy Grail of Health”. In the book “A New Start for the Cells,” the American author Sayer Ji even speaks of “the philosopher’s stone in the new biophysics.”

Tesla@home water vitalizer | Arthur Tränkle explains

Why is that? Arthur Tränkle has listed the most important properties of “Hexagonal Water” here:

Strong negative charge/acidification stopped:

Hexagonal water structures are always extremely negatively charged in the hydrophilic environment in humans and therefore neutralize the positive ions that lead to the harmful acidification.
Positive consequence: an alkaline cell environment is created and only in an alkaline cell environment can our vital enzymes and hormones develop their three-dimensional structure and work fully. The same applies to the optimal functioning of our DNA; it requires a partial coating with hexagonal water.

EZ-Water/Exclusion Zone:

Hexagonal structures are crystalline-like and very dense, any molecules that are not water molecules are separated out in the hexagonal boundary water zone areas (especially on all membranes); This applies to all toxins, all germs such as harmful bacteria and, above all, viruses; That's why it is also called exclusion zone water.

Positive consequence:

Contamination is prevented and toxins, germs, acidic molecules and slags are optimally removed; In this crystalline structure (4th physical state of water), water can store several thousand pieces of frequency information and pass it on to the cells, comparable to silicon crystals in computer chips.

Optimal cell availability and optimal flow rates of all body fluids. Positive consequence:

Optimal nutrient and oxygen supply to all cells and especially to our mitochondria/our energy centers, resulting in significantly more energy and the optimization of all elimination processes.

More oxygen/more energy:

In the hexagonal structure, the biochemical formula is H3O2.
Positive consequence: this means 44% more oxygen for our cells and our mitochondria and therefore significantly more energy for our entire organism.

More free electrons/neutralization of free radicals:

In the hexagonal structure, the density is so high that the atoms can share electrons and free, delocalized electrons or entire electron plasma layers form (mesomerism effect).

Positive consequence:

Hexagonal water has an enormous number of free, negatively charged electrons; This makes it the strongest anti-oxidant in the entire universe and neutralizes trillions of free radicals without any side effects. These are the main reason for many diseases and premature aging. In addition, the function of all mitochondria is optimized. In this way, we also achieve maximum protection against inflammation as well as optimal protection of the DNA, for all organelles, especially the mitochondria, all cells and, above all, for the entire immune system, our self-regulation and our self-healing processes.

… read more in the manufacturer’s product flyer: Product flyer-Tesla@Home-house water vitalizer-150MHZ-oscillator-house pipe-water matrix-20S.pdf


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