Titanion SE Faucet Water Ionizer - Used or Refurbished


  • Reliable water ionizer for input water in the medium hardness range up to dH 16° and with normal water requirements for a one to two-person household.
  • Following are the operating instructions: Yi-Shan Titanion (SE, SE-Ultra) Water Ionizer Instruction Manual
  • 3 years warranty
  • Filter reinstalled, to change filters all 6-12 months
  • Currently one last one available, used for 24 months, new cell, completely renewed

When you purchase this Titanion water ionizer for the production of alkaline water, you will receive the following products (clickable images):

Water ionizer | Yishan / Bionlite Titanion Se | completely overhauled with or without a new electrolysis cell or used

The Yishan / Bionlite Titanion Se Ultra water ionizer combines an excellent silver design with many options, highly effective ionization, easy operation and the latest, long-lasting, microprocessor-controlled technology.

The Titanion water ionizer series adapts to your requirements and needs, not the other way around. So you can hang your water ionizer on the wall or stand it up and connect it to the tap.

You can make fine adjustments to the ionization power using special buttons to get the best ionization, and the color-changing LCD display shows you the possible pH value, ORP value or the level in numbers (1, 2, 3,…) if desired. at. No other water ionizer offers you more options.

Below are two more pictures of the Titanion SE Ultra, from a customer:

Wuendisch Yunsun Titanion SSP cell



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