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  • This device enables the production of activated water from (filtered) tap water or reverse osmosis and distilled water
  • Ideal for single households to supply 1-2 people: 0,8L ionized alkaline water & 0,7L acidic water
  • The electrodes are off wear-free titanium-ruthenium
  • Silver water (colloidal water) can also be produced using the silver electrodes supplied
  • Timer function with automatic switch-off
  • Without installation, just connect,
  • Housing material: Terluran GP-35 NR
  • Produces alkaline, but only slightly hydrogenated active water and acidic, disinfectant water
  • Hydrogen yield approx. 300 ppb (parts per billion) or 0,3 ppm (parts per million) after approx. 12 minutes.
  • Concentrates (anolyte with pH 2,5 and catolyte with pH 12) are possible by adding salt
  • Dimensions: 20 cm x 20 cm x 36 cm, weight: 1,3 kg
  • Operating instructions aQuator Mini – PTV-KL -Aquaphaser – top ionizer

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Aquator top ionizer Silver Mini ptv kl Aquaphaser lid

aQuator Mini Silver or Aquaphaser | For the production of alkaline and acidic water

The ionization duration and intensity of this device can be individually adjusted in small steps using a timer. This means you can produce ionized solutions of different strengths, even with individually formulated salts. Or you can simply make regular ionized water in quantities of 0,7 liters per batch.

Just 0,5 liters of water from the Aquaphaser delivers the same amount of basic ions as five liters from a conventional water ionizer.

At the same time you produce 0,8L of ionized alkaline water and 0,7L of acidic water.

Volume of the device 1,5L.

Aquator top ionizer Silver Mini ptv kl anode chamber cathode chamber

The device, specifically recommended for study purposes, consists of two chambers separated by a selective membrane. The membrane is replaceable and lasts about 2 weeks with daily production of 2 fillings with normal water. Depending on the ionization time, the water heats up.

The ionization process works on the principle of electrolysis by flowing current between a positively and a negatively charged electrode. After electrolysis (10 – 50 minutes depending on the water), the chamber with the acidic water (anolyte) is removed. The remainder of alkaline water (catholyte) remains in the pot.

The positively charged ions are drawn to the cathode by pulsating direct current. At the same time, water molecules become hydroxyl ions by releasing hydrogen, which escapes as a gas. This makes the cathode water alkaline.

In the opposite direction, the negatively charged anions collect in the anode chamber, while some of the water molecules there are deprived of oxygen, so that only H+ ions remain, which acidify the water.

The diaphragm (membrane) keeps the chambers separate. At the end there are more cations (minerals) in the alkaline water than before electrolysis. That's what matters!

Silver water – what is it?

The Aquator Mini Silver PTV-KL can even produce water in three different properties: basic, acidic and, as an additional function, colloidal silver water in any high concentration, also known as a natural antibiotic for centuries.

99,99% silver electrode. Advantage over other silver colloid generators: Up to 7,5 mA direct current flows through the water. The Aquaphaser's closed design makes it one of the safest and fastest silver colloid generators on the market.

The Aquaphaser Mini or aQuator Mini Silver uses 99,99% pure silver electrodes. However, the quality of the silver colloid does not depend on the nature of the electrodes or the device, but on the purity of the water. The purer the water, the higher its electrical resistance, the less current flows, the finer (and therefore more tissue-permeable) the detached colloids become, but the higher the voltage used should also be. The Aquaphaser® Multi with its 230 V is particularly suitable for the rapid production of colloidal silver from (double) distilled water.

It only takes a few seconds to make 1,5L of silver water. This means you also have to take out the extraction container to only make colloidal silver water.

A water filter is necessary

The ionization process converts the substances dissolved in the water into an ionized form - this makes them quickly available - but also any pollutants that may be present. We therefore strongly recommend filtering beforehand of the water, as this device is not equipped with a built-in pre-filter like the usual household water ionizers.

The AQUAPHOR® MODERN is designed as a closed and very cost-effective double table-top filter with a diverter connection on the tap to achieve perfectly tasted and optimally purified drinking water. It is the ideal complement to the Aquaphaser.

The AQUAPHOR® Prestige Pitcher filter is the alternative if you do not want to have a water filter installed on the tap. The Aquaphor filter has a special structure that results from the additional use of modified AQUALEN® fibers with cation and anion exchangers. This results in a significant increase in filter effectiveness.

Aquator top ionizer Silver Mini ptv kl Aquaphaser electrodes

aQuator Mini Silver or Aquaphaser | Very easy to use:

  • Remove the hood
  • Check whether the partition is tightly inserted into the vessel grooves
  • Pour the water first into the lifting container, then into the lower container
  • Place the hood on top so that the dark electrode can be placed in the extraction vessel
  • Connect the cable with the plug to the power supply. A green indicator lights up and the letter A in the timer indicator. You set the time, up to 30 minutes.
  • Press Start
  • After the selected time has elapsed, turn off the switch, unplug the plug, and remove the hood
  • You have acidic water in the extraction container
  • In the main vessel you have activated alkaline water


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