TranceBag Nebulite festival backpack with EL Wire straps and bum bag 2

69,00  - 114,00 

  • TranceBag Nebulite backpack with extra-strong El-Wire light cords and 5000 mAh power bank
  • Inner pocket with zip and interior lighting
  • Interchangeable El-Wire light cords
  • Hard-wearing and water-repellent

Glowbag Nebulite Collection - next generation festival bag sparkle fetish sparkle bag
TranceBag Nebulite festival backpack with EL Wire straps and bum bag 2
69,00  - 114,00 
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Trancebag NEBULITE – backpack with fiberglass front and illuminated straps via EL-Wire or bum bag 2

Come here to get your hands on it: the world's first fully illuminated bag!

The world's first drawstring belt bag and backpack.

The perfect party and festival equipment! You'll never lose your friends at big festivals again.

  • Dominate the dance floor: Your bag syncs with the beat, your moves and your friends.
  • Show your style: Control the look and mood of your bag with the NEBULITE mobile app.
  • Peace of mind: Be present with your friends, not your bag. The built-in theft protection ensures your NEBULITE.

A light and simple solution to illuminate my everyday festival life. The result: an illuminated drawstring bag that matches the wearer's individual style.

No other party equipment is as stylish and useful at the same time. From a secret black to a full-on rainbow – Only you determine the spectrum of your style. Soft, bad light or bounce with beat detection? You have the choice. One thing is certain: the NEBULITE trance bag is so much more than just a beautiful bag! Six ultra-bright LEDs then flood the fabric with glorious light that puts the galaxy to shame. Six additional LEDs illuminate the interior of the NEBULITE Collection. 16 million colors.

Gym bag with a glowing front and illuminated cords!

  • Handheld remote control with separate settings for indoor and outdoor lighting
  • YES, you read that right: INSIDE lighting! Never look for your things again!
  • Gather your group and connect to one of the remote controls to create synchronized animations!
  • During the day, you can replace the front with any sparkly sequin patch! (Available seperately)
  • Machine washable on hand wash setting in wash net, no electronics and fiberglass front (10 second work).

Product information

  • Connections: USB-A plug for connecting a power bank (NOT included!)
  • Dimensions: 38 cm high, 32 cm wide, 6 cm deep
  • Weight: 0,40 kg (cotton cords) / 0,50 kg (El-Wire)
  • Power consumption: maximum 330mA, normally 230mA
  • Material composition: 50% cotton (bag), 50% polyester (fiber optic and inlay)

Fantastic features

The NEBULITE Collection comes to life with ultra-thin glass fibers that are directly woven with synthetic fibers. The fibers are processed so that the light escapes evenly along the entire length of the strands.

Torrential rain has turned your festival into a mud bath? Take NEBULITE for a ride! When you're done, just put it in the washing machine at home. That’s right – the fiberglass fabric is super easy to clean.

Sharing is important

Trance bag NEBULITE looks even better in groups! Imagine your entire rave team with these bags... We tested it: Approved.

Video: Nebulite TranceBag | Fiberglass material live in action


What is fiberglass fabric?

The NEBULITE trance bag owes its glow to ultra-thin, light-conducting fibers that are woven with transparent and black fibers to form a fabric. The heart of it all are ultra-bright LEDs that I specially programmed, which give the product its unique, multi-colored look.

Six additional LEDs illuminate the interior of the NEBULITE Trancebag.

How quickly does the fabric wear out?

The glass fibers are elastic but they can still break - this does not mean that the material will break! but permanent, bright wrinkles appear in the tissue. It is therefore best to store your NEBULITE bag hanging or unfolded and protected.

Do not place sharp-edged and/or heavy objects on the outer fabric - then you will have use of your NEBULITE bag for a very long time.

How do I care for my NEBULITE bag?

A well-maintained NEBULITE bag shines brighter and more beautifully over time. The light spots in the fabric are microscopic kinks in the fiber. The light breaks at these bends and becomes visible to the eye. As more kinks slowly appear over time, more glowing dots will appear on your NEBULITE bag. As with a leather jacket, these visual changes have no effect on the durability of the product! If you want more light points immediately, you can CAREFULLY DAB the fiberglass fabric of your NEBULITE bag with coarse sandpaper. If the fiberglass fabric becomes chafed in one place, you can CAREFULLY cut off any protruding fiber ends with nail scissors. In principle, it's just like having a thread hanging out of a sweater. And as with any material…try not to set it on fire. 😀

Where does my NEBULITE bag get its power from?

You can simply connect any standard USB power bank. Depending on which modes and brightness level you have set, your NEBULITE bag can shine for several days at a time.

5 mAh: 000-1 nights
10 mAh: 000-2 nights (not available from us)

Which power bank is best?

You can connect any standard USB power bank to your NEBULITE bag. When making your choice, you should keep in mind that the power bank should be as small, light and flat as possible in order to save space and weight. Our NEBULITE power bank is best (of course 😊). It is particularly small, flat and light. It also has a second output so that you can charge your cell phone at the same time if necessary. It has the perfect fit, order now!


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Technical data Trancebag Nebulite Smart fiberglass band festival backpack

Technical data power bank

Colour: Black

Input: Micro 5V/2A

Output: USB-A1 5V/2A and USB-A2 5V/1A

Capacity: 5000mAh

Weight 99,5 g

Dimensions: 91(L)x63(W)x12.5(D)mm

Battery type: Li-polymer battery

Materials: ABS+PC+V(0)

Protection functions: short circuit, over-current, over-charging, over-discharging

Certifications: CE, RoHS, FCC

Warranty: 12 months

Factory audit: BSCI, ISO9001