UMH Heat series – circulation revitalizer for heating water

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UMH Heat – treatment of heating water circuits through lime conversion

With the UMH Heat, UMH offers an effective solution for energizing the heating water, especially for underfloor heating and heating circuits. This prevents or reverses siltation of the circulating water. The device made of brass is equipped with a special ceramic composition.
Inside, a hyperbolic flow cycle and handcrafted vials ensure a highly stable energy field.

The negative effects of underfloor heating, such as heavy legs, fatigue, circulatory problems, etc., are eliminated by the energized quality of the water and the water remains clear for years.

UMH Heat hot water circuit limescale converter

Technical data for the UMH heat model variants:


Technical data for the UMH heat model variants

Experiences and analyzes before and after using the UMH Heat limescale converter


Bruno Mestdagh, company Sarl Drag'Eau, 2012:


UMH Heat laboratory measurements siltation heating water circuit

The UMH-Heat device 1" was installed at the beginning of October 2011 in a relatively new private house, where severe sludge had formed in the heating system after just 18 months.

The results were documented by the laboratory tests below.

After installing the UMH device, the heating water initially became dirtier. This indicates that the heat device has removed incrustations from the heating system. Another sample was taken on December 28.12th. shows only very low mud, aluminum, copper and iron values.

At this point the water was already very clean. The last study from January 27.1.2012, XNUMX shows significantly low values ​​in all parameters. At this point the heating water was only a very slightly yellowish color.

The massive sludge problem could be completely resolved in less than 4 months with a UMH-Heat.

Heating water completely clear and dirt-free after UMH Heat circuit revitalizer

Günther Markitz, 2012:

We would like to report on our experience with the UMH Heat devices, which we installed in our two large houses in spring 2011.

Water samples were recently taken from the heating system. As with previous inspections, it was shown that the heating water was completely clear and free of dirt.

Fortunately, this clean water quality also results in improved heat transfer in the heating system. The indoor climate has also improved significantly since the heat devices were installed and the residents feel very comfortable in their living areas.

Examination was carried out by the accredited laboratory Cofrac Essais with and without UMH circulatory revitalizer lime converter

Cofrac Essays, 2012:

The following study was carried out by the accredited laboratory Cofrac Essais.

The sludge volume in the cooling circuit water could be halved from 10 mg/l to 1500 mg/l within 750 days by using a UMH-Heat.


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