UMH Master house installation energizer 1/2”; 3/4”; 1"; 5/4”; 6/4” and 2” inches

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UMH Master Energizer for Home Installation 1/2” to 2”, Softer, Better Water for the Whole House


Information video about the UMH water treatment device:

Advantages overview:

  • Deletion of pollutant frequencies
  • Transferring constructive energies when drinking, bathing and showering
  • Cell-permeable water with spring water structure
  • Noticeably soft and fresh taste
  • Dissolving and inhibiting limestone
  • Reduced need for detergent
  • Protection for pipes and equipment
  • Without electricity, without chemicals, without magnets
  • Maintenance-free

Areas of Application:

  • Apartment and house – For the main water connection
  • Business/company water supply and improvement
  • e.g. bakery, gardens, pool, indoor swimming pool, etc.


Supply your apartment or your entire house with high-quality energized water. The UMH Master was specially developed for connection to the main water pipe. The device made of brass is decorated with a special gemstone composition.

In addition, a hyperbolic flow cycle and handcrafted vials ensure a highly stable energy field inside the device. With this built-in device you can enjoy the benefits of natural spring water quality from every tap.


  • 5 year guarantee on function and device technology
  • 6 month money back guarantee if the manufacturer is not satisfied with the functionality


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