UMH Pure | Elixir of life water module for water ionizers & water filters



UMH Pure gold-plated 3/8″ water energizer & limescale converter for softer, better water for home and water ionizer

Information video about the UMH water treatment device:

Advantages overview:

  • Deletion of pollutant frequencies
  • Transferring constructive energies when drinking, bathing and showering
  • Cell-permeable water with spring water structure
  • Noticeably soft and fresh taste
  • Dissolving and inhibiting limestone
  • Protection for devices
  • Without electricity, without chemicals, without magnets
  • Maintenance-free

Area of ​​application of the UMH Pure:

  • Ideal for water ionizers, water filters or osmosis systems.
  • Direct installation under the sink in the kitchen, bathroom, shower hose, garden tap and much more
  • Attach drinking water filters to the under-counter, etc.
  • For the general improvement of the water
  • Enjoy your personal spa at home
  • On shower or bathtub filters, on the shower or bath fittings
  • Versatile with various transition parts!


Your tap water is swirled according to centripetal laws and brought to a particularly high-energy level. This results in a radiogeologically detectable, liquid-crystalline structure that corresponds to pure, healthy spring water. Optimal bioavailability is achieved.

Inside the universal device, hand-made glass vials, a pyramid-shaped gemstone and other natural energy sources activate the water's self-healing powers. All pollutant information will be deleted. Due to the enormous increase in surface area and the change in the hardness-forming crystal structure, the water becomes noticeably softer and also has a limestone-inhibiting effect.

Bathe and shower with energized water and enjoy your revitalized and energized water to drink or enjoy your personal healing bath.


  • 5 year guarantee on function and device technology
  • 6 month money back guarantee from the manufacturer if you are not satisfied

Suitable for water ionizers and water filters

Do you already own a water ionizer or another drinking water treatment system, an under-sink filter or a reverse osmosis system with or without a tank? Then we can offer you the UMH Pure gold additional device, an optimal, energetic addition to all osmosis and filter systems as well as circulation pumps, aquariums, indoor fountains, showers, etc.

Our scope of delivery also includes the 1/4” plug adapter for installation in front of your water ionizer or before or after your water filter system.


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Technical data UMH Master

  • Applied technology(s): Turbulence, information transfer through water containers
  • Flow range: 9 liters/minute
  • Diameter ∅: 45mm
  • Color: gold plated
  • Weight: 0,34kg
  • Manufacturer details:, Austria, Liebenfels
  • Length: 72mm
  • Material: stainless steel, real gold coated

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