Washing module from Vitavortex – vital washing machine water


  • Material: 100% stainless steel
  • suitable for installation in front of washing machines and industrial dishwashers
  • The last ones available worldwide, almost a collector's item
  • Flow rate max. 4 liters/min.
  • 3/4″ standard washing machine connection, internal and external thread
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers, test it if it will help you:
  • Free trial period of 2 weeks

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Washing module from Vitavortex – vital washing machine water
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Limescale treatment and vitalization for your washing machine and laundry | Washing module from VitaVortex

With our new VVM3 washing machine module, we are offering a device for the first time in which we use a magnet in addition to the proven vortex technology. The additional magnetic water treatment offers decisive advantages for technical applications: These include the lower tendency of the water to form limescale crusts when heated and a saving in cleaning agents (surfactants) in fat and dirt dissolving processes. This protects the environment and machines.

However, we would like to point out that, according to our findings, magnetic fields can change the properties of water so unfavorably that it can no longer be safely recommended for human consumption. Magnetized water may also only be recommended to a very limited extent for animals and plants. Although we were unable to prove the usual disadvantages of water magnetization with the VVM3, we still recommend that you avoid treating drinking water with the VVM3.

It is designed to treat water for all types of washing, dishwashing and cleaning machines, for water in heating and cooling circuits, for hot water and steam generators (not for inhalation or steam baths) and for all kinds of other technical or chemical procedures where water is used. Our proven VitaVortex drinking water swirlers are available for the preparation of drinking water and for hot water applications on humans.

There are a total of three vortex chambers in the VVM3. The water first flows through two tangential inlets in a clockwise direction into a spherical pre-vortex chamber and is, on the one hand, brought into a low-frequency vortex movement and, on the other hand, exposed to a strong magnetic field.

The water then enters - again through two tangential inlet channels - into the main vortex chamber - the proven high-frequency vortex chamber of all VitaVortex models. The water is first led upwards in a left-hand rotation and then turns right at a precisely defined turning point. However, this vortex chamber is also penetrated by a strong magnetic field, so that the water is magnetized again. The magnetic field density and therefore the effect is greatest at the reversal point, which is so important in terms of fluid mechanics.

In the third vortex chamber, the resulting suction of the vortex, which would otherwise suck in air, is used to pull part of the water that has escaped from the main vortex chamber back into the vortex chamber and to swirl it through again and magnetize it again. This results in an increase in performance similar to the turbocharger of an internal combustion engine. At the end of the post-vortex chamber, the water is gently slowed down and can enter the machine via the supply hose.

The VV5S is only available in a stainless steel version with a swirl symbol.

Scheme washing module Vitavortex limescale converter 1-2 inches

Scheme Vitavortex washing module

Technical data Vitavortex washing module


  • Material: V4A
  • Magnet: neodymium boron magnet
  • Height: mm
  • Diameter: mm
  • Weight: grams
  • Maximum operating pressure: 15 bar
  • Maximum water temperature: 95° Celsius
  • Entry thread: ¾ inch internal
  • Output thread: ¾ inch external

Washing module Vitavortex limescale converter 1-2 inches rotated


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