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  • CARAT Aqua Plus Vita Titan (formerly VitaVortex) water swirler for the tap, including an adapter;
  • latest generation after decades of experience
  • optimized swirl chamber for a more intensive swirling process
  • Material: titanium, ideal for tea water or coffee water
  • Can also be used after a water filter or reverse osmosis system
  • Incl. 3 year guarantee from the manufacturer
  • Dissolution of water clusters
  • Oxygen entry into the water
  • Change in lime structure
  • frees the water from gases bound in the water
  • it tastes fresh, is noticeably smoother and easy to drink
  • the pH value is shifted towards alkaline
  • History VitaVortex water swirler from Munich
  • Suitable spout for reverse osmosis filters or water filters


Water swirler Vita Titan CARAT Aqua Plus

Fitness and performance have more to do with water than many people know! Many would be healthier and more productive if they drank enough pure water every day. And: Many people don't drink enough water because it often creates resistance to swallowing and a feeling of fullness.

Not so with the swirl water from the VITAVORTEX drinking water swirler. It's actually easier to drink and tastes better too! Try it. And be amazed at what else vortex water can do.

The cleverly designed geometry of the VITAVORTEX vortex chambers replicates the natural cleaning process in the smallest of spaces. The flow pattern shows a whole series of main eddies and counter-rotating eddies, whose flow velocities potentiate each other. In between, additional micro-vortices arise that rotate even faster and also intensify.

In the video you can see how the water emerges from a vortex chamber. The swirler shown is from the older VitaVortex VV5 water swirler edition. The newer ones have their funnel glass already integrated into the swirler, so you can no longer see what is shown in the video. The advantage is that the non-existent funnel glass can no longer be broken...

Water is our most important “food”.

Humans can survive much longer without solid food than without water. Because water is the basis of all metabolic processes. Here, water has the role of a “shipper” that supplies the body’s cells with all the vital substances and disposes of used substances. Isn’t it logical that this freight forwarder must be absolutely “clean”? But how does that work? Filtering and so on is not enough. It made sense to question nature itself.

Vortices are nature's sewage treatment plants. And we looked very closely.

Water needs movement. And a certain type of movement. Like in a wild mountain stream, for example. There are countless large and small whirlpools here. In nature, water is purified of all pollutants and enriched with oxygen.

What's more: natural vortex processes are so hard that not only pollutants are removed, but also their “information prints”.

What is that? Maybe you know this topic from homeopathy, the whole secret of which is that water stores information about the substances it contains even if these substances no longer physically exist in the water! So what could be more obvious than trying to recreate these vortex processes in nature?

This is how the VITAVORTEX water swirler was created:

A purely mechanical, high-precision device that only works with the pressure of the water pipe (!) and cleans, regenerates and energizes your daily drinking and cooking water exactly as nature does. And makes it “easier” to drink.

The VITAVORTEX drinking water swirler is the exact representation of the natural swirling processes in a high-tech product.

The VITAVORTEX water swirler works according to the principle of vortex formation in natural watercourses. What nature does over long distances and with a lot of time, the VITAVORTEX whirler does in the smallest of spaces and using highly modern precision technology.

It replaces the natural gradient of a mountain stream with the water pressure in the pipe. The result is very high-quality drinking water enriched with lots of oxygen from the tap in any quantity at any time. The core of VITAVORTEX technology is the exact calculation of the vertebral geometry and its technical implementation using digital precision mechanics and the highest quality materials - including gold and titanium. The whirler is a purely mechanical device that works without external energy and without moving parts.

This means: no wear, no deposits, no repairs.

More in the article: The history of the VITAVORTEX water swirlers.

With its vortex chamber architecture, VITA Titan achieves:


  • the reduction of the water clusters
  • an introduction of oxygen into the water for energy enrichment
  • a change in the lime molecular structure
  • removes chlorine from the water
  • the water becomes more soluble and flowable
  • a noticeable improvement in drinking water quality:
  • the water tastes fresh, is noticeably softer and easy to drink
  • A noticeable reduction in the feeling of oxidative stress
  • A significant increase in cell regeneration in humans, animals and plants
  • A clearly noticeable feel-good effect after just a few days

User experiences

But the personal experiences of all previous users of the VITAVORTEX water swirler are far more astonishing. They always report softer and tastier water. Swimming in this water is also a pleasure. You literally float in the water and are in a meditative state.

This technique is also often used in businesses such as bakeries and garden centers, as the dough rises better and the rolls stay fresh longer and the flowers, vegetables and fruits grow better and become more aromatic.

A special feature that all water whirlers have: They can be mounted on a standard tap in seconds and you can enjoy fresh, tasty and oxygen-enriched drinking water.

VITAVORTEX® technology

Evolution of nature – completed in high-tech!

VITAVORTEX® drinking water swirlers give our water back the most important thing: its natural powers!

Nature knows no straight lines or 90° angles. Natural forms and movements are based on the vortex principle - it is considered the original form of life.

The sophisticated whirling technology of VITAVORTEX® returns the water to its natural and healthy movement. It works on the same principle as real watercourses. In the smallest of spaces, the water is swirled as dynamically as in a kilometer-long bubbling mountain stream and all without electricity or other external energy. The special feature of the VITAVORTEX® water swirlers lies in the core, in the specially designed swirl chamber. The harmonious interplay of proportions and optimized water flow accelerates the water extremely quickly.
Numerous micro-vortices form in the vortex chamber, at the interfaces of which the water clusters dissolve. The water structure is “loosened” and “densified”, the water becomes more soluble and flowable. In addition, a “Nexus pin” made of fine silver or a gemstone can be inserted into the unscrewable post-vortex chamber.

In a class of its own: noble TITAN

Material for water swirlers has to meet the highest requirements: It must be absolutely water-resistant, resilient, suitable for foodstuffs, neutral to drinking water, immunologically compatible and energetically advantageous. One material meets these requirements ideally: titanium.
There is no comparable material. Titanium shines with outstanding properties and is suitable for the highest requirements. Titanium is light, very strong and extremely corrosion resistant. In addition, it is extremely biocompatible and behaves neutrally - no allergic reactions are known.
Titanium in particular has the stability and strength required to withstand the forces generated by whirling. At the same time it has a good energetic influence on the swirled water.
Titanium is noticeably unique: with its light weight and warm, subtly shimmering surface, it feels pleasant and delivers exceptionally high water quality.

The elaborate internal construction continues with the attractive, flowing design. The VITA.Titan is therefore also a pleasure for the eyes.

Technical information:

  • Metals used: 100% pure titanium
  • Length of the swirler: 50mm
  • Connection thread: M22.1 internal thread (standard), 1 adapter included
  • Weight: 70g
  • Largest Ø: 28mm
  • Length: 50mm
  • Line pressure max.: 10 bar
  • Min. line pressure: 2,5 bar
  • Water flow at 4 bar: approx. 4 liters/minute

VITAVORTEX swirled water gives you new, never-before-seen experiences.

By using the VITA.Titan water swirler on your tap, your water is vitalized, alive and therefore life-promoting.

You will like it and you will be able to taste it, that's why VitaVortex offers 5 years warranty on this product!

The new Vita-Titan water swirler for your home – try it out now and enjoy it!

1 review for Water swirler Vita Titan | CARAT Aqua Plus (formerly VitaVortex)

  1. Thomas (Verified owner) -

    I already own several water swirlers that are connected directly to taps, and the Vita Titan - although by far the most expensive - is the water swirler that produces by far the “softest” and most pleasant water to drink. My sunflower seed sprouts are also thriving with the water from the Vita Titan! Titanium as the material of the water swirler not only lasts a lifetime but is also particularly easy to care for (in contrast to silver, for example, titanium does not tarnish).

    Clear purchase recommendation!

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