Magic7 titanium or ceramic whirl shower | CARAT Aqua Plus (formerly VitaVortex)


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  • CARAT Aqua Plus (formerly VitaVortex®) swirl shower with 7 TITAN or CERAMIC swirl chambers
  • latest generation after decades of experience
  • optimized swirl chamber for a more intensive swirling process
  • Durable and ecologically oriented material selection, the material of the showers is ABS plastic
  • Material vertebral body: Magic7 Titan is made of pure titanium, Magic7 Ceramic are the vertebral chambers made of aluminum coated using the hard-coat ceramic process.
  • Environmentally friendly because it saves water
  • Fits any standard shower hose
  • high “negative ionization” (called waterfall or Coanda effect)
  • 3 year full guarantee
  • including test phase and 6-month satisfaction guarantee
  • Includes free of charge with every whirl shower: Hepta Step shower water filter including activated carbon and multifunctional ceramics

Currently only white titanium swirl showers are available from the manufacturer

You will receive the following products free of charge when you purchase this luxury shower head (clickable images):

CARAT Aqua Plus (formerly VitaVortex) Magic7 vortex shower with titanium or ceramic vortex chambers

CARAT Aqua Plus (formerly VitaVortex®) | Available at the Aquacentrum since 1989

We can proudly say that here at the Aquacentrum we have made the VitaVortex® water swirlers and swirl shower heads known throughout Germany.

We are still the manufacturer's best sales partner, which is also due to the fact that our Test and satisfaction guarantee also applies to VitaVortex® products.

The VitaVortex® technology, which has been tried and tested for decades, sets itself apart from all previous attempts to make the shower experience a healthy, refreshing and comfortable treatment, which is now available to you with the Magic. 7 shower head is available every day.

The advantages of the CARAT Aqua Plus (formerly VitaVortex®) Magic7 whirl shower:

  • 7 water swirler chambers made of titanium or ceramic
  • Increases physical well-being and stimulates blood circulation
  • Water savings of up to 50%
  • Reduced cleaning effort and chemical reduction thanks to less limescale on fittings, glass and tiles
  • Extremely long-lasting shower heads
  • High “negative ionization” of the water as in nature, called the waterfall or Coanda effect
  • Strong oxygen enrichment of the shower water
  • Proven relaxation effect when showering

How turbulence works according to Schauberger

The fine turbulence of the water has an invigorating and harmonizing effect on the meridians and energy centers of your body. The stimulation of life energy results in suppleness and vitality of the body skin.

The design principles of the Magic7 are based on the original form of life, the vortex. Unlike in nature, our tap water is mostly stale water that is under high pressure in pipes and forced to move at 90 degree angles.

The Magic7 shower spray atomizes this highly clustered water into a soothing elixir, ionizing the surrounding air and thus supporting the revitalization of our lungs and breathing.

The final result: You can't get out of the shower because of the sheer pleasure, which in turn makes you want to shower less often.. 😉

Magic 7 AquaCarat Plus formerly VitaVortex shower shower swirler integrated
Aqua Carat Plus formerly VitaVortex swirl shower spray nebulizer 500

The unique VitaVortex® shower massage

Like the Magic, VitaVortex® products stand out. 7 shower head, characterized by a suction effect. The vortex chambers suck in air to enrich water with oxygen from the surrounding air.

To pamper yourself with a stimulating warm water massage, hold the shower head directly on your body and use the pressure and suction effect to massage your subcutaneous tissue in a tingling way.

Blood circulation and detoxification are stimulated. Allow yourself to be involved in this way with VitaVortex® Magic. 7 deep muscle relaxation and the stimulation of your meridians. Your body will thank you.

Energization through turbulence

The water is energized and enriched with oxygen. Cascades of tiny droplets turn an ordinary shower into an indescribable experience.

Tiny water droplets finely atomized

The VitaVortex® vortex technology creates tiny droplets, like a waterfall. The shower becomes a gentle tropical rain. The water itself is more soluble and cleanses the body skin deep into the pores.

In the vortex chambers of the VitaVortex® Magic 7. the tap water is swirled as dynamically in a small space as in a few kilometers of mountain stream.

The result is noticeable immediately. The VitaVortex® principle uniquely combines the applied science of the fascinating implosion forces of water with a practical design of your shower equipment in high-quality materials.

Ionization through fine mist

The fine atomization of the water leads to the so-called Lenard effect, which is attributed to increased ionization of the ambient air. The intake of breathing air with a higher ionization concentration is generally considered to be very beneficial to health. The effect of ionized air is always beneficial and in any quantity.

Choice of material for the CARAT Aqua Plus swirl shower showers

The material of the showers is ABS plastic.
On the Magic7 Titan, the vertebral bodies are made of pure titanium; on the Magic7 Ceramic, they are made of aluminum coated using the hard-coat ceramic process.

Titanium shines with outstanding properties and is suitable for the highest requirements. Titanium is light, very strong and extremely corrosion resistant. In addition, it is extremely biocompatible and behaves biologically neutral - allergic reactions are not known.
However, titanium is expensive and the processing is very complex; it guarantees a long service life even with many years of intensive use, which is why the titanium shower costs more than the ceramic version of the Magic7.

The HART-COAT® process, called HC for short, is an electrolytic treatment of aluminum materials, the result of which is the formation of a hard and thick aluminum oxide layer.
The process essentially serves to protect a wide variety of components against wear and corrosion, but also brings about a host of other functional improvements.
The process complies with the ISO 100 74 standard.

Suitable and useful shower water filter with activating ceramics

Hepta-Step shower water filter activated carbon and bioceramics 400

12 Reviews for Magic7 titanium or ceramic whirl shower | CARAT Aqua Plus (formerly VitaVortex)

  1. Michael B. -

    Good evening Mr. Akgün,
    Since I had a big tour and CD recordings and had to take care of my students, I can only answer now.
    I have nothing against you publishing my letter.
    They asked me if the filters fit. I didn't receive a filter device with your delivery, just the filters for one. I bought a filter system with 2 filters from Mr. Butze. I haven't tried out whether your filters fit because I won't be replacing them until April.
    Another question would be whether it makes a big difference to filter the water with Mr. Butze's filter system or with the Aqua Volta Cavendish 9. Does it provide even more water quality or do I now have the same thing with the infuser and the filter system?
    Yesterday I paid you the rest of the amount of my order. The money should be in your account shortly.
    The shower head has proven very useful for me and my son. It's very good for my skin. My wife doesn't like it. She loves lots of water when showering. Does it need to be descaled from time to time and how?
    Now I wish you and your loved ones a happy Christmas and a happy New Year.
    With best regards, Michael B.

  2. Beat K. -

    Good afternoon Ms. F.
    Thank you for replacing the Magic7 shower head.
    The replacement arrived this week and we are very happy about the shower comfort we have regained!
    Yours sincerely,
    Beat K.

  3. Serhat U. -

    Good morning Yasin
    I currently shower in the morning and evening. That probably explains everything.

  4. Michael K. -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    does not matter. I was just wondering, hence the question. The package arrived today and I'm going to try out the booster right away.
    The ionizer works perfectly, the dishwasher doesn't, but that doesn't matter for now as we're moving in a few days and I hope to have better luck with the installation in the new house. 😀
    The water generally tastes great and I have also noticed that my good tea and coffee also taste a little more intense...
    Best regards,
    Michael K.

    PS showering with the Magic7 is amazing... even my morning cold shower is an experience!!! I can only recommend!

  5. robert -

    Hi Yasin,
    thanks for the information. I really like the whirlpool shower, so I just paid the bill.
    Thanks & all the best,

  6. Liane F. -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    I recently received the Vitavortex Magic7 wellness shower head. The shower feeling is quite pleasant, but I wonder what exactly is supposed to reduce limescale in the shower head. Can you answer this for me?
    Kind regards,
    Liane F.

  7. Christopher S. -

    Hello Yasin,
    My mother is so excited about the Magic7 shower that she now wants one too.
    I would like to order a Magic7 Titan swirl shower in white...
    Best regards,

  8. Manual L. -

    Oh, thank you so much!
    They have good customer service, something you're not used to.
    I will send you the shower from August 21st, when your company holidays are over.
    Liebe Grüsse,
    Manual L.

  9. Barbara Q. -

    Dear Mr. Akgün,
    Thank you very much for sending the filters! Great service and everything arrived well packaged and safely in Moscow.
    I paid immediately upon receipt.
    Barbara Q.

  10. Bartholomew Lamek (Verified owner) -

    Thank you very much for this wonderful shower head. “Is there anything better than having your own “waterfall” at home?” Since I've had this on me, I feel totally refreshed after a shower. I use very few cleaning agents because the swirled water has a high dissolving capacity.
    The great thing is that when I come home after a night shift, lie down and then get up again, I sometimes feel like a zombie. The shower head literally blows everything away! “Like new born, almost!”
    Highly recommended!
    Greetings from Augsburg
    Bartholomew Lamek

  11. avatar photo

    Yasin Akgun -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    I was completely thrilled and didn't want to get out of the shower. Thanks for replacing the incorrectly delivered color. Nicole L.

  12. avatar photo

    Yasin Akgun -

    From the manufacturer about the latest Magic 7 shower heads: For your information: We had them produced again, with different material and a different plastic injection process and tested them using 16 bar pressure with a continuous running time of 24 hours and it withstood without Problems…
    It is the same process as before, except that it is injected in 3 places, which means that less pressure is exerted on the material and so there are no more hairline cracks that may enlarge.

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