ZOOMius air purifier based on oil circulation


The ZOOMLUS® DDFT01 reliably reduces:

  • suspended and fine dust; house and office dust (laser toner, etc.);
  • pollen and spores (mold spores); bacteria and viruses;
  • plasticizers, PCP, PCB, PAH, lindane, asbestos; cigarette smoke,
  • diesel soot; animal hair, mite feces dust;
  • Pet smells, “bad” smells
  • 3 year full guarantee
  • For room areas up to 20 square meters, if there is a lot of load or the room is larger, then set up two pieces
  • Download instructions ZOOMIus air purifier based on oil circulation

ZOOMius air purifier based on oil circulation

The ZOOMlus® DDFT01 is a globally unique and patented system for cleaning indoor air with vegetable oil. Fine dust and allergens such as pollen, spores and mold are reliably and permanently bound in the filter oil. Odors, including animal odors and cigarette smoke, are also effectively reduced.

The device effectively reduces the amount of pollutants in the air you breathe. It has a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract, relieves hay fever and other allergy symptoms and generally helps maintain general health.

Commercial vegetable oil (refined rapeseed oil) and/or low-lime water serve as the filter medium. The service life of the filter oil depends on the location and is between one week (smoking room) and a maximum of eight weeks, depending on the room load.

The device is filled with silver glass stones. The stones increase the filter surface and improve the filter quality. Thanks to the antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties of silver, additional device disinfection is not necessary. They can be cleaned every time you clean the device and reused several times.

Flavor with the ZOOMlus® DDFT01

The optional use of ZOOMlus® essential oils subtly aromatizes the room air during cleaning. There are different ZOOMlus® essential oils available, e.g. E.g. lemon, orange and lemongrass.

Which rooms is the device suitable for?

The ZOOMlus is designed for living rooms and bedrooms, kitchens, offices, small conference rooms and doctor's practices, as well as for restaurants and hotel rooms.

It is a closed system as a tabletop device without fresh air supply, air conditioning or oxygen enrichment.

The rooms therefore need to be additionally ventilated.

Color variants of the ZOOMlus® DDFT01

The ZOOMlus® DDFT01 is available in the following color variants:

  • Oxide red or violet
  • Anthracite or black
  • Light ivory or white-black

Standard accessory for the ZOOMlus® DDFT01

The ZOOMlus® DDFT01 is delivered as standard including the following standard accessories:

  • ZOOMlus® filter oil 300 ml 1) Vegetable oil (refined rapeseed oil) for initial filling
  • ZOOMlus® silver glass stones, approx. 500 g, can be reused several times
  • ZOOMlus® filter pads, 5 pieces for changing after cleaning the device
  • ZOOMlus® essential oil, 10 ml “lemon”, if scenting is desired

1) Only commercially available, refined vegetable oil (rapeseed oil) or ZOOMlus® filter oil should be used.

When using other types of oil, e.g. E.g. sunflower oil or cold-pressed oils (“native”, “natural” or similar) can lead to resinification.

You can also use the Zoomius air purifier with water, which has the advantage that air-soluble pollutants can also be filtered.


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  • Width: 25 cm
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Height: 18 cm
  • Scope of delivery: 500g silver-coated stones, vegetable oil (refined rapeseed oil for initial filling), essential oil (lemon, 10 ml), ZOOMlus® filter pads (5 pieces)
  • Room volume: ideal for interiors up to 50 m³, can be used up to 150 m³
  • Power consumption: very low power consumption, approx. 13 watts, which corresponds to approx. 6 cents per day for continuous use at a cost of 21 cents per kWh
  • Depth: 25 cm

Good day,

up to what size can it ZOOMlus DDFT01 fine dust filter? I am looking for a device that can also filter nanoparticles, ideally one that filters from 10 nanometers onwards. But a size of 20 nm and above would still be ok.

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards

Tobias Neumann

Mr Barnickel,
I'm stumped, could you please write me an answer
Thank you
Yours, Yasin Akgün

Good morning Mr. Akgün,

Even the smallest particles can be filtered through wet filtering with vegetable oil. We therefore cannot specify a lower limit for the particle size.
Unfortunately, we do not have any test results or empirical values ​​available for filtering nanoparticles with our Zoomlus air purifier. We therefore cannot guarantee that our device meets the requirements.

With kind regards,
Otto Barnickel

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