Drinking water swirler

Our “watering hole” here at Fraunhoferstrasse 13 in the inner courtyard opened about 18 years ago (see History of the VitaVortex drinking water swirler.pdf ) made the VitaVortex® drinking water swirlers known throughout Germany.

The VitaVortex® water swirlers are unbeatable in terms of their performance because, on the one hand, they cause a significant increase in the oxygen content in the water through the implosion (suction) forces mentioned by Viktor Schauberger and, on the other hand, they finely atomize the water and bring movement back into the water comparable to a waterfall or mountain stream.

The two areas of water turbulence where VitaVortex® technology is used are those shown below Drinking water swirler for mounting at the end of a tap or the Vortex shower heads

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