UMH water swirler

With the smallest device, the UMH Pure The Austrian manufacturer UMH (environmental technology with heart) offers an important addition to all osmosis and filter systems. The filtered water is energized in a simple and effective way.

Thanks to the 3/8" connection, the UMH device fits all common filter systems. An adapter connector for 1/4” hoses is included for reverse osmosis systems and water ionizers. The device is made of brass and is 24 carat gold-plated and has a pyramid-shaped cut rock crystal encased in it. The handcrafted vials create a highly stable energy field inside the device.

The areas of application range from drinking water filters, reverse osmosis systems, aquariums, circulation pumps, water ionizers to the entire apartment or the entire house or building.

5 year guarantee on function and Two-week free trial and 6-month satisfaction guarantee.

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