Aktivamed - The basic formula

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  • Energy
  • An intact immune system
  • More resistance
  • Peace and balance
  • Only high-quality vitamins, minerals and trace elements are used
  • One of the best vitamin preparations we have come across
  • We only advertise this product because we feel it is meaningful and important
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Informações dos produtos "Aktivamed - The basic formula"

Aktivamed – The basic formula | nutrition supplement

For more energy, an intact immune system, more resistance, peace and balance.

Especially effective when suffering performance drops, internal restlessness, stress or chronic diseases. The basic formula provides us with a balanced mixture of vitamins and trace elements. Depending on the dosage, a deficiency can be avoided or compensated for. Even pregnant women can only benefit from the basic formula.

Your all-round supply with high-quality vitamins

One of the best vitamin preparations ever! A panel of experts evaluated 500 vitamin preparations. Result: Basic formula is one of the 10 best!

That’s the reason. Aktivamed attaches great importance to quality. We have the basis formula manufactured by Douglas Laboratories in Pittsburgh. Douglas has over 40 years of experience and is considered one of the best vitamin manufacturers at all. In addition to the basic formula, we also include our children’s vitamin “PowerKids” and all other preparations from this company.


Vitamins – indispensable helpers

All vitamins we have to ingest regularly with food. Only with a highly dosed and balanced vitamin preparation you can be sure that you absorb all important substances in sufficient quantities. They can actively prevent deficiency symptoms and achieve many positive effects.

For example:

  • Your Health
  • Your vitality
  • Your well-being

However, no noticeable effects are to be expected from the daily dosages customary in Germany. In the production of the basic formula, we therefore orient ourselves to the high dosages usual in the USA. That’s why the basic formula is also produced there and imported specifically for you. With the whole range of natural plant substances, valuable vitamins and minerals you are well-supplied.

… for more energy, an intact immune system, more resistance, peace and balance. Especially a decrease in performance, internal restlessness, stress or chronic diseases are triggered by vitamin deficiencies.

Vitamin preparations are particularly important for women with children, pregnant women and nursing mothers. Before and during pregnancy, vitamin supplements reduce the risk of miscarriages and malformations.

High-quality vitamin supply – surprisingly cheap

The basic formula we can offer you so cheaply because

  • You receive the product directly in the mail (without an intermediary)
  • our costs do not include expensive advertising and packaging


Regular intake – sweeping effect

The full potency of the vitamins unfolds when you take the basic formula regularly over a longer period of time. Only then can the valuable vitamins accumulate in the body and cause far more than just avoid a vitamin deficiency. Try it!


Quality inspection and purity

The basic formula is produced for you under exceptionally strict production conditions. Only high-quality vitamins, minerals and trace elements are used here. The demands on quality, cleanliness and hygiene are huge. In addition, artificial additives are deliberately renounced in the production process. Not only do allergy sufferers appreciate this:

Basic formula – these are pleasant to swallow tablets without …

  • Color and preservatives
  • Gluten, yeast, wheat and soya
  • Sugar and flavor additives

Also suitable for pregnant women!


Content and amounts Basic-Formula

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