AquaVolta® OSMION 1000 GPD | Reverse osmosis system

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  • Combination of a reverse osmosis filter with a water ionizer
  • 1st stage: Osmion carbon filter including protection against germs
  • 2nd stage: 1000 GPD membrane, capacity at e.g. a line pressure of 4 bar: approx. 1 litre/minute of drinking water and 1 litre/minute of wastewater
  • No storage tank - Direct Flow reverse osmosis device (1000 GPD), but can be combined with a storage tank of your choice
  • 3rd stage: Mineralization & pH increase to pH9 thanks to Minerade H2-Shuttle pH+ which enriches the water under pressure also with H2 gas
  • 4th Optional stage: H2-Rocket hydrogen reactor cell to achieve particularly high hydrogen values, sometimes even well over 3ppm. The Minerade® H2-Shuttle pH+ cartridge is not included in the H2-Rocket, because it is already included in the OSMION.
  • Switching device for the additional withdrawal of a 2nd water type: only activated carbon filtered water or only pure reverse osmosis water Optimized water/wastewater ratio: reduction of the osmosis water : rinsing water ratio up to 1 : 1 (wastewater flow controller)
  • In addition to the pre-assembled filter cartridges, the package contains 1 carbon filter cartridge and a Minerade H2-Shuttle cartridge. Thus you have sufficient filters for the next 12 to 24 months, depending on whether you change every 6 or 12 months
  • 7 years warranty! Available from July 2020, advance orders possible
  • UO-Osmion
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  AquaVolta® OSMION 1000 GPD | Direct-Flow reverse osmosis system incl. pH increase & H2... mais
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AquaVolta® OSMION 1000 GPD | Direct-Flow reverse osmosis system incl. pH increase & H2 gas enrichment


AquaVolta® OSMION in undersink version with a stainless steel double lever mixer for the optional (also mixable) only reverse osmosis water and post-mineralized, alkaline osmosis water with H2 gas


Optional: H2-Rocket with Minerade® H2-Shuttle either as an undersink or as a counter top installation


In this case OSMION would only be delivered with a pre-filter and separately the H2-Rocket and Minerade® H2-Shuttle would be delivered as a 4-stage reverse osmosis device. You can then mount the two modules separately or together.




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