hydronade® Magnesium H2 - effervescent tablets for producing mineralized hydrogen water

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  • The strongest on the market: 1,6 mg Hydrogen production after dissolving in tap water. That corresponds to a concentration of 1,6 ppm in 1 Liter of water, 2,6 ppm in 0,5 Liter of water and 3,8 ppm molecular dissolved hydrogen in 0,25 Liter of water (determined by the h2-Blue Kit® Titration Drops for hydrogen content measurements).
  • Light acidic apple and wine grape flavour.
  • The pH of the water remains stable.
  • Can also be used with alkaline activated water and reverse osmosis water.
  • Components: Please see the label hydronade® Magnesium Effervescent Tablets for producing Hydrogen water
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Informações dos produtos "hydronade® Magnesium H2 - effervescent tablets for producing mineralized hydrogen water"

hydronade® | Magnesium – hydrogen effervescent tablets | To produce mineralized hydrogen water

Aquacentrum favours the physical production of Hydrogen Water (Hydrogen Rich Water, HRW) and the proven technology of diaphragm- and their PEM-Cell electrolysis.

For the physical electro-activation does not require an addition of chemical substances in water. It works because the water receives certain components like acids and gases (oxygen) and offers forming gases (H2) and alkalies (OH- -Ions).


hydronade® | Magnesium – hydrogen effervescent tablets

The hydronade® Magnesium – Hydrogen Effervescent Tablets offer a very practicle and appealing alternative to water ionizers or Hydrogen Boosters.

For the significant components of this hydrogen effervescent are magnesium, malic acid and tartaric acid, also chemical substances that we know from daily foods which we would consider desirable.

Thanks to its sophisticated formula do the hydronade® Magnesium H2 Effervescent Tablets give the highest yield of molecular hydrogen, which dilutes perfectly in water. Also, they give water a very pleasant, lightly flavoured note of apple and grape.

We are so proud to be able to present to you this exclusive product made for us in Canada. Every tablet has a content of 80 mg of Magnesium.

It is not only the most potent Hydrogen tablet, but also the best-tasting tablet.


Video | hydronade® hydrogen effervescent tablets &hot water or tea


The scientists | Henry Cavendish and Wiliam Henry

Henry Cavendish (left), who to his time was the richest citizen in London, dedicated himself exclusively to science and discovered hydrogen as “inflammable air”.

His compatriot William Henry (right) discovered the law for proportional gas dispersion between liquids and its overlying atmosphere.

hydronade® bypasses this law due to micro gas bubbles. This increases the durability of hydrogen water.


Numerous amounts of Hydrogen-Rich-Tablets have been tested – the best, also in taste, chosen for you

hydronade® Tablets need about 5 minutes until they are fully dissolved in water.

Even if you use a whole Liter, thanks to the revolutionary formula you reach the total saturation of 1,6 mg of hydrogen. This is not reached, by far, by all water ionizers, Hydrogen-Infusion-Machines or PEM Boosters on the market.

In our product range, for example the AquaVolta® ECA Tractor and the AquaVolta® Hydrogen Booster can achieve that.

Other hydrogen tablets can only reach 1,0 to 1,2 mg / Liter. (In scientific literature on hydrogen saturation are 0,5 mg per Liter considered the minimum for “therapeutical benefits”.)

The hydronade® Magnesium Hydrogen Tablets can, by reducing the amount of water to minimally 0,2 Liter, also reach very high hydrogen concentrations, up to 10 ppm, without the need of producing a higher atmospheric pressure.


Application recommendation of hydronade® Magnesium H2 Hydrogen Tablets

  • Completely dissolve 1 tablet (3-5) minutes in tap water (0,2 to 1 Liter). Gently stir afterwards to avoid milkyness and foam from the magnesium.
  • Drink promptly or fill a glass or stainless steel bottle to the brim, without air, and close. This can be kept for 3 days.
  • Do not warm up before drinking. Keep cool if desired.

Dosing of the hydronade® Magnesium H2 Hydrogen Tablets:

The German Society of Nutrition (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung, DGE) recommends that adults have a daily magnesium consumption of 300-400mg. Since the tablets contain 80 mg of magnesium is a daily dose of 4 tablets recommended.

As a supplement (due to magnesium deficiency from food or other drinks) we recommend 1 to 3 H2 effervescent tablets daily in non heated water instead of drinking other drinks. As well as tap water – preferably filtered – you can also use mineral water, alkaline activated water from a water ionizer or reverse osmosis water to dissolve the H2 effervescent tablets. Please only dissolve one tablet at a time.


Content per container | Components per tablet:

  • 60 effervescent tablets for dissolving in water
  • Main ingreadient magnesium (80mg)
  • Malic acid
  • Tartaric acid
  • Sodium stearyl fumarate (E470a), produced from vegetable fats (vegan).

Safety instructions:

  • Always dissolve tablets completely
  • do not ingest or lick
  • keep away from children
  • and do not throw into fire


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