Minerade® H2-Shuttle pH+ | Pre or post mineralization cartridge

Minerade® H2-Shuttle pH+ | Pre or post mineralization cartridge
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  • For usage as a stand-alone filter or after a reverse osmosis device or other filter device
  • Clean tap water can also be used
  • Increase of the pH value by approx. 1.5 to 3.5 pH
  • Lowering the redox value by -200 to -300 mV into the antioxidative, negatively charged range
  • Mineralization with sintered bioceramic beads such as calcium, tourmaline stones (energizes and lowers the redox value into the negative range), far infrared, PI-Power and others
  • Works for about 6 months after the first contact with water
  • Recommended maximum flow rate: 1.5 litres/minute
  • Weight of the filter without water: 0.6 kg, Weight completely filled with water: 0.9 kg
  • Important: Mount it horizontally and observe the flow direction.

Types of Filter:

Installation Types:

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Minerade ® H2-Shuttle pH+ | Pre or post mineralization cartridge with bioceramics | pH value and enrichment of hydrogen gas (H2 gas)



Minerade® H2-Shuttle pH+ with shut-off valve

Minerade | Osmosis Post-mineralization | Ionizer Pre-mineralization


The values can fluctuate relatively strongly, depending on the time the pure water remains in the cartridge, i.e. the longer no water is drawn off, the stronger the effect of activation/alkalinisation by the mineralization cartridge. You can control the alkalinisation/ pH-value of the water yourself, e.g. by minimising the flow and thus increasing the time spent in the cartridge or just the cartridge water (approx. 0.5 litres). This cartridge is so far the only method to make water not only mineralised but also antioxidant. With our osmosis water you can achieve pH values up to pH 9.5 and redox values up to -300 mV. And the water tastes fuller than only our osmosis water, the connection is made simply by the usual quick-fitting connectors with 6.35mm [1/4″] in front of your osmosis water tap.

The reverse osmosis technology is one of the best known water treatment techniques worldwide. However, some owners of these devices are concerned about the fact that the reverse osmosis water has a pH value in the acidic range, about pH 5.5 with very good performance, i.e. more or less distilled water (low to hardly any conductivity), up to pH 6.5 for devices which have e.g. 50 microsiemens as current conductance.

In AQUACENTRUM, there are sufficient available processes for the refinement of drinking water for the advocates of both world views.

Only you can answer the question whether you should drink your water with or without minerals. If a strong detoxifying effect is your main concern, low in minerals water may be the right thing for you for a certain period of time.

If you suffer from a lack of minerals or you are overly acidic, it would be advisable to leave the minerals in the water, even the acidic ones.

Before you take "industrial" magnesium or calcium in tablet form, which are difficult for the cells to absorb, it is advisable to drink water with its natural minerals and to consume sufficient amounts of organically grown fruit and vegetables.

It is only important that your water is alkaline (up to a pH value of 9.5) and to have an antioxidant effect (Redox of -100mV and even more negative). As it has been produced by a water ionizer or by our post-mineralization cartridge with Okinawa corals and other minerals.


Revised label | Minerade® H2-Shuttle pH+ as of 2022


Revised label | Minerade® Carbon filter as of 2022

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