Satisfaction guarantee

Satisfaction guarantee


Purchase by advance payment | 14 days trial period | 182 days satisfaction guarantee


1. Two-week trial period to start off

You order a water ionizer or another product online, by email, by phone, by Skype or by fax.

We will send the goods immediately after having received the payment per PayPal, immediate transfer or bank transfer on the same day.

In case you are unsure about paying everything in advance, we also accept a payment of 50% of the price after a consultation with us.

In exceptional cases we send the goods after a consultation also by invoice, yet we need to receive per email a scan of your personal identification with your current address or an official website.

The free two weeks of trial will only begin after you have received the goods.

You have the opportunity to send back the goods after the two week trial, even if used, really used and you will receive the complete paid price including the shipping payment back.

Depending on the agreement, we can also extend the trial period to four weeks or more.

If you do not send us back the device or water filter within the first 14 days, then the order over a € 1000,00 total value will automatically switch to the rental period.


2. Satisfaction guarantee of 182 days from date of dispatch:

New: from the 1st January 2017 is this only valid for a total purchase of at least € 1000,00

If after the first 2 weeks cost free trial period you are not satisfied with our water ionizer or another product, then you can send us back the goods within 182 days.

We will refund the purchase price in cases of returns minus a fee for expenses incurred.

The fee amounts to 30% of the product price, this is also documented on the invoice.

We will issue a credit note with the return and it will be paid to a specified bank account or Paypal account within two weeks after we have received the product.

Video clip: Satisfaction guarantee and trial period:


This offer is active since 2010. The following has been important to us:

Regarding water ionizers, please watch this essential > Lecture video by the expert, Karl Heinz Asenbaum.

Some products are excluded from the satisfaction guarantee. These are water bottles, the Zoomius air purifier and individually ordered replacement filter cartridges and installation materials which have been already in use.

Important in case of a return, or during the test period or during the satisfaction guarantee:

In case of a return you should be aware that the product is appropriately sent, the way you received it.


Like New: Trial devices that have not been used for more than two to three weeks

If you are really still unsure and prefer to try electro-activated water through our rental offer or the customer satisfaction guarantee, we would ask you to please be so fair and order a trial device.  This device will be sent to you and is: “equivalent to a new device”, incl. new filters and connection set, new pH test set, new decalcifying set, latest instruction manual and, of course, a full warranty like with a new device.

There can be minor aesthetic damage on the outer packaging box or the protective film on the display, rarely on the casing, which absolutely does not affect the operation of the device. You will not encounter any faults with the trial device itself and its operation, because in our family business we carefully and thoroughly check each and every device sent back to us!

We can send a brand new product if requested

In this case you send us back the trial device and receive an invoice with an additional charge towards the new device.

Of course you can also just keep the trial device and benefit from up to 19% discount (likely saving the VAT!), even though it was only in use for a maximum of 30 days and is still under warranty protection with us.

Simply talk to us about your wishes for savings!

We will inform you of the exact discount already when you order the trial device, so that you are free in your decision making at all times.


Two typical real-life examples:

Example 1: Return within the first two weeks

  1. Date dispatched by us: 1.5.2014, date of delivery: 2.5.2014.
  2. You have paid € 1870,00 in advance or within the first two trial weeks.
  3. Return within the trial period, 14 days after receipt of the system on 15.5.2014.
  4. You will have € 1870,00 refunded within two weeks.

Example 2: The 182 days testing case, return after 6 months

  • Date dispatched by us: 1.5.2014, date of delivery: 2.5.2014.
  • Transfer of the amount, e.g. € 1870,00 for a Dion Blue (download invoice example), through pay in advance (instant transfer or bank transfer) with dispatch or after the first two trial weeks.
  • Return within the satisfaction guarantee period of 182 days, up until 2.11.2014 at the latest.
  • Refund amount: € 1870,00 minus € 300,00. You will receive € 1570,00 back.

Modalities of the satisfaction guarantee:

The satisfaction guarantee starts after the 14 day cost free test phase and is valid up until 180 days after date of dispatch.

The conditions mentioned above will also be noted on your receipt, also after an online order and email confirmation has been made before dispatching the goods.

In the meantime just under 1% of our water ionizer customers return a device in the first 2 weeks. Seldomly in the first 6 months. It is fine if you belong to one of them, because at least you have tried one out.

You actually have nothing to lose, because you can still have almost the full amount, minus 30%, refunded after 6 months time. This would be like a rental fee.

Why 182 days of satisfaction guarantee?

To ensure you have given your body enough time for the effects of alkaline ionized water to show its full potential. Like this you have had enough time gaining experience to find out if you are satisfied or not.

We grant this extraordinary service, taking big financial risks in cases of exchange, because we are convinced by the technology as well as the quality of our products and the benefits of alkaline ionized water.

Just try it out with one of our water ionizers!


Our main message to the world:

“Be faster than the hydrogen car. Be the future. You are the hydrogen age. Nourish yourself with hydrogen.

Your nourishment is primarily your drink. Drink hydrogen rich beverages. Drink electro-activated drinks.

Electro-activate your traditional foods by placing them in electro-activated water. Like that you can compensate the sins of civilisation.”

Quote from Karl Heinz Asenbaum

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