Aquacentrum Beauty Blue 500 | Hydrogen Water Maker (HRW)

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  • Mobile ionizing of water and enrichment with hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2)
  • Addition of salt is possible to obtain a particularly disinfecting water with further qualities
  • Built in battery for ca. 90 uses (depending on mineral content of water)
  • USB power supply with European plug
  • Works with an electrolysis technology without a diaphragm
  • 96g, 30mm X 165 mm, 30 ml (Capacity including filter ring)
  • Power supply: 100V bis 240 V; 50 bis 60 Hz; 0.2 A
  • Maximum power output of the 2 electrodes: DC 3,7V; 0.2A
  • 1 year full guarantee
  • Introductory price for this month
  • User Manual Aquacentrum Blue Water 500 HRW
  • SW10180
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Product information "Aquacentrum Beauty Blue 500 | Hydrogen Water Maker (HRW)"

Aquacentrum Beauty Blue 500 | Hydrogen Water Maker

Electrolyte water-spray-generator for skin and hygiene

The purpose of the Beauty-Blue 500 is the production of hydrogen and oxygen rich water with electrolysis for beauty and hygiene purposes.

Because of its newly developed technology since 2016 is the Beauty Blue 500 especially efficient and deposits hydrogen at a ratio of 2,5 to 1 of oxygen, so that so called Hydrogen-Rich-Water (HRW) is produced with a molecular hydrogen content of up to 500 Microgram/Liter.

These results are about half of what a much bigger and more efficient multiple chamber water ionizer can reach.

The Beauty Blue 500 only needs just over 1 minutes to produce this.


This water treatment technology was first described in Germany in the 1930’s (Electrolyte water Hydropuryl N) and is continually developed since the 1980’s.

In particular, since 2007 is the healing capacity of dissolved hydrogen investigated and the water treatment industry turned to increasingly developing cost effective devices to make hydrogen rich water available to everyone.

As well as the electrolytic method, there is a chemical method which produces hydrogen in water by adding metallic magnesium.

As useful as magnesium is for our health is how much effort and tedious this method is:

It takes at least 10 hours until a similar hydrogen saturation can be reached, like with the electrolytic method.


Aquacentrum Beaty Blue 500 Hydrogen Water Maker HRW Cosmetic-Spray-Detail-2-600

The superiority of the Beauty Blue 500 compared to so called “mineral water ionizers” relies on its time advantage.

With respect to comparable electrolytic devices with a 1 chamber system it has the advantage of a stronger performance, something guaranteed thanks to the innovative polymer battery and the extremely tight layers of honeycomb electrodes.

With the spray, which can even be used during production, is molecular hydrogen always available for your skin. It is absorbed very quickly by the skin, much quicker than other molecules of other cosmetics, like for example; hyaluronic acid. It is antioxidant and provides an optimal hydration for the skin.

The simultaneously bubbled up oxygen provides clarity and purity of the water and guards against the risk of calcification.


Aquacentrum Beaty Blue 500 Hydrogen Water Maker HRW Cosmetic-View-Below-400

Conclusion | Beauty Blue 500 | Electrolytic water-spray-generator

The device is also suited to produce disinfecting neutral anolyte. To make this you just add a pinch of salt when filling it with water. This produces active chlorine (hypochlorous acid).

Neutral anolyte is the most environmentally friendly disinfectant, because it decomposes in water once it’s germ killing effect has taken place.

It can also be used as a deodorant, footspray or to combat spots. In addition, you can also disinfect textiles, toys, work surfaces, foods and similar products.

Neutral anolyte, because of its dissolving properties, is fantastic for cleaning lens cloths and for cleaning glasses, computer screens and smartphones, etc.

For at home and on the go – the Beauty Blue 500, being pocket sized, is a perfect and environmentally friendly universal device and we wish you a lot of happiness with it.


Uses of “neutral anolyte” (with 1 pinch of salt)

Neutral anolyte eliminates 99,9% of all bacteria in an environmentally friendly way. It is produced by you putting 1 pinch of salt (max. 1 gram), regardless of which kind, into the filled water container and letting it dissolve.


Use of electrolyte water as beauty-water Hydrogen + water => youth + natural beauty

That the cosmetic industry doesn’t know this formula, cannot be claimed: Something as simple as that does not sell exclusively.

There are only three small tricks on how to use the electrolyte water in the best way:

Rather frequently, for it is absorbed at lightning speed
Very fresh – immediately after electrolysis
Spray distance 15 – 30 cm, then the mist is at its best. Do not fear, there are no skin marks


Applying “neutral anolyte” (acidic and alkaline water in one)

  • As a deodorant or for intimate hygiene
  • As an antibacterial mouth or nose wash (faint chlorine smell)
  • On light skin abrasions
  • On spots and blackheads
  • Disinfecting baby pacifiers, etc.
  • Cleaning glasses, screens and keyboards
  • Textile hygiene and odours
  • Hygiene in the bathroom
  • On doorhandles
  • Children’s toys
  • Work surfaces, chopping boards, breadboxes, fridges, bathrooms, saunas, cupboards
  • Poultry, fish, meat, fruit, vegetables

Scope of delivery of the Beauty Blue 500 Electrolytic water-spray-generator

In the package of your Beauty Blue 500 you will find the device complete with accessories. You will also obtain this user manual which you should please read and follow thoroughly. Please keep the user manual, in case you should give the device away or decide to sell it or you do not remember exactly how it operates.

The device itself consists of parts 1 – 3, which are already assembled and ready for use:

  1. Electrolysis unit and water container
  2. Spray nozzle and sealing cap
  3. Power plug and Micro-USB cable

Spray attachment

The blue cap can be pulled off. To fill the container with clean, preferably filtered water, turn the spray nozzle to the left to remove. If you look inside you will see the grid shaped, platinized electrodes. You can use any kind of tap water. Do not use distilled or reverse osmosis water, also not a very mineral poor water, this complicates the electrolysis process.

After filling the container screw the spray nozzle tightly to the right.

On/Off button

On the bottom of the device you have the On/Off button. If you press it once, the green LED light on the front of the device will shine.

If you press the On/Of button again, the water in the container is illuminated with a blue light and you will see the electrolysis process commence.

Hydrogen and oxygen bubbles will start to form inside. This process lasts 40 seconds and can at any time be stopped or started again by pressing the On/Off button.


Why hydrogen water?

The source of human energy comes from the most elegant antioxidant. Your nutrients are decomposed by oxygen. Oxygen is the burner. Once it gives off its energy it becomes a free radical which is reflected in health, beauty and aging. Our interest is being taken by how hydrogen rich water neutralizes reactive oxygen.

Dissolved hydrogen 300ppb

The Aquacentrum Blue 500 provides you with dissolved hydrogen which penetrates the skin. This will nourish every cell, something previously only attained from eating foods with hydrogen. You will have a hydrogen spray rich in hydrogen ions that delivers an improvement to your skin.


Our tiny hydrogen bubble is less than 6-nano meters (0.006㎛) wide. One can reach the pore, usually 25㎛, and eliminate contaminants and sebum. After having cleaned your face, use the hydrogen spray for your skin condition to be visibly improved.

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