AquaVolta® BTM 3000 Batch Ionizer

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  • Production of activated water
  • Alkaline water and acidic oxide water (anolyte)
  • With a salt addition you produce super alkaline water (catholye)
  • Super acidic water is also made
  • Weight: 4,5 kg
  • Dimensions: 40 x 30 x 45 cm
  • Manual Biontech BTM 3000 Batch Water Ionizer.pdf

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Product information "AquaVolta® BTM 3000 Batch Ionizer"

Ionized water from the BTM 3000 Batch Ionizer

Activated water-Ionizer-BTM-3000

This device produces activated water with a pH 10 to 11 (alkaline) and pH 4 to 5 (acidic).

With a salt addition even higher values are reached. It is ideal for the single household for 1-2 people.

The electrodes are made of high quality Titanium including: a platinum coating, making it corrosion free.

This model is up to four times faster than other ionizers. Automatic sound notification when production is complete.

Automatic switch off.Easy to use and optically a delight in each kitchen.

This device is very good for starting in this field of ionized water in our opinion. Especially if you prefer to avoid an installation.

Further information in the user manual for the AquaVolta BTM 3000


Overview and specifications for the AquaVolta BTM 3000 Batch Ionizer

  • Dimensions: W x H x L: 370 x 290 x 200 mm
  • Applied technology: Activated carbon with an Aquaphor Modern pre-filter or an Aquaphor pitcher filter, time controlled ionizing, 1 – 99 minutes (galvanic ion separation)
  • Ion production: continuous ion flow with electrolysys
  • Information on the display: Set ionizing time in minutes
  • Operating medium: Tap water, tap water with salt addition, distilled water (with salt addition)
    Spring water and other sources is possible with diverse pre-filters, 2 x 2 liters per operation
  • Output power: max. 90W
  • Amount of electrodes  and coating: 2 Titanium electrode plates , triple galvanic Platinum dipped coating, coating thickness: ca. 0,25 µm, effective electrode surface: 108 cm²
  • Issue year: 2005, revised: 2015
  • Housing colour and material: white and grey plastic
  • Filter characteristics: 2 different pre-filters in the scope of delivery
    0,45 µm activated carbon (granules)
  • Filter capacity: Filter change for the Aquaphor Modern ca. every 5000 liters or every 6 months, with the Aquaphor pitcher filter once a month
  • Filter costs: Aquaphor Modern replacement filter € 23,00. Aquaphor pitcher filter replacement filter € 4,97
  • Guarantee: 2 years fully guaranteed
  • Guarantee extension possible , every extra year € 50 surcharge
  • Weight: 4,5 Kg
  • Thread standard for the diverter valve of the Aquaphor Modern filter: M22x1mm, delivered adapter: M18xM22 (outer thread)
  • Manufacturer information: , a big producer in Seoul, Korea, with more than 10 years experience
  • Aquaphor Modern installation possibilities: Connect to the tap
    Attention: do not install after a low pressure boiler. Install it before!
  • International certificates: CE, IEC, IECEE, FC
  • Water pressure: 2 bar to 6 bar
  • Delivered with the Aquaphor Modern filter: diverter valve for the water tap M22x1mm and a further adapteer
  • Scope of delivery BTM 3000 Batch Ionizer: pH value test drops, user manual in English and German
  • Power supply and input voltage: SMPS switching power supply
    85V – 280V, 50Hz – 60Hz
  • Operating mode: On/Off button, continuous electrolysis,
    automatic switch off after set time has been reached
  • Ionizing strength: depends on the water-mineral composition, salt addition and time
  • Oxidation Reduction Potential in mV (Milivolt) after 60 min., dH°14-18:
    ca. -500V (during level 4 alkaline)
    up to ca. +500mV in strong acidic water (during highest level 2 acidic)
  • pH value after 60 minutes dH°14-18: ca. pH10,8
    up to ca. pH4,5
  • Rinsing, limescale protection: manual cleaning. The containers and the membrane element can be used from time to time in reverse. This will clean it
  • Membrane service life: 800 – 1200 hours
  • Temperature source water: 2°C – 30°C
  • Maintenance: Every 3 to 12 months;
    Since descaling offers complete disinfection, best descale every 3 months

When purchasing this batch ionizer you will receive one of the filters and the book automatically:


Uses of alkaline and acidic water from the Aquavolta BTM 3000

  • Drink up to 0,3 l of water per 10 kg of bodyweight daily. With high temperatures and / or strenuous physical activity respectively more.
  • Lay fruit, salads, cut flowers, raw eggs and vegetables in fresh, hydrogen rich, electrolysis water for 15-30 minutes.
  • Mix milk powders, diet powders, fitness powders etc. with hydrogen water. Dissolve mineral and vitamin mixes with this water.
  • Buy juice concentrates – preferably organic.
  • Mix alcoholic drinks and cocktails with hydrogen water. They become milder, the taste can be appreciated more. Make ice-cubes out of hydrogen water.
  • After alcohol intake drink 2 glasses in the evening as well as 2 glasses the next morning on an empty stomach.
  • Give your pets (dogs, cats …) hydrogen rich electrolysis water to drink and observe how their fur and general health is positively improved.

Use of acidic, disinfecting oxide water (anolyte)

  • Wash your face with acidic water, like this impurities (acne, blackheads) are avoided and the skin is disinfected, skin blotches may lighten and the skin becomes softer
  • Rinse your mouth before teeth cleaning with acidic water and place it in your mouthwash. It disinfects and therefore protects gums and teeth. Rinse and gargle if you are suffering from throat and tonsil ailments
  • Treat burns and light skin abrasions, scrapes or cut wounds with acidic water. It disinfects and aids the healing process
  • Bathe sweaty feet regularly in warm acidic water
  • Disinfect baby pacifiers, etc. Clean glasses, screens and keyboards
  • Use acidic water as a lotion after shaving
  • Rinse your hair after shampooing it with acidic water instead of the chemical conditioner. Your hair will become soft and the scalp is disinfected
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