AquaVolta® Cavendish 2.0 On-table &/or under-table ionizer | Base water incl. H2 gas

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  • On-table installation at the water tap with change-over valve or 3/8" T-piece
  • or under-sink installation with 3/8" T-piece (DVGW-tested) and operating tap
  • 9 platinum coated titanium electrodes, 1204 cm², SMPS power supply (max. 250W)
  • Hydrogen yield at °dH16, highest electrolysis stage & flow rate 1 L/min: ∼1200 ppb molecular dissolved hydrogen/liter.
  • 1 multi-layer activated carbon filter integrated, filter change 6-12 months or 4000 liters.
  • Limescale protection by reversing the polarity of the electrodes & automatic flux reversal & post flushing
  • Dimensions ionizer: 37x28x15cm, Ø control tap: 5cm, Ø control tap shaft: 29mm, bore 29mm to 32mm, 5 years warranty
  • Instruction AquaVolta® Cavendish 2.0. incl. under-sink operating tap
  • There are short tested Cavendish 2.0 with 200€ (coupon: rl200) & its predecessor Cavendish 9 with 300 € discounted (coupon: rl300) available

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      The AquaVolta® Cavendish 9 Water Ionizer The new advanced...
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Product information "AquaVolta® Cavendish 2.0 On-table &/or under-table ionizer | Base water incl. H2 gas"

The AquaVolta® Cavendish 9 Water Ionizer

The new advanced water ionizer named AquaVolta® Cavendish 9 provides an overall high-quality concept. Our Engineer Yasin Akgün, Technical University Munich TUM, co-developed with the manufacturer and they have implemented our wishes. Therefore, we are very proud of this water ionizer. It provides what we expect from a modern and high-quality water ionizer and it has a very sophisticated protection against calcification of the electrodes and the membranes.


Specifications for the AquaVolta® Cavendish 9 Water Ionizer with 9 electrodes

  • Price-performance ratio: Optimal: unique functions at a comparatively attractive price, high-quality components,> including a two-week, free test phase, when purchased 182 days satisfaction guarantee. In addition> 4 x 2 liter clear glass bottles as a present
  • Electrodes: Electrode plates made of titanium with 3 instead of only 1 layer of the catalyst platinum (polymer ion mesh process) with a significantly larger catalyst surface and formation of smaller hydrogen bubbles (nano bubbles)
  • Number of filter cartridges: 1 Premium filter cartridge. Silver steamed activated carbon granules, including calcium and tourmaline, price per replacement cartridge: € 69.00
  • Performance in 3L / min.; LV.4: 130W, 12V, SMPS switch mode power supply (radiation, energy efficient, no heat generation)
  • Max. PH / ORP values at 1 liter / min and ° dH18:. Despite calcifereous Munich Water: pH up to pH 10.5, redox potential: about -500 mV (almost 1 volt electron excess)
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) : 37cm x 28cm x 15cm
  • In terms of hydrogen formation, it is the strongest water ionizer we have ever faced with the hard Munich tap water.
  • Installation possibilities: either the tap or with the supplied 3/8 ‘T-piece (DVGW tested) fixed to the cold water pipe.
  • Operating: With the control dial
  • Displaying data on the screen: ionization, current flow, flowed through liter through the filter, pH (approximately).
  • Regulating the flow: Optimal flow: 2.0 liters / min, regulation on the control dial.
  • Limescale protection mechanism: automatic polarity reversal system with flow reversal before and after each use. Very reliable
  • Warranty: 5 years full warranty, repair costs from the sixth year max. 20% of the cost price
  • Year: 2013, revised in 2015, large-scale manufacturer of Seoul, Korea
    End of February 2017 equipped with 9 electrodes, re-engineered for Aquacentrum

AquaVolta® Cavendish 9 Water Ionizer (english subtitles)

Here in the video you can see the comparison of an almost identical device (different design) to Kangen Enagic Leveluk 501, which, although in this video has seemingly similar values, however inferior in at least 7 points.

Comparison of the AquaVolta® Cavendish 9 vs the Kangen® Leveluk 501

  • TheAquaVolta® Cavendish 9 has a bigger multi layer premium filter with tourmaline and calcium instead of a simple activated carbon filter
  • Does not use chemicals (hypochlorite, electrolysis booster for the Leveluk 501)
  • Can be connected directly to the cold water mains
  • Has a turn dial for water flow regulation which is ideal for being connected to the faucet. This is your water supply control for the ionizer and is a unique water flow regulator.
  • Color coding in the clear screen
  • Stable and radiation-free SMTP technology, instead of a toroidal transformer
  • TheAquaVolta® Cavendish 9 compared to the Kangen Enagic water ionizers does not have salt addition to produce anolyte or catholyte. For this you can consider the ECA Plus Water Tractor
  • Very nice, sleek design, silver metallic
  • To maximize the hydrogen capacity of alkaline water also on the go you can also order the AquaVolta® Hydrogen Booster Classic as well. You can choose it in the selection window. And this is how you can “boost” (Booster user manual)


This water ionizer is named after Henry Cavendish for having discovered hydrogen.

Henry Cavendish (* 10. October 1731 Nice; † 24. February 1810 London) reported his own work in “Three Papers Containing “Experiments on Factitious Air” in 1766. These papers added greatly to the knowledge of the formation of “inflammable air” (hydrogen) by the action of dilute acids (acids that have been weakened) on metals.

He destroyed the thousand year old myth that the ancient element water is just water and proved that it has an energy rich component, hydrogen. It was later that Lavoisier who discovered the other component of water; “oxygen”. This flammable air is nothing other than the sole energy forecast of future generations when oil and natural gas have burnt up.

Therefore we have named this hydrogen machine after him: Henry Cavendish, Esq.

We also thank you for your incredibly important discovery!


Aquavolta-Cavendish-Water Ionizer-Display-Functions

The total filter run times are displayed in Liter on the display

The filter run times are displayed for the filter Liter precisely on the display. So you always have an overview of how much water you have used. Once a filter change is required, the inherent diagnostic module is active and displays also the required filter change to. In addition, a voice alerts you to the change. So additional maintenance efforts will be spared. The filter should nevertheless be changed at the latest after 6 months, according to German DIN standards. We also recommend doing this.

The indicator on the pH display applies for medium hardness and flow rates by approximately 1,5-2 Liter / minute (adjustable, depending on the water). The displayed pH-value can be set to the true pH-value in the menu settings. Also the filter running time, which has a factory setting of 4000 Liter. No other water ionizer worldwide offers these functions.


Multifunction Display:

Display of the pH value, the water flow as well as filter use and time

Hardly any other water ionizer can keep up with the clear arrangement of the Touch Buttons (Touch Control sensors) and the information that appears on the very stylized, brushed stainless steel front with regard to ease of use and design.

The following settings can be selected: Time and date, basic performance of the water ionizer, fine tuning of single levels, changing the set pH-value, language, volume including mute, filter running time, please do not change other settings. The basic settings of the ionizer are for average water values. You do not need to change anything except for the time and date.

This video has English subtitles. Here you will see how the settings and the fine tuning can be done.



New: 9 titanium electrodes (mesh), with platinum coating for particularly high values

The patented, multiple platinum coated titanium electrodes (plus-minus pole) perform the fundamental role of separating purified water in alkaline and acidic water.

However, there are enormous differences in alkalinity and quality of activated water with different water ionizers, because of the thickness and type of platinum-titanium coating and the number of electrodes (galvanically coated or sprayed) which can be achieved on the whole.

Each of the 9 electrodes is coated three times with a patented spray process which completely covers the layers of platinum and leaves no gaps.

Unlike water ionizers with 5 electrodes, this outstanding 9 electrode ionizer is also suitable for very hard tap water, over 27° dH. Values up pH10,5 and also above are possible with hard water are safe and constantly achievable.

An additional advantage of the platinum titanium coating is that it has a high electrical conductivity and is a harmless material to the human body. Furthermore, the core of the AquaVolta® Cavendish 9 water ionizer is characterized by an extremely low power consumption and a good electrolytic performance. It can reach very high pH and ORP values.


Extremely powerful with a total of up to 130 watts maximum power

Thanks to the high maximum power of the water ionizer with up to 130 watts consumed maximum output instead of the usual 90 watts, also a water flow of more than 2 liters per minute can be programmed so that the AquaVolta® Cavendish 9 Water Ionizer does justice to the highest performance demands and is also suitable for gastronomy.


SMPS Transformator Schaltnetzteil Wasserionisierer besser wie Transformator

Transformerless SMPS power supply for minimal heat and electromagnetic pollution

Traditional current transformers (transformers), which are widely used in water ionizers are only designed for a power supply with 100-150W / 24-30V / 5A resistance.
As a result, a lot of PCB bugs or malfunctions arise which can cause overheating of individual components. This occurs during the electrolysis process when an over current/charge happens
The producer, as a standard, has consistently set SMPS as a power supply, which can withstand a range of 200-500W outside / 24-35V / 10-20A.

It lowers the superheat rate of the device even with more than twice the output current in comparison to other devices, thereby increasing both the efficiency as well as the safety of the appliance by lowering the error rate program.

Important note: It is highly recommended to use the SMPS transformer, since excess currents in an electrolytic vessel in areas of higher longitude increase (i.e. in the Americas, Europe, Southeast Asia, etc.) and so program bugs can be caused. This leads to devices from other manufacturers crashing and failing, which can be largely eliminated by switching the ionizer on and off. Sometimes the solution is sending the equipment to the dealer.


Limescale removal of the electrodes with an automatic polarity reversal system

The removal of mineral deposits such as calcium and magnesium is one of the most important maintenance features of a water ionizer to guarantee a long-term consistent performance of the electrodes.

While most water ionizers clean just before each use or every 12 to 15 liters use with a so-called self-cleaning mechanism, in which the poles are reversed for only a short period of 5-15 seconds, the AquaVolta® Cavendish 9 performs constant reversal. After each use the poles are reversed and so counteracted an accumulation of lime on the electrodes and the sensitive membranes.

Only two other producers in the European market have all of this patented hardware. The advantage of an automatic polarity reversal system of the AquaVolta® Cavendish 9 is that it does not work with a flow reversal motor, but with valves. In practice, this method is more reliable because it seldom becomes defective.

Instruction ideas for descaling can be found here.

Umpolungs Automatik Elektroden Wasserionisierer Flussumkehr


All water hoses in the unit are bio-compatible and food safe

Flexible, extra long outlet spigot of special, limescale repelling plastic. Through this clever choice of materials (bio-compatible and food safe) the outlet is kept free of any limescale accumulations for a long time.

Intelligent auto shutdown protects against water damage

In addition, the device has an intelligent auto shutdown. Should, for example, a water leak occur or there is an inadequate water supply, this function can offer valuable protection against water damage.


Easy regulation of activated water-strength with the control dial

With the control dial you can switch this system on and off easily.

You can use it very flexibly and in addition to the fixed selectable stages to reach the maximum level you reach all pH values between pH 4 to pH11 in 0.1 pH stages and can determine exactly what you desired pH you want to set.

By reducing the flow rate of the water stronger ionization is possible (and vice versa) since the contact time of the electrolysis cell rises to the water. It receives more electrons in the water and creates with the excess of electrons in the water an antioxidant effect (ORP). Since flow-through ionizer are sealed systems the effect of the electrolysis process itself gets much better, and you have at the end freshly charged water full of OH ions, hydrogen and electrons.

Noch einzufuegen – nur zur Info11


Our main message to the world:


“Be faster than the hydrogen car. Be the future. You are the hydrogen age. Nourish yourself with hydrogen.

Your nourishment is primarily your drink. Drink hydrogen rich beverages. Drink electro-activated drinks.

Electro-activate your traditional foods by placing them in electro-activated water. Like that you can compensate the sins of civilisation.”

Quote from Karl Heinz Asenbaum



Further questions about water treatment, water ionizers, water filters and hydrogen?

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Your contact partners:

  • For products: Yasin Akgün, Engineer, TUM Munich
  • For faq’s: Karl Heinz Asenbaum, author and researcher
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2 Mar 2018

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Filter properties of the AquaVolta Moses 7 and Cavendish 9 water ionizers


The Premium Biostone Ultra multistage activated carbon Wasserilter from Aqua Volta Moses 7

High quality characterises this filter, 11 filtering stages with silver steam deposition.

The high-quality multi-stage activated carbon removes contaminants in the water and makes for good, tasty, clean, purified water.

The integrated hollow fiber membrane protects against 99.99% of germs and viruses. Even if bacteria would get through, it would be killed by the current in the electrolysis chamber and is therefore rendered harmless. Yet there is no need to be concerned with this filter. In addition, the silver is protection for the filter, it protects the activated carbon unit against contamination.

We also tested the filter media without silver steaming. However, it gets contaminated if the system is not used for more than two weeks.

That is why we provide only silver steamed filters. The silver contained is is tiny quantities, no traces make its way to the water from the water ionizer. The 5 germ barriers effectively protect (99.99%) against germs and viruses, thus the risk of contamination is down to zero.

In addition, the Biostone-ceramic filter, which consists of tourmaline (semi-precious stone), is included. When the water reaches the tourmaline, it unfolds its effect, because it emits natural Far Infrared Radiation (FIR), this changes the surface tension of the water and makes it even softer, which is a huge advantage for ionization.

Thus, already in the filter negative ions are produced. This increases the antioxidant activity without the pH being additionally increased. Tourmaline generates FIR that purifies the water, and acts like a 'supercharger', assisting the water alkalizer to ionize and alkalize. Tourmaline in your water filter is used to naturally transform water into mild alkaline water, reduce water clustering (what happens to our stored water) and has an anti-bacterial effect.

With a multilayer granular activated carbon filter technology, effective and safe chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, drug residues, radioactive materials such as uranium and all imaginable, modern chemicals are reliably removed from the water.

Also, each reverse osmosis and distillation system, as well as other filter concepts, works with activated carbon as filter media!


Composition of Premium activated carbon filter cartridge

  1. Hollow fiber membrane layer (germ barrier)
  2. Silberbedampftes granular activated carbon, no regrind with Silberbedampfung: This layer consisting of fine-grained, natural coconut carbon absorbs and filters the organic and foreign particles and ensures better taste and neutral odor.
  3. Hollow fiber membrane layer (germ barrier)
  4. Calcium granules to improve taste and soft water aufzuhärten for better ionization results
  5. Hollow fiber membrane layer (germ barrier)
  6. Silberbedampftes granular activated carbon, no regrind with Silberbedampfung: This layer consisting of fine-grained, natural coconut carbon absorbs and filters the organic and foreign particles and ensures better taste and neutral odor.
  7. Hollow fiber membrane layer (germ barrier)
  8. Calcium granules to improve taste and soft water aufzuhärten for better ionization results
  9. Hollow fiber membrane layer (germ barrier)
  10. Biostone (tourmaline) to optimize taste and to prevent bacteria
  11. Hollow fiber membrane layer (germ barrier)

Do you have any further Questions?

Check out the FAQ and SAQ for more Information.
Also please take a look at the Media Library and our Videos.
For additional questions please write us:

We will gladly answer all your remaining questions, your Yasin Akgün (Biography)

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Specifications Aqua Volta Moses-7 Water Ionizer

  • Voltage: 12V
  • Power: up to 130W
  • Weight: 5.5 Kg
  • Dimensions (width x height x depth): 28 cm x 37 cm x 15 cm
  • Water pressure: 0.7 ~ 5 kgf / cm2
  • Maximum temperature of the water: 5 – 30 ° C
  • Easy to change filter with reset button
  • Automatic display of filter life
  • Automatic shut off when hot water
  • different strengths: 1-4 levels for each basic and acidic water
  • Automatic safety shutdown after a few minutes
  • Water output: 2-3 liters per minute
  • Connecting Components for cold water pipe and faucet will be


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Installation of Aquavolta Moses-7 Water ionizer


Two installation options: At the faucet tightly to the cold water pipe

Through two different installation options offers the AquaVlta Moses 7 maximum flexibility during installation. So you will definitely find the suitable solution for you Built-in:

1. Simple: The Aqua Volta Moses 7 is installed directly on the faucet

The Aqua Volta Moses can – like all Flow Water ionizer – to be installed directly on the faucet. A very small and very robust switching valve is included. Three adapters for rarer faucet thread sizes are also supplied.

The supplied external Durchlussmengen regulating valve will be installed at the faucet installation for single adjusting the water flow to the water inlet hose. It replaces the knobs of Dion Family or other Wasserionisierern with rotary knob (eg.B. Aquion 2000, Aquion 3000).

Umschaltventil Wasserhahn-Installation Adapter Wasserfilter Wasserionisierer

2. Comfortable: The Aqua Volta Moses laid on the cold water pipe

A far less common variant offered to connect the ionizer, the fixed water connection (also fixed installations often called) is. For this purpose, a supplied> Tee (3/8 ‘inch screw, Fig. Right) installed after the angle valve under your Spültheke between the cold water hose of your faucet. From this then made the direct connection can be made with a supplied 1/4 ‘hose.To perform the (6.25mm) 1/4 ‘hose upwards for water ionizer, a bore or a passage with a diameter of 6.5 mm is required.



Do you have any further Questions?

Check out the FAQ and SAQ for more Information.
Also please take a look at the Media Library and our Videos.
For additional questions please write us:

We will gladly answer all your remaining questions, your Yasin Akgün (Biography)

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Videos AquaVolta Moses-7 Water Ionizer


Comparison of Aqua Volta Moses-7 vs Leveluk 501

Here you can see the compared to Kangen Leveluk 501, which although providing similar values, however, is inferior in at least 7 points.

  • the Aqua Volta Moses has a premium filter, instead of simple charcoal
  • does not use chemicals which (sodium hydrogen electrolysis booster when Leveluk 501)
  • can be connected directly to the cold water pipe
  • Has a rotary switch flow regulation, with which you can regulate the strength of the active water
  • Color coding of the screen
  • stable and radiation-free SMTP technology, instead of toroidal transformer power supply
  • stylish design

Do you have any further Questions?

Check out the FAQ and SAQ for more Information.
Also please take a look at the Media Library and our Videos.
For additional questions please write us:

We will gladly answer all your remaining questions, your Yasin Akgün (Biography)

Aquaphor® Mono Filter head Aquaphor® Mono Filter head
€77.00 * €97.00 *

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> Product consulting: Yasin Akgün, Dipl.-Ing. TU Munich
> FAQ's: Karl Heinz Asenbaum, Author & Researcher




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