AquaVolta EOS Genesis Water Ionizer

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  • Countertop installation directly to the tap with a T-Piece Adapter or directly to the cold water pipe with a supplied tee
  • 9 platinum coated titanium electrodes 1336 cm², SMPS power supply (Max. 500W)
  • Double limescale protection by automatic reverse polarization after each use
  • The tastiest water of all ionizers, especially because of the double XXL filter system
  • Double filter system for double safety, replacement filter € 67.00 each
  • Large LCD color display, clear and distinct, shows all functions.
  • Proven model, very stable, so seven years full warranty
  • 34 x 34 x 15 cm
  • Financing for € 1,870.00; For 36 months, rate: € 53.54 per month
  • EOS Genesis User Manual English

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      Overview and specifications for the AquaVolta® EOS Genesis...
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Product information "AquaVolta EOS Genesis Water Ionizer"

Overview and specifications for the AquaVolta® EOS Genesis Water Ionizer with 9 electrodes

  • Price/performance ratio: Excellent: many high end functions leave nothing to be desired, high quality workmanship, incl. 14-day free trial period, when you buy 182 days satisfaction guarantee. With 4 x 2 glass bottles in addition
  • Electrodes: 9 titanium electrode plates, galvanic coating 3 times with the catalyst Platinum ( layer thickness: ca. 0,25 µm), effective electrode surface: 1336,5 cm²
  • Amount of filter cartridges: 2 silver steamed activated carbon filter cartridges, including Calcium Sulphite and Turmalin, price of each replacement cartridge: € 67.00
  • Decalcifying mechanism: Automatic cleaning after 10 liter use
  • Max. pH- / Redox values with 0,7 liter / min. Alkaline ionized water (not supply water) and °dH18:
    Even with calciferous Munich water, pH value: up to 11 pH
  • Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP): ca. -650mV (nearly 1 Volt electron surplus)
  • Installation possibilities: either to the tap or with a supplied 3/8 ‘T-piece (DVGW tested) fixed to the cold water pipe
  • Display data: ionization level, water flow, already flown out liters from alkaline outlet for filter 1 and 2, pH & ORP (pre-programmed, adaptable or switched off).
  • Activation: By ON-OFF touch control (magnetic valve)
  • Flow regulation: Optimal: 1.7 litres / min.
  • The water flow can be reduced with the provided water flow regulator
  • Guarantee: 7-year full guarantee, because we are sure!
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 340 x 340 x 150 mm
  • Year of production: 2008, big manufacturer EOS Hightech from Seoul, Korea with more than 8 years of experience. Excellent in our opinion




These products you receive automatically when purchasing this water ionizer:


Childsplay for daily use: On > Fill glass > Off

AquaVolta® EOS water ionizers | Unbreakable and delicious

We know the previous models, the Bionlite Platinion with 5 platinum coated titanium electrodes and the Bionlite Platinion X-Cell Ultra with 7 electrodes very well, at least since 2009. So far there were only two defect cases in all those years. This, compared to other water ionizer brands is extraordinarily little.

Since we have recently sold a considerable number of these devices, especially in the last two years, only three defect cases have been presented with the 500 youngest devices. And it was not because of a problem with the water ionizer, but rather a cable and plug connection which was corrected quickly.

Furthermore, since we have worked with the manufacturers and they have adapted the device to our requirements, from the at least 500 devices that we have sold have only 10 EOS water ionizers have been returned in the test period and the 6 month satisfaction guarantee.
This is unique!


Large LCD color display – Display of the pH value, the redox potential and the water flow


The pre-programmed pH and redox values in the display can be adjusted precisely by the user to the actual measured values. Hardly any other water ionizer can keep up with the clear arrangement of the Touch Buttons (Touch Control sensors) and the information displayed on the very fine display screen with regard to user comfort and design.
We have already pre-programmed the device to European conditions, including a 10 second pre-cleaning function when switched on. You can switch this to 99 seconds or also off. This might be the only thing that you decide to change.

We do wish for you to follow our recommendations and not alter any of the default settings.


The use of the filters and both of their flow through capacities are indicated in liters on the display

The filter run times are displayed for both filters separately on the display and show the exact amount in liters. So you always have an overview of how much water you have used or how much water you can still consume until you should replace one of the two filters. Once a filter change is required, you will be alerted visually on the display and the voice prompter will inform you as well that a filter change is needed.



Filter 1 consists of 90% activated carbon granulate and 10% calcium ceramic balls. Filter 2: 80% activated carbon granulate, 10% silicon-ceramic balls, 10% calcium-ceramic balls

Filter 1: 4000 litres of alkaline water. Filter running time Filter 2: 6000 litres of alkaline water.




Nine slotted electrode titanium plates, triple galvanic coating

The platinum-coated titanium electrode ( plus-minus pole ) performs the fundamental role of separating purified water into alkaline and acidic ionized water.

However, enormous differences prevail in alkalinity and quality of activated water with various water ionizers.

This is achieved completely by the thickness and type of platinum – titanium coating ( galvanically applied or sprayed ) and the number of electrodes.

Each of the 9 electrode is galvanically dip-coated solid three times with deposited layers of platinum .

Unlike water ionizers with 5 or 7 electrodes, the 9 electrode ionizer is also suitable for very hard tap water over 27 ° dH. With hard water, values up pH10,5 and higher are reached safely and consistently.

An additional advantage of the platinum titanium coating is that it enables a high electrical conductivity which allows the electrolysis in the water flow to take place.


Extremely powerful with a total of up to 500 watts of power

Thanks to the high maximum power of the AquaVolta EOS Genesis, also a high flow rate can be adjusted by up to 500 watts of possible maximum output instead of the usual 90 to 120 watts of ionizers, so the EOS touch Water Ionizer is also the strongest in performance and is  suitable for the catering sector.

In an idle state, you can also turn the ionizer off at the main switch if conscious of the environment, or leave on the standby current.
The technique does not harm it.


SMPS Transformator Schaltnetzteil Wasserionisierer besser wie Transformator

Transformerless SMPS power supply for minimal heat and electromagnetic pollution

Traditional current transformers (transformers), which are widely used in water ionizers are only designed for a power supply with 100-150W / 24-30V / 5A resistance.
As a result, a lot of PCB bugs or malfunctions arise which can cause overheating of individual components. This occurs during the electrolysis process when an over current/charge happens
The producer EOS, as a standard, have consistently set SMPS as a power supply, which can withstand a range of 200-500W outside / 24-35V / 10-20A.

It lowers the superheat rate of the device even with more than twice the output current in comparison to other devices, thereby increasing both the efficiency as well as the safety of the appliance by lowering the error rate program.

The SMPS power supply system gives the microprocessor controlled EOS TOUCH also hours of continuous operating without the unit overheating, the power dropping or electromagnetic pollution being made, as may be the case with antiquated power transformers.

Important note: It is highly recommended to use the SMPS transformer, since excess currents in an electrolytic vessel in areas of higher longitude increase (i.e. in the Americas, Europe, Southeast Asia, etc.) and so program bugs can be caused. This leads to devices from other manufacturers crashing and failing, which can be largely eliminated by switching the ionizer on and off. Sometimes the solution is sending the equipment to the dealer.


EOS Platinion 9-Cell Ionisator-Paket (Kopieren)

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Customer evaluation for "AquaVolta EOS Genesis Water Ionizer"
13 Aug 2015

I imagine for the past 6 years with one of the predecessors (I think that was the Classic Platinion with 5 cells) ago our Ionized Alkaline Water. And we benefit from it in many ways. Nice and reliable device. The water tastes great, the taste certainly can vary regionally. The unit produced after more than 6 years, is still good values, and with daily use. This acquisition was worth every penny and we miss the water every time on vacation. As we draw near future in a residential area with very hard water, the 9-boards model could be interesting for me. It has done a lot over the years and the devices have become definitely more powerful. Even if the purchase price is 4 digits - the price / performance ratio is definitely true. I still do not know the new 9-cell Platinion, but I will definitely try it out. Thanks to the satisfaction guarantee by Mr Akgün without risk!

8 Aug 2015

I think we have now rediscovered the best ionizer. In Optimized Version. The platinum ion is us right from the start, known since 2009, and thanks to our optimization requirements that are met by the manufacturer, he is with the Special Dion the 2 strongest Water ionizer Water ionizer on the global market. I can only recommend. Very! Just try, Yasin Akgün

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Downloads EOS Platinion 9-Cell Water ionizer


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Replacement Filter for AquaVolta® EOS Genesis Water Ionizer


AquaVolta EOS Water filter activated carbon and silicium ceramic balls

High-performance filter | The remaining filter capacities are displayed in liters in the display

The filter run times are shown separately for each filter in the display. This way you always have an overview of how much water you have already consumed, or how much water you can consume until you replace one of the two filters.
As soon as a filter change is required, the inherent diagnostics module is activated and displays the required filter change via the display. In addition, a voice output indicates the filter change.


Composition filter Activated charcoal granules and silicon-ceramic balls



1. Start filter 1 below: Sediment filter
2. Silver-coated active carbon granulate, no regenerated material, with silver vapor deposition: This layer, which consists of fine-grained, natural coconut carbon, absorbs and filters the organic and foreign particles and ensures a better taste and neutral smell.
3. Antibacterial filter layer
4. Silver-coated active carbon granulate, no regenerated material, with silver vapor deposition: This layer, which consists of fine-grained, natural coconut carbon, absorbs and filters the organic and foreign particles and ensures a better taste and neutral smell.
5. Start filter 2 below: Sediment filter
6. Silver-Activated Activated Carbon Granules, No Regenerate, with Silver Coating: This layer, made of fine-grained, natural coconut carbon, absorbs and filters the organic and foreign particles and ensures a better taste and neutral smell.
7. Sediment filter
8. Calcium granules to improve taste and soften soft water for better ionization results
9.Antibacterial filter layer
10. Silicon (SiO2) ceramic beads (sintered) to optimize taste

Technical specifications
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Specifications EOS Platinion 9-Cell Ionizer for basic, ionized water

  • Dimensions: 340 x 340 x 150 mm
  • Applied Technology (s): activated carbon filtration with 2 filter cartridges, flow-electrolysis (galvanic ion separation)
  • Displaying data on the display: ionization, current flow through key combination displayed, already passed through filters 1 and 2 liters, pH & ORP (approximated, can be switched off)
  • Working medium: tap water, Well water thanks to double filtering possible depending on water quality
  • Output power: shutdown when max. 500W, 12 Ampère bei 30V DC
  • Flow range: 1 to about 2 Liter / Minute
    ideal flow at about 1.5 to 1.8 liters / min.
  • Flow regulation: in the permanent installation on the tee, if installed on the tap, after the diverter valve provided on the supplied flow regulator
  • Electrode number and coating: 9 electrode plates of titanium, triple electroplated platinum-dip coating, layer thickness: about 0.25 microns, effective electrode area: 1336.5 cm²
  • Release Year: 2008, revised in 2015
  • Housing color and material: silver metallic painted plastic
  • Filter Features: 2 large filters, serially, 0.45 micron activated carbon filter (granules) multilayered incl. Tourmaline and calcium (essential for soft water)
  • Filter capacity: 2 filters are replaced about every 4000 liters or every 8000 liters; A rotating filter change not possible
  • Filter costs per liter of water, including acidic wastewater.:
    each replacement filter € 67.00 or approximately € 0.022 (2.2 cents) per liter despite dual filter system
  • Duration of Warranty: 7 years full warranty,
    Warranty extension possible for each additional year € 50 surcharge
  • Weight: 6.5 kg
  • Thread standard diverter: M22x1mm
    delivered adapter: M18xM22 (AG), M20xM22 (AG), M20xM22 (AG) long
  • Thread Norm Supplied DVGW certified tee (Fa. John Guest):
    3/8 ‘inch (0,925cm);
    1/2 ‘inch tee (1.27 cm) available when needed;
    Machine connection 3/4 ‘inch (1.90 cm) if necessary also available
  • Manufacturer Details: 1336.5 cm², large manufacturers from Seoul, Korea with more than 8 years of experience;
  • Installation possibilities: either the tap or with 3/8 ‘tee (DVGW tested) fixed to the cold water pipe;
    Caution: Do not install to a low pressure boiler, but before!
  • International certifications: CE, IEC, IECEE, FC
  • Line pressure: 2 bar to 6 bar,
    Adaptation by the included flow regulator valve (shut-off valve) and with supply water pressure reducer, which is also included in the package
  • Scope of supply: valve for the faucet M22x1mm and three other adapters, 3/8 ‘T-piece, 1/4’ flow regulator, inlet pressure reducing valve 1/4 ‘, 1/4’ inlet and drain hose (3m), power cord, outlet, Strainer (male part), suction cup for the acidic waste water hose, decalcification, 500 grams of citric acid, the indicator fluid for pH measurement, manual in German (revised) and English
  • Power supply and input voltage: SMPS switching power supply,
    85V – 280V, 50Hz – 60Hz
  • Operations Method: on-off by solenoid valve / or operating sensor, continuous electrolysis,
    automatic shutdown after 10-30 liters flown alkaline water, depending on the setting
  • ORP or Redox potentials in mV (millivolts) at 1 l / min (alkaline water), ie 18 °:
    ca. -500 mV (basic at highest level 4)
    to about + 500mV at strongly acidic (sour at the highest level 2)
  • pH values ​​at 1 l / min (alkaline water), ie 18 °: approx pH10,8 (with highest level 4 basic)
    to about pH 5 with a strong acid (maximum level 2 acidic)
  • Flushing or limescale protection mechanism: self-cleaning every 10 liters after use, duration 30 seconds
  • Temperature input water: 4 ° C – 30 ° C
  • Maintenance: descaling every 3 to 6 months;
    Because the decalcification is a complete disinfection at the same time, better descale once every 3 months, citric acid and pump for descaling are supplied and should keep for at least 5 years

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Installation of the EOS Platinion 9-Cell Water ionizer, ionized water


Two installation options: the tap and laid on the cold water line and as a countertop ionizer

Two different installation options are offered by the EOS Platinion 9-Cell and give you maximum flexibility during installation. So you will definitely find the suitable solution for your ionizer:

1. Simple: The EOS Platinion 9-Cell is installed directly to the faucet

The EOS Platinion 9-Cell can – like all flow through water ionizers – be installed directly to the faucet. A very small and very robust diverter valve is included. Three adapters for rarer faucet thread sizes are also supplied.

The supplied water flow rate regulating valve will be installed at the faucet. It adjusts the water flow to the water inlet hose for the ionizer. With it you adjust the amount of water flowing and therefor the pH level.

Umschaltventil Wasserhahn-Installation Adapter Wasserfilter WasserionisiererDurchfluss mengenregler Ventil Wasserionisierer Wasserhahninstallation


2. Comfortable: The EOS Platinion X-Cell tightly to the cold water pipe

The other way to connect the ionizer is to the fixed water mains (also often called the fixed installation). For this purpose, a supplied> Tee (3/8 ‘inch screw, Fig. Right) installed after the angle valve and the cold water hose of your faucet under your sink. From here the direct connection can be made with a supplied 1/4 ‘hose. To perform the (6.25mm) 1/4 ‘hose upwards to the water ionizer, a 6.5 mm hole has to be drilled with a  drill.



Do you have any further Questions?

Check out the FAQ for more Information.
Also please take a look at the Media Library and our Videos.
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> FAQ's: Karl Heinz Asenbaum, Author & Researcher




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