AquaVolta® H2 Cube Hydrogen Generator | Hydrogen Gas Inhalation & H2 Infusion

AquaVolta® H2 Cube Hydrogen Generator | Hydrogen Gas Inhalation & H2 Infusion
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  • H2 generator with up to 150ml/min H2 gas yield
  • Very efficient hydrogen production thanks to the MEA-SPE membrane technology (Nafion 117)
  • For the inhalation of pure (99,999% igem) hydrogen (H2-gas)
  • Infusion of H2 gas into beverages with the included mixer
  • Separate outlet for oxygen gas (O2) with up to 75ml/minute yield
  • Simultaneous use of both gases for inhalation, H2 and O2, is possible thanks to the supplied T-connector
  • Dimensions: LxWxH: 12x12x17 cm (4,72 "x4,72 "x6,69" inch), Weight: 1,6 kg (3,6 lbs)
  • 3 years warranty
  • Incl. free of charge 5 x nasal cannulas made of silicone in the package
  • Instructions for AquaVolta® H2 Cube H2 generator for inhalation of hydrogen.pdf

With your order you will receive 1x Pitcher filter, Aqua Bidest water 5L and 1x H2 water generator AquaVolta® Age2 Go 2.8 free of charge.

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  • H2I-H2cube
AquaVolta® H2 Cube Hydrogen Generator with up to 150ml/min gas yield for inhalation and...
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Product information "AquaVolta® H2 Cube Hydrogen Generator | Hydrogen Gas Inhalation & H2 Infusion"

AquaVolta® H2 Cube Hydrogen Generator with up to 150ml/min gas yield for inhalation and infusion of hydrogen gas (H2).


Description of the AquaVolta® H2 Cube Hydrogen Generator

The H2 Cube hydrogen generator is a newly designed hydrogen generator that is state of the art in its field.

It uses the latest technology from DuPont, which means significant progress in efficiency, and promises a longer durability of the system.

The MEA-PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) is currently the best version of the proton exchange membrane.

This Micro-Electrode Array (MEA-SPE) technology is smaller yet more powerful than its predecessor SPE-PEM. This is because the membranes are arranged in such a way that they are more powerful and efficient. You get the purest 99.999% quality molecular hydrogen (just like the previous SPE H2 models).

Because of the MEA capability to produce more hydrogen with far less energy, you can expect your hydrogen generator to last longer and produce more H2.

DuPont's original breakthrough was the SPE / PEM (Solid Polymer Electrolyte / Proton Exchange Membrane). SPE / PEM guaranteed the purity of hydrogen production, whereas earlier hydrogen production processes were far from being as pure and healthy.

The MEA-SPE technology uses a series of proton exchange membranes stacked to achieve the best results.



The Aquavolta® H2 Cube separately produces 150 ml of pure hydrogen gas as well as 75 ml of oxygen gas per minute and can be used for two functions: 1. inhalation of pure hydrogen gas 2. inhalation of a pure mixed gas (hydroxy) of 2/3 hydrogen and 1/3 oxygen.


Aquavolta® H2 Cube: 150 ml/min H2 gas & 75 ml/min O2 gas production

Aquavolta® H2 Cube - Start up & functions of the H2 Inhalator


The SPE / PEM electrodes of older generators were made of pure titanium. This latest DuPont technology (MEA) used the highest quality platinum coated titanium electrodes from Japan.
The H2 flow rate is 150 ml/min.

The AquaVolta® H2 Cube is both a hydrogen gas generator and a H2 infuser. To make hydrogen water, simply let the tube “bubble” into a bottle of water for a few minutes or use the separately available AquaVolta® Hydrogen Infuser.

New lecture by Karl Heinz Asenbaum on Coronavirus.

Contents from the lecture:

  • Coronavirus and inhalation of H2 gas and O2 gas together (hydroxy),
  • Production of disinfectant from water, salt and electrolysis
  • Masks from household items
  • And much more

Coronavirus & Bacteria | Disinfectant from Water & Salt & Electrolysis | Lecture by Karl Heinz Asenbaum



  1. Remove the lid, unscrew the water refill tank, remove the sealing foil and fill with 250 ml of double-distilled water (laboratory water).
  2. On the water level indicator, the water level should now be between the black and blue markings.
  3. Now screw the tank lid back on without the sealing foil.
  4. Use only a water with a conductivity < 5 microsiemens/ cm2 (or 0.5 ohms per meter or 3.2 TDS ppm) to give the electrolytic cell its full 5000-hour life.
  5. Locate the drain valve tab on the bottom, open it and let out a little water to vent the system. Close the tab again.
  6. Caution: You must not turn on the unit until it has been soaking for 24 hours, otherwise the cell may be damaged.

If water is spilled from the water tank inside the machine, the AquaVolta® H2 Cube may be damaged from the inside. If you think you have done this accidentally, keep the machine disconnected from the mains as long as you think the spilled water can evaporate.


Test operation (24 h after preparation)

  1. After 24 hours of soaking time, you can put the H2 Cube into operation for the first time..
  2. Connect the power supply unit to the 220 volt mains supply and insert the plug into the socket on the back of the device.
  3. Briefly press the switch button on the front.
  4. The water level indicator should now be illuminated in a bluish color. At the same time, visible gas bubbles should form in the water and the sound of the fan should be heard. To stop, press the On/Off key again.
  5. If there is not enough water in the tank, the display lights up red. Please refill with laboratory water.
  6. If the water conductivity is too high, the display flashes red. Drain the water via the rubber tab on the bottom and replace it.

The silicone nasal cannula

  1. The nasal cannula is inserted into the nostrils with the blue tab facing up. The tubes are passed over the ears and fixed at the back of the head using the sliding blue ring.
  2. The water collector should always be integrated within the supply tube (in front of the Y-branch) in order to collect any condensation that occurs. Replacement nasal cannulas are cut through at a suitable point with a pair of scissors in order to put the two ends onto the water collector.
  3. The water collector can simply be unscrewed in the middle for emptying and cleaning (e.g. with washing-up liquid) and pulled apart / reassembled.
  4. Nasal cannulas are wearable items that should be changed at least once a month. Each user needs their own nasal cannula for hygienic reasons!

Hydrogen inhalation (Pure H2)

  1. The main purpose of the H2 Cube is to inhale 150 ml/min of hydrogen gas, which together with the oxygenated air we breathe, produces a mixed gas with 1.5 - 2.5% hydrogen content.
  2. The H2 Cube always produces hydrogen and oxygen in a ratio of 2 : 1. In H2 pure mode, however, the oxygen escapes into the ambient air through two tiny ventilation holes in the tank lid.
  3. Only in rare cases is an H2/O2 mixture advisable, because additional oxygen can reduce the antioxidant effect of the hydrogen.
  4. In H2 pure operation, the nasal cannula is connected exclusively to the hydrogen outlet.

Mixed gas inhalation (Hydroxy)

  1. The oxygen that normally escapes can be mixed into the nasal cannula, by inserting the oxygen valve (1) instead of the tank cap. The longer side of the valve is pressed into the rubber stopper from above, which then replaces the screwable tank cap.
  2. To connect the nasal cannula to both gas outlets at the same time, the Y-distributor (2) is fitted with the two hoses (3).
  3. The nasal cannula can then be plugged onto the Y-piece (4).
  4. Start and stop the inhalation in the same way as for inhalation of pure H2.
  5. The rubber stopper is incorrectly labeled "Hydrogen outlet". It is nevertheless used to pass oxygen through.

Hydrogen inhalation course (2012)

Hydrogen gas distribution in organs after inhalation:
Real-time monitoring of tissue hydrogen concentration in rats

Hydrogen gas distribution in organs after inhalation:
Real-time monitoring of tissue hydrogen concentration in rats

Yamamoto R, Homma K, Suzuki S, Sano M, Sasaki J.

Sci Rep. 2019;9(1):1255. published 2019 Feb 4. doi:10.1038/s41598-018-38180-4.

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Testimonials after several months of use of H2 water + inhalation.


[Aïcha] After several months with H2 water: I surely see a difference on the skin. After several periods when usually the skin of the legs peeled, now it is well moisturized, still a bit flaked, but very light. I’ve noticed the difference in my hands and face as well: I no longer feel the need to apply any face or hands cream at all and it looks better. I still have the same appetite for hydrated water, in fact I can't see myself without it. Sometimes I drink bottled water, it's refreshing at the time but I don't feel like it really hydrates me. I am much better able to withstand not only the heat but the direct impact of the sun on my skin. I now manage to walk around in full sunlight without any bare skin problems, not at the hottest times of course, but for example I’m able to light bare skin in the sun from 9am to 11am.


[Mikaël] I drank a little before. I am on a rhythm of 900ml to 1.8L depending on the day. I have a good sleep and drink more and I feel better physically. I do little inhalation, but the effect is more visible when I’m in a position where I pay a little attention to my breathing, as in meditation, and it has a calming effect. I’ve noticed that I had better physical endurance and tolerated the heat very well and also that I was sweating less.


[Anne-Marie] Two clear effects for me: Firstly, on the skin, which was rough in places and now it has become smoother and more even. It's especially noticeable on the elbows and knees. Secondly, defecation is of robotic regularity and unwavering perfection. (Which was not always the case before) Apart from these, I think that I want to drink regularly, which was not the case before.


[Serge] A lot of the impatience that inhabited me seems to have disappeared. I associate it with the h2 water because from the moment I started drinking it, I noticed this new behavior (surprisingly).


[Laurence] Good sleep, I get up easily. Skin looks clearer (less redness as before). I heal faster than before. After inhaling, I feel calmer with the feeling of breathing fuller. Hydrated water gives me the impression of being more clearly thirst quenching.


[Olivier] I have been drinking and inhaling not so regularly for the last few weeks (a lot away at home). As soon as I drink h2 water, my intestinal tract improves and so does my hydration (feeling of a fluid and hydrated body). I notice that I can handle the current heat wave well (mainly because of the difference with the people around me who seem exhausted). Some time after the first inhalations, I felt like I was breathing better. That feeling wears off a bit when I can't inhale regularly, but I do notice it. I regularly fell asleep on the plane (which has never happened to me), as if when there was an opportunity to rest, I could take it (physical ability to relax). It also seems to me that I have very deep sleep more regularly than before.


[Hervé] I have almost no allergies anymore. Even less in June than in May, when it usually goes up in June/July. I'm not sure if it's H2, but it's intuitive what I feel, with maybe also an effect of supplements, especially magnesium.


[Nadine] I have a lot less headaches and tension in my neck/jaw, but I associate this with amalgam removal instead (I started the h2 water a little after the initial removal). I really enjoy drinking h2, I also have the impression of a gentle and deep action and a deep hydration. I know that h2 is essential for the body. And what I also intuitively perceive from water with h2 is a long-term effect.


[Annick] The first change I could attribute to the consumption of h2: I feared the arrival of the heat; now, that fear is gone, my body and I support it very well and therefore I am less depressed, much calmer in my relationships with people (because I could send them away); I am much more toned and active even at the height of the temperature (I do not stay long at the garden in the hottest hours of the day as a precaution, but I can stay there without impatience and attention without complaining about the timing of a necessary harvest; for example, the gooseberry harvest, which can easily take 1 hour). The second: the skin of my legs, thighs and forearms is no longer covered with small white scales peeling. I fall asleep quickly and can easily tolerate falling asleep less quickly at times without turning in bed.


[Lucie] I can confirm the observations already mentioned on the skin level and also on the development of the recovery of 3 tenths of the left eye affected by AMD. The feeling of pleasure in the body is even stronger when the water is cool.


[Christian] The most noticeable thing is that h2 helps relieve arthritis pain and inflammation. I see it and feel it in my neck and fingers. My range of motion is better after inhaling h2.

Aquaphor® Mono Filter head Aquaphor® Mono Filter head
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> Product consulting: Yasin Akgün, Dipl.-Ing. TU Munich
> FAQ's: Karl Heinz Asenbaum, Author & Researcher




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