AquaVolta® Hydrogen-Infuser & H2-Inhalator

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  • Hydrogen output: 100 ml/minute (No oxyhydrogen or Brown gas!) (+/- 10 %)
  • Hydrogen purity (certified): > 99.995 % (SGS Certified)
  • Process water: Double distilled water or laboratory water. < 5 μs/cm(Hydrogen Inhalation)
  • Or produce hydrogen-rich drinks in 90 seconds with the unique Hydrogen Infuser (quirler bottle)
  • The liquid quirled up with Hydrogen Infuser has no electrode contact and no unwanted chemical reactions take place.
  • Dimensions of the hydrogen generator (L x W x H): 130 x 120 x 203 mm
  • Weight of the hydrogen generator (unfilled): 900 g
  • Input voltage of the external power supply: Alternating current 100-240 V / 50 - 60 Hz
  • Power consumption: <60W
  • 3 years warranty on function and hydrogen production capacity of 100 mL / min ± 10%
  • Development: Germany & Taiwan, production is currently still Taiwan, soon also in Germany with other hydrogen gas swirler variants
You will receive 5 x Minerade® sparkling ceramic free of charge and for 200,00 € extra
the portable H2 water generator AquaVolta® Age2 Go 2.8 in addition.

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      AquaVolta® Hydrogen Infuser to make H2 drinks and to inhale hydrogen...
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Product information "AquaVolta® Hydrogen-Infuser & H2-Inhalator"

AquaVolta® Hydrogen Infuser to make H2 drinks and to inhale hydrogen inhaler for H2 gas

for the production of hydrogen gas at 100 ml/min for inhalation of hydrogen gas & hydrogen-rich water & other drinks


Drink hydrogen water | Breathe hydrogen gas

    • The AquaVolta® Hydrogen-Infuser & H2-Inhalator for the production of hydrogen gas at 100 ml/min for inhalation of hydrogen gas & hydrogen-rich water & other drinks and beverages.
      The corresponding hydrogen vortex can be used to produce fully saturated hydrogen water in 90 seconds (1.6 mg / l). The water vortex makes it possible. For this, hydrogen boosters need at least 600 seconds!
    • Since the generated hydrogen water comes in no contact with electricity and electrodes, you can also enrich other drinks and beverages such as juices, milk and even soups in a few seconds with hydrogen.
    • The inhalation of hydrogen gas at 100 ml/minute (1/3 inhalation - 1/3 pause - 1/3 exhale) creates a liter of pure hydrogen energy in your body within 30 minutes.
      And you can do this wherever you can, i.e. in the office, while watching TV or sleeping. Hydrogen inhalation and the drinking of hydrogen-rich water has been the megatrend in the Far Eastern and US healthcare sector since 2016.


Overview H2-Generator

  1. Power sensor
  2. Window for function control
  3. Tank cap or refill tank for double distilled water
  4. Hydrogen outlet nozzle with a cap
  5. Valve for 02 outlet
  6. Connecting socket for H2-water quirler
  7. Socket for power cable



The Hydrogen Infuser (quirling bottle)

  • The quirler is then connected to the hydrogen generator using the short hose.
  • The current for the quirler is supplied via the connecting cable from the hydrogen generator.
  • In this way, saturated hydrogen drinks (not just water) can be produced in a very short time.
  • You can also add hydrogen gas to other liquids. Just about any liquid can be turned into a powerful antioxidant drink. The possibilities are nearly endless. Juices, hot drinks and even soups can be converted in this way.
    This can not be done by another device.

AquaVolta® Hydrogen Inhaler has a new swirler bottle





Preparing to inhale


  1. Insert the curved short hose of the water collector into the open H2 outlet.
  2. Firmly push the end of the nasal inhaler onto the second outlet of the water collector.
  3. Tighten the nasal inhaler on the back of the head.



Operating the inhalator

Pressing shortly on the sensor button starts the release of hydrogen into the nasal inhaler. The sensor lights up blue. Press again to stop. After two hours the device stops automatically. So you can work, watch TV, play cards and even sleep. If there is not enough water in the device, it beeps and a red LED light will illuminate. Then it’s time to refill the water tank with double-distilled water.



How does H2 act as a therapeutic gas?

Even in 2019, science does not yet know all the details of this effect. However, the
consequences of the use of H2 are largely known from basic studies. And a billion-dollar industry in the Far East has already ensured that people will not wait until decades of human studies have proven to be 100% effective. They are already relying on the possible results that could occur.

From today's point of view, H2 is the most interesting of all medical gases as a therapeutic gas. It essentially reduces oxidative stress and inflammation, and thus the cause of over 150 of the most common diseases.

Oxidative stress and inflammation, however, are undoubtedly two of the most basic mechanisms for destroying human health, especially with the increasing age of humans and their typical old age diseases. It has been shown that molecular hydrogen is essentially effective in every organ of the human body because it helps to alleviate the area of oxidative stress and inflammation.



Fewer hydroxyl radicals, what does that mean? If you look at the other free radicals, such as nitric oxide (NO), this is a very beneficial important free radical because it can dilate blood vessels and help lower blood pressure. 

Nobody wants to neutralize NO with an antioxidant! In addition, our immune system uses other oxidants such as hydrogen peroxide, all of which must not be cleaned away if they do not overshoot. But our body's own antioxidants are already very reliable in taming them.

The very cell-damaging peroxynitrite anion is also reduced by treatment with hydrogen gas. Do we have to wait until the last doctor knows why? The doctor treating you studied medicine on average 20 years ago and may never have learned about the mechanisms of nitric oxide (NO) or nitrosative stress caused by peroxynitrite anions in his education or training.

Normal body antioxidants or externally supplied vitamin C are not selective. They release their electrons to comparatively weak oxidants. Molecular hydrogen, on the other hand, reacts only selectively to super-strong oxidants, which cannot be handled by the body's other antioxidants.

Hydrogen helps bring everything back to homeostasis.

This is why hydrogen is so difficult to study, because when you administer molecular hydrogen to a cell or animal, often no changes become visible. If everything is already perfect, everything is already in homeostasis, you won't see any changes. To measure the effect of hydrogen, it is often necessary to administer a kind of toxin to see how hydrogen reduces, saves or weakens the problem caused by these toxins.

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The quirler bottle


Quick guide Infusor mode:

  • Fill the drink exactly up to the 400 ml mark.
  • Tighten the lid and release the H2 inlet socket.
  • Connect the H2 inlet socket to the H2 output of the inhaler.
  • Make a power connection to the inhaler.
  • Start hydrogen generator with sensor key.
  • As soon as bubbles rise from the quirler, start quirling with the on/off switch.
  • The vortex stops after 90 seconds. Water is then fully saturated with hydrogen.
  • Other drinks: Stop the whirler after 10 to 30 seconds with the on/off switch. Hot drinks up to 60 °C can be whirled for up to 60 seconds.
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The machine can produce 100 ml of hydrogen gas per minute so as to be used as a normal inhaler. Less than that would require you to sit still for too long to get therapeutic benefits.

Hydrogen gas engines pump a controlled amount of H2-antioxidant gas into the tubing that you connect to the machine. Here are some uses:


Inhalation of H2 antioxidants while sitting or lying down. Making every water rich in hydrogen antioxidants. Making other liquid solutions, such as: Body wash solutions, juices or even soups rich in hydrogen antioxidants

The faster the flow rate, the less time you must (or should) inhale at the same time.

The body needs balance, and while inhaling hydrogen gas is of course wonderfully therapeutic, that is not the case if the other gases that are needed in your body are out of balance.

Look for a hydrogen gas generator that has a drying filter on the final stage through which the gas passes. This is important, and I can not imagine a hydrogen gas inhalator that does not have this final filter. The reason is that if you breathe for more than 5 minutes, you would inhale too much moisture without this filter. It would not be very healthy to diverge from the intended purpose.

When comparing inhalation models, it should also be noted that not all of the gas that the machine produces is consumed, since a respiratory cycle is generally:

1 third inhale

1 third pause

1 third exhale

Hydrogen gas generators can be used at any time whether you are relaxing or sitting still. Scientifically designed to pump high levels of antioxidants into a thin plastic tube (called a cannula)

Filter change
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  • If the LED flashes blue, the filter must be changed.
  • First switch off the device at the switching sensor.
  • Unscrew the cover of the water tank and replace the removable filter.
  • Screw in the water tank cover again and briefly press the sensor button. The blue light stops flashing after a beep.


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