Aquavolta® Osmoveda® H2 | Reverse Osmosis System incl. Hydrogen Gas

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  • Innovative reverse osmosis system with 1x sediment & activated carbon block filter, 1x reverse osmosis filter and 1x activated carbon post-filter.
  • Filter change: Filter 1 & Filter 3 are typically changed every six months for 47,00 € each/year, the reverse osmosis membranes rather every 2 to 5 years for 97 € each
  • produce room temperature hot water (up to 100°C), or cold water at 10°C in 3 sec.
  • incl. gassing with H2 gas, achievable H2 content: up to 1,2 ppm H2 content
  • two versions to choose from: 1. stand alone, typical: no water connection needed, 6 liter storage tank, separate waste water tank or 2. with connection to the cold water line,thus no annoying emptying of the waste water tank and filling of the fresh water tank necessary.
  • 5 years warranty, instead of others offering only 2 years warranty!
  • 2 x UV sterilization, 1 x in H2 tank & at 1x outlet, protection against germination / biofilm
  • Dimensions: Tank version: 48cm deep x 24cm wide x 43 cm high; Weight: 9,7 kg
  • Dimensions: Tankless version: 35cm deep x 24cm wide x 43 cm high; Weight: 9,6 kg
  • Production capacity: 0.5 liters/minute (30 liters per hour or 720 liters/day or 200 GPD)
  • Mineral content / conductivity: 30 to 100 ppm conductivity (TDS) (with a raw water of 300 ppm conductivity), not as aggressive as pure osmosis water (10-30 ppm), but only about 1/4 reduction of mineral content (water hardness). The reason for higher mineral content - fortunately- is the H2 reactor tank at the end. Description coming soon via video.
  • Maximum power: 2200 watts with max. 2100 watts heating power; 68 watts cooling power.
  • Heating water capacity: 18 liters / hour at 90°C.
  • Instruction Aquavolta® Osmoveda H2 | Hot-Cold Osmosis System with H2-Enrichment.pdf
  • Market launch from unfortunately end of January 2022, currently pre-order with 2x Nano Hydrogen Booster & 2 water filters as a gift, will be sent in advance

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Aquavolta® Osmoveda H2 | Countertop reverse osmosis system with hot & cold water function...
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Product information "Aquavolta® Osmoveda® H2 | Reverse Osmosis System incl. Hydrogen Gas"

Aquavolta® Osmoveda H2 | Countertop reverse osmosis system with hot & cold water function (hydrogenous) without connection.

In the 1920's electro-osmosis was invented in Germany and France. Mineral salts in water carry different electrical charges and can thus be removed from the water by direct current using membranes or flow technology. However, the time and energy required for this proved to be too high. Modern reverse osmosis filtration works again using water pressure and multiple increasingly narrow physical and chemical filters, such as activated carbon and ceramics. The "osmosis water" (permeate) pressed through the narrowest pores of a membrane is almost completely demineralized and free of pollutants. In parallel, wastewater is produced, with which minerals and pollutants are removed in concentrated form. The ratio of osmosis water to wastewater is six to five with Aquavolta® Osmoveda H2..


Aquavolta® Osmoveda® H2 | Reverse Osmosis System with Hot & Cold Water Function incl. H2 Enrichment

Reverse osmosis water tap, either cold, warm or hot, and always with hydrogen (H2)

  1. 3-stage reverse osmosis filtration technology without mounting to the water line
  2. PEM/SPE cell for hydrogen production and H2 water enrichment
  3. 3-second thick film rapid heating technology. Temperatures freely selectable. For hot water functions, a child safety lock provides scald protection.
  4. Cooling technology for water cooling
  5. Water tank with storage and waste water chamber
  6. Internal H2 storage tank with H2 enrichment
  7. UUV disinfection unit at the water outlet to prevent retrogade contamination via the outlet

The control panel of the Aquavolta® Osmoveda H2 - Multifunctional countertop reverse osmosis system with or without installation.

Aquavolta® Osmoveda H2 Kalt und Heisswasser-Umkehrosmose-Anlage mit H2 Anreicherung Display

  • Wash: Starts intelligent cleaning process lasting approx. 8-10 min. during initial operation, after filter change or longer operating standstill.
  • Filter Span: Indicates lifetime of the 3 filters. WHITE: Everything okay. ORANGE: 80 % used. RED: Filter used up. Change necessary.
  • Reset: Press and hold for 3 seconds to reset the counter after filter change, then immediately tap the number of the replaced filter. Then press RESET again for a long time.
  • Purify: Indicator lights when reverse osmosis filtration is in progress.After the UV/Hydrogen tank is full, the indicator flashes to indicate that the filter system is being backwashed. Finally, it goes out.
  • Fresh Water: Indicator lights up when there is too little water in the supply tank. Refilling of water and pouring of waste water required.
  • No Water: The UV/H2 water tank in the viewing window has too little water. Wait until filtration is complete.
  • Power: Press and hold for 2 seconds to turn on or off in standby.
  • Lock: Child lock! This button must be pressed before selecting hot water.
  • Small Cup: Can be pressed before selecting the type of water to limit the filling quantity to 150 ml.
  • Big Cup: Can be pressed before selecting the water type to limit the filling quantity to 300 ml.
  • Normal: Selection of water with room temperature.
  • Milk: Selection of water with temperature 45 - 48 degrees °C for milk powder.
  • Cold: Selection of chilled water with temperature approx. 10 degrees °C.
  • Coffee: Selection of water with approx. 82 - 86 degrees °C for coffee.
  • Tea: Selection of water with approx. 88 - 92 degrees °C for green tea.
  • Hot: Selection of boiling hot water with. 85-100 degrees °C.

Everyday use Aquavolta® Osmoveda H2 - Multifunctional osmosis unit with cold and hot water function.

The operating principle of the unit is quite simple:
  1. First, the desired type of water is selected.
  2. Then, by pressing the water tap button, the tapping is started. Below, for example, the temperature "Normal" was selected. This means that the water is at room temperature.
If you want to tap COFFEE, TEA or HOT, you can only activate these buttons if you have unlocked the LOCK child lock beforehand. This is done to protect against scalding. So for this, you need 3 steps. If you preselect NORMAL, MILK or COLD, you only need these two steps. Water will then come out of the tap nozzle, until you press the water tap button again to stop. For safety reasons, however, the tapping process stops automatically after 1.0 liters. The remaining supply of filtered water is then 0.3 liters. Caution: After tapping hot water, there may still be some hot water in the line. If you want to tap unheated water immediately afterwards, you should rinse the line with some cold water beforehand.

Filling amount:

You can start and stop the filling with the tap button. If you do not stop, the tapping process ends automatically after 1.0 liter. You can then start again. However, you can also set a water quantity of 150 ml (SMALL CUP) or 300 ml (BIG CUP) after selecting the water type before pressing the tap key. Also, in this case, you can start several times in a row.

UV / H2 unit

After the UV exposed tank fills with osmosis water, the PEM cell inside starts producing hydrogen bubbles, some of which dissolve in the water. The concentration of the dissolved hydrogen is displayed on the numerical display on the left in PPB. This means "parts per billion". 1234 PPB correspond to 1.234 milligrams of H2 gas per liter of water. The so-called SATP full saturation of H2 in water is 1600 PPB. Health benefits are scientifically discussed starting at 500 PPB.

The water temperature

The brewing water function is adjustable between 85 degrees °C and 100 degrees °C. Press and hold HOT for 3 seconds. The numeric keypad will then display the currently set temperature for HOT (90 degrees °C in this case). You can increase this temperature by 1 degree at a time by pressing the BIG CUP key and decrease it by pressing the SMALL CUP key. If you do not press the keys for more than 5 seconds, the last displayed value is automatically saved. The displayed target temperature is usually only approximated and not reached immediately. The water cooling function is displayed with 100 degrees °C. However, since the cooling element operates at constant power, the effective water temperature may also deviate slightly from this, depending on the room temperature. Because H2 gas dissolves much better in cold water than in warm water, the COLD function is a very important feature of the unit.

Osmoveda H2 Direct Flow Umkehrosmose-Anlage mit Heiss- Kaltwasserfunktion inkl H2-Anreicherung blau 1200

Aquavolta® Osmoveda H2 | Direct Flow - Fixed connection version without tank


Device overview of the Aquavolta® Osmoveda H2 - Multifunctional countertop reverse osmosis system without installation, with tank

Gerateubersicht Aquavolta Osmoveda H2 - Multifunktionelle Umkehrosmose-Anlage mit Kaltwasser- und Heisswasserfunktion und H2-Anreicherung


Osmoveda H2 Direct Flow Umkehrosmose-Anlage mit Heiss- Kaltwasserfunktion inkl H2-Anreicherung frontal 1200

Aquavolta® Osmoveda H2 | Two variants: Stand Alone without connection, with fresh water and waste water tank

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Downloads Aquavolta® Osmoveda H2 - Multifunctional osmosis plant with cold and hot water function, with or without installation.

Manual Aquavolta® Osmoveda H2 - Multifunctional reverse osmosis system with cold water and hot water function and H2-enrichment-web.pdf

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Filter change incl. reverse osmosis membrane | Aquavolta® Osmoveda H2 - Multifunctional benchtop reverse osmosis system (both versions to be maintained analogously)

  • The reverse osmosis unit consists of 3 filters that need to be replaced depending on which FILTER SPAN indicator is red.
  • Filter 1, is changed every 6-12 months, pre-filter: sludge, rust, sand, suspended solids, parasites, residual chlorine, unpleasant taste and odor, organic chemicals and germs.
  • Filter 2, reverse osmosis membrane, changed every 12-24 months or later, filter fineness: 0.0001 micron: minerals and metals. Post-filter taste improvement and germ barrier.
  • Filter 2, is changed every 6-12 months, activated carbon post-filter with pH increase and remineralization (on request): taste improvement and germ barrier, pH increase and mineralization (on request).
  • To change the filter, press and open the PUSH triangles on the lid. Unscrew the filter to be changed counterclockwise and dispose of it in the residual waste.
  • Screw in the new filter tightly in a clockwise direction.
  • To reset the counter, press and hold RESET until FILTER SPAN flashes. Release and tap RESET to select the changed filter number. Then press and hold RESET for 3 seconds.
  • The changed filter should then be displayed in white again at FILTER SPAN.
  • Caution: When one of the 3 FILTER SPAN indicators changes from white to orange, the filter is 80% used and you should order a replacement filter ahead of time.
If you do not change the filter after the indicator changes to red, this will not only affect your water quality, but the insufficiently filtered water can also damage the hydrogen cell.
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Initial start-up of the Aquavolta® Osmoveda H2 - Multifunctional countertop reverse osmosis system without installation

  1. Place the unit in a stable, straight place.
  2. Remove the water tank from the back and fill only the larger chamber to the MAX mark.
  3. Replace the tank and close the tank cap.
  4. Insert the power plug into a 220 V outlet. Then press the POWER switch for 2 seconds. Place a drip tray under the water outlet. Press the WASH button for 3 seconds. The self-cleaning process takes about 10 minutes.
  5. After self-cleaning is complete, empty and refill the holding tank. Once the tank is in place, the filter will operate and filtered osmosis water will collect in the UV/H2 tank. When the tank is first filled, a bubble of compressed air will form in the top of the tank window. Remove this by drawing water in NORMAL mode.
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