Highdrogen® Age2 Go | Portable Hydrogen Generator

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  • Mobile ionizing of water and enrichment with only hydrogen (H2) thanks to SPE (PEM, Proton Exchange Membrane) technology
  • Hydrogen water ready for drinking in 3 or 5 minutes
  • Built in battery for ca. 12 uses (with 5 minutes!), charging time 90 minutes
  • USB power supply (not Mini-USB) with European plug, double USB adapter
  • Works with an electrolysis technology without a diaphragm, so it only makes neutral hydrogen containing water (not  alkaline)
  • 350g, 75mm X 265 mm X 65 mm, 500 ml (capacity including mineral ring)
  • 2 year full guarantee
  • Alternative Hydrogen water bottle AquaVolta ® Hydrogen Booster
  • User Manual Highdrogen® Age2 Go English
  • User Manual Highdrogen® Age2 Go German

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Product information "Highdrogen® Age2 Go | Portable Hydrogen Generator"


Highdrogen® Age2 Go | Portable Hydrogen-Generator


Aquacentrum-Blue-900-Hydrogen-Generator-with-PEM-Cell-with-BPA-free-Pressure Container

What is a Highdrogen® Age2 Go Hydrogen Water Generator?

The Highdrogen® Age2 Go produces Hydrogen gas to then dissolve it in drinking water. Hydrogen gas is gained thanks to a special electrolysis cell from the bottled water. This so called PEM cell is equivalent to the reversal of a fuel cell. In contrast to that is the energy of the molecular, gaseous Hydrogen not combusted with the help of oxygen, to gain electricity, instead electricity is used to gain from water hydrogen and oxygen. The electrical energy used is almost completely stored in the hydrogen.

Oxygen is to be seen as waste in this process which should not dissolve in water, instead it is emitted into the air through a small hole in the housing.
A characteristic of drinking water in which molecular hydrogen is dissolved is that a small negative electric tension is shown with a measurement electrode, a so called negative oxidation reduction potential (ORP).

The lower the redox potential (ORP), the higher the willingness water has of giving off electrons. Per 0,018 Volt (18 Millivolt) lower redox potential does the willingness double. The Highdrogen® Age2 Go has an about 400 to 800 Milivolt lower redox potential than tap water or mineral water from a bottle.

Intended purpose of the Highdrogen® Age2 Go electrolysis bottle for hydrogen rich water

The purpose of the Highdrogen® Age2 Go is the production of  hydrogen rich drinking water when on the go by means of a mobile PEM (Proton-Exchange-Membrane) electrolysis cell with an SPE membrane (Solid-Polymer-Electrolyte). In this membrane the electrodes are so close to each other that even reverse osmosis water with very little conductivity can be treated.

As well as the electrolytic method is there a chemical method, which produces hydrogen in water by adding metallic magnesium.
As useful as magnesium is for our health is how much effort and tedious this method is: It takes at least 10 hours until a similar hydrogen saturation can be reached, like with the electrolytic method:
It takes at least 10 hours until a similar hydrogen saturation can be reached in an electrolytic way. The superiority of the Highdrogen® Age2 Go compared to so called “mineral water ionizers” relies on its time advantage. 


Comparative test | Dissolved molecular hydrogen content


For many years it was irrefutable that activated water keeps its negative redox potential and therefore its electron abundance for just a few hours or days.
Yet when it was discovered that dissolved hydrogen is the deciding factor for the antioxidant effect was an industry developed that presses hydrogen under high pressure into multilayered water bags, where the positive qualities were able to be kept for some months. This creates big waste problems and is very expensive.

Hydrogen rich water was formerly only produced by stationary electric water ionizers. But one does also want to drink fresh activated water with dissolved molecular Hydrogen when on the go.

That is exactly what a Highdrogen® Age2 Go does.

It works with a PEM-cell that releases the excess oxygen through a tiny exhaust air hole. Result: Hydrogen Rich water

Technical description of the water cell: Proton-exchange cell (PEM) with Solid Polymer Membrane (SPE) from Nafion, made by Dupont, USA. So the membrane itself is not from Korea.


Not only through multiple production cycles in a row, (maximum 30 minutes at a time), can the achievable hydrogen content can be increased. Namely, what reduces the power of the hydrogen-water generator is the gas content of the water before production. These are mainly the atmospheric gases oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide, which according to Henry’s Law always dissolve in proportion to the composition of the atmosphere in the water. Put simply, these gases must first be expelled from the water so that the hydrogen in it is better saturated.



  1. Fill the water without the inner lid to the rim, but leave the lid open so that the air gases expelled by the hydrogen can escape.
  2. Press the action button once when the display is lit to activate the 3-minute phase (operating mode 1).
  3. After the announcement: “Generating hydrogen water completed”, screw the lid tightly shut.
  4. Press the action button twice while the display is lit to activate the 5-minute phase (operating mode 2). As the gas bubble above the water now
    contains almost pure H2 , more hydrogen in the water dissolves itself.

Handling Hydrogen water

Hydrogen rich water has pretty much leased the property of transience. For hydrogen – the fuel of life – is a very volatile gas and half of it disappears from the water within three hours – unless you prevent this by keeping the water in thick glass or metal.


Highly saturated hydrogen water should be drunk quickly after being produced.

When you are on the move – or perhaps because of the inexpensive entry is the Highdrogen® Age2 Go Hydrogen Booster the perfect device.

You have the possibility – wherever you may be – to prepare fresh HRW water in 8 minutes!

Aquacentrum Blue 900 Wasserstoff-Generator mit PEM Zelle Ansicht Display 600Aquacentrum Blue 900 Wasserstoff-Generator mit PEM Zelle Ansicht Display 600

Hydrogen water – The new benchmark for drinking 

Previously only the ORP was measured, to determine the antioxidant effect of activated water.

Yet this is very inaccurate and a relative value, because the ORP is influenced not only by the dissolved hydrogen, but also from the different ORPs of the different materials dissolved in the water, e.g. minerals.


After the role of hydrogen was recognized as being important, Japan produced the first pseudo-measuring-device on the market. The Trustlex ENH 1000, which wanted to differentiate a content of dissolved hydrogen with the measured ORP over an experience based conversion factor of ca. (-)2,14 in average.
This factor was severely criticized by experts in Japan and the U.S. and Trustlex has admitted that the device does not work properly.

Electronic measuring devices demand a specialised knowledge and are very expensive. Therefore we recommend the chemical titration method with the H2 Blue Kit ®. These drops are available as an optional accessory.

Each drop of the H2 Blue Kit ® (per 6ml) that discolours means 0,1 ppm (=100 ppb) dissolved hydrogen gas in the water.

Left (middle) you see a 1 Liter plastic bottle filled with de-ionized water which was stained blue-green by 16 drops

  • After 7 minutes use the liquid dissolved and indicated the dissolved hydrogen.
  • After 15 minutes use the Age2 Go reached with 0,5 de-ionized water 1,3 ppm.
  • At 40 minutes has the maximum limit of its pressure resistance been reached.
  • In the water we measure then 4,0 ppm hydrogen in de-ionized water.

Fresh molecular hydrogen on the go

With a device for on the move it is clear: With a device for on the move it is clear: It may only be filled with perfect drinking water or mineral water. Therefor, the Highdrogen® Age2 Go is designed so that the user is not dependent on one type of water, which is what happens with a stationary water ionizer. If you do not trust the available tap water, you can use all trustworthy bottled water and even water from a reverse osmosis device (RO water).
With the Highdrogen® Age2 Go you can fill the cylinder included in the package or a bottle of your choice. Thanks to various bottle adapters can water be ionized directly in the bottle and be enriched with Hydrogen. In principle we recommend water from bottles to be filled completely into the BPE-free production cylinder, because there more pressure can be built up. Only restriction: The water cannot be carbonated. The total gas pressure would rise too greatly.


Uses of hydrogen rich electrolyte water


  • Drink up to 0,3 l of water per 10 kg of bodyweight daily. With high temperatures and / or strenuous physical exertion respectively more.
  • Lay fruit, salads, cut flowers, raw eggs and vegetables in fresh, hydrogen rich, electrolysis water for 15-30 minutes. These refresh themselves by absorbing hydrogen, which is even absorbed through eggshells…
  • Cook vegetables in alkaline water, like this the colour and taste is maintained, a bitter flavour is mitigated.
  • Allow fish or meat to soak for 10 minutes in alkaline water. It becomes more tender.
  • Mix alcoholic drinks and cocktails with hydrogen rich electrolysis water. They become milder, the taste can be more appreciated.
  • After alcohol intake drink 2 glasses in the evening as well as 2 glasses the next morning on an empty stomach.
  • Give your pets (dogs, cats …) hydrogen rich electrolysis water to drink and observe how their fur and general health is positively improved.



Scope of delivery | Highdrogen® Age2 Go| hydrogen water generator (HRW)

In the package of your Highdrogen® Age2 Go you will find the device complete with accessories. You will also obtain a user manual which you should please read and follow thoroughly. Please keep the user manual, in case you should give the device away or decide to sell it or you do not remember exactly how it operates.

The device itself consists of parts 1 – 3, which are already assembled and ready for use:

  • Electrolysis unit
  • Water container
  • Lid with handle
  • Silicon filter insert, 2 pieces
  • Power plug and adapter with 2 USB ports
  • Special USB cable
  • Bottle adapter for standard plastic bottles

Electrolysis unit

On the back of the electrolysis unit you have an upward-hinging rubber flap which conceals the plug for connecting the USB cable. The device itself is made up of parts 1-3, which when delivered are assembled and ready for use.

Bottle adapter

Instead of only using the water container with the carry handle, the device can also be used with certain water bottles. The delivered bottle adapter is screwed on to the filled water bottle and then connected to the device. For more information continue reading this user manual.


Highdrogen® Age2 Go Display

Aquacentrum Blue 900 Display Action Button


Using the Highdrogen® Age2 Go

  • Before first use please charge the battery with the charger. You access the charging socket for the USB connector by lifting the rubber flap. Charging time is 2 – 4 hours.
  • Open the water container by turning it to the left and place the ring shaped filter on the base. Afterwards, screw shut the water container with the inserted filter by turning it tightly to the right.
  • Open the lid at the top by turning it to the left and fill the container with cold tap water, filtered water or still mineral water. You can also use distilled or reverse osmosis water. The minimum amount of water is half of the container. Afterwards screw the lid back on.
  • To switch it on press the On/Off button until the display is illuminated. The starting mode requires that the device is operational.
  • Pressing the action button once means that operating mode 1 starts, which takes 3 minutes.
  • Pressing the action button twice means that operating mode 2 starts, which takes 5 minutes.
  • When starting an announcement will commence: “Generating Hydrogen water” and the blue LED bubbles start to blink.
  • When finished they switch off with the announcement “Generating completed”. After a finalizing tone the display is off. You are able to stop the procedure during electrolysis by pressing the action button. Also then the announcement and the finalizing tone will chime.
  • Then press again shortly the ON/OF button and you will see how gas bubbles rise, electrolysis has begun and water is enriched with hydrogen while other dissolved gasses are removed. This procedure lasts 3 (mode 1) or 5 minutes (mode 2). Once concluded the blue light blinks shortly and then goes out.
  • If the water container is filled to the brim, then a few drops of water can be pushed through the gas valve in the lid, since excess pressure can be made with the gases. Just wipe these drops away. If you would like to stop ahead of time, just press shortly the ON/OFF button.
Aquacentrum-Blue-900-Hydrogen-Booster-with-PEM-Cell-lying-bottle-2-lid-production unit

Directions on how to dispose of the battery

In relation to the sales of devices that contain batteries are we obliged to inform you of the following:
Batteries are not allowed to be disposed of with the household rubbish.

As the end consumer you are legally obligated to dispose of used batteries according to the law.

You are able to return batteries after use at your point of purchase or in your immediate vicinity (such as in communal collection points or at local retailers) without remuneration. Also you are able to return batteries to us per post.

Batteries that contain pollutants are marked with the symbol of a crossed out rubbish bin. Close to the rubbish bin symbol you find the chemical description of the pollutants:
“Cd” stands for cadmium, “Pb” for lead and “Hg” for quicksilver.

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