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The limescale problem will cost you money Limescale formation in pipes,from left to...
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Product information "Magnetic® Scale Transformer with Vitalisation"

The limescale problem will cost you money

limescale-problem-pipesLimescale formation in pipes,from left to right: plastic, iron, copper, stainless steel

Hard water is visible in the home, in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

We see the limescale in the form of scale on taps, in the water kettles etc., and notice an increased consumption of soap, detergents,washing powder and cleaners. (Visible limescale problems)

However, limescale causes the greatest damage where you cannot do anything about it, in the pipes and in the hot water system.

It is there where limescale is formed layer after layer. The results are expensive repairs and maintenance work.(Invisible and dangerous limescale problems)


Invisible and dangerous limescale problems:

  • Extensive damage due to limescale formation in pipes
  • Limescale damage in the hot water system
  • Shorter service of your appliances and machines


Visible and annoying limescale problems:

  • Limescale on mixers,taps and shower heads
  • Increased consumption of soap, washing powder and cleaners
  • Damage to household appliances




Magnetic® Scale Transformer – The protection for your pipes.

Limescale under the microscope:

Before the limescale transformation:

Limescale structure resembles to a snowflake

Limescale-under-the-microscope-1→ Can therefore form deposits

After the limescale transformation:

Limescale structure resembles to a water drop

Limescale-under-the-microscope-2→ Can no longer form deposits


The working mode of the Magnetic® Scale Transformer with Vitalisation


In the Magnetic® Scale Transformer with Vitalisation, the water flows through specially oriented magnetic fields.

The structure of the calcium is changed so that it can no longer form deposits in the pipes.

Specially selected frequencies are stored on a base material in the Magnetic® Scale Transformer with Vitalisation. When the water flows through, it is restructured and regains its natural vitality.

Water originally has clear and very pure structures.


Today, our water has become predominantly “lifeless” because it flows through pipes and undergoes chemical treatment.



 Water drop before the vitalisation – The drop is disarranged and has no structure and the water therefore has a poor dissolving behaviour.


Water drop after vitalisation – The drop has clear and arranged structures and can therefore better dissolve substances like minerals and salts.




For larger objects you can order the Magnetic® Scale Transformer XXL on request
  • For objects with high water flow
  • Custom order tailored to the object
  • For objects with a large cable cross-section
  • Sizes from DN50 – DN80 possible (on request you can order larger ones)

Water is the No. 1 food

About 70% of the human body is water. We need 2-3 litres of water per day.

A human being consumes up to 65.000 litres of water during the course of his/her life.

We should therefore be very careful about which water we drink.


Biologically high-quality water can have the following advantages:

  • Supports the metabolism, ensures a better purification, strengthens the organism
  • Is gentle to the skin when taking a shower or bath and partly lessens itching and skin problems
  • Is vitalised water from the tap – at the price of tap water
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How to test the effect of the Magnetic® Scale Transformer with Vitalisation:

The greatest benefit to you arises where you don't see it, namely in your water pipeline and with your hot water treatment. However, you can also test the effect of the Magnetic® Scale Transformer with Vitalisation outside of your pipeline. Take a look at an object that is currently calcified (shower head, kettle, etc.) and put it in converted water (this will create the same conditions as in your piping). The hard limescale will partially soften within 4-6 weeks.


The action of vitalisation

In the Magnetic® Scale Transformer with Vitalisation, specially tuned frequencies are stored on a carrier material. When flowing through, the water is restructured and regains its natural vitality. Water originally has clear and pure structures. Our current water has become mostly “lifeless” because it flows through pipes and is subjected to chemical treatment. 


Example: A calcified kettle

After use, completely empty the hot water and pour cold converted water into the kettle. Leave this water in the kettle until the next use. However, exchange the water at least once a week.

Example: A calcified shower head

Fill a bucket with water which has flowed through the Magnetic® Scale Transformer with Vitalisation. Place the bucket in your shower tray and place the calcified shower head in this water for four weeks. Please change the water once a week.

After 4-6 weeks the lime is partly softer in both cases. The same effect should also be noticed in the pipelines.


So you do realise that the water has noticeably changed:

  • Washing machine: Use a detergent according to a water hardness range 1. Do not use water softener!
  • Washing up liquid, shower gels, shampoos etc. are foaming stronger than before. Your water feels softer.
  • Limescale stains are still visible but are easier to remove.

The restrictions:

Wherever the water dries, the lime is still visible - but the transformation makes it easier to remove. In the following cases, the dry lime can become hard again:

  • Vaporisation

When you empty a kettle, the last drops evaporate directly on the heating surface. The lime from these drops remains and burns on the heating surface due to the heat.

  • Dehydration over a long period of time:

If you do not wipe away a water stain for a long time (for example, on the strainer from the faucet or in the holes of the shower head), the lime dries out.


Download the brochure in english: Magnetic Scale Transformer.pdf

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The Magnetic® Scale Transformer with Vitalisation must not be attached to a galvanised iron pipe, but only to a non-magnetic part (copper, brass, plastic, stainless steel etc) of the main pipe, e.g. over the screw connections at the water clock.

The diameter of the pipeline may be smaller than the inside diameter of the Magnetic® Scale Transformer with Vitalisation. The Magnetic® Scale Transformer with Vitalisation must be closed and the internal metal surfaces must be in direct contact with each other. The flow direction of the water through the Magnetic® Scale Transformer with Vitalisation is not fixed.

WARNING: The Magnetic® Scale Transformer with Vitalisation works with magnetic fields. Therefore, keep it away from medical devices, e.g. pacemakers, electric and electronic devices, credit cards and other magnetic stripe and chip cards, watches, MC’s, CD’s, floppy disks and other image, sound and data carriers.





Technical Details
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Technical Details

  • Dimensions: L = 86 mm, B = 86 mm
  • Weight: about 1 kg
  • Inner diameter: Type R: 51 mm (to 1 1/2 “) – Height 84 mm Type O: 58 mm (1 3/4”) – Height 98 mm Type R: 63 mm (2 “) – Height 105 mm
  • Field strength: 400 mT
  • Tolerance: Connection between the inside of diameter and the pipe is not required.
  • Calcium conversion and protection for your pipelines or for your house with up to five or even ten parties for larger objects (on request)
  • Usable around plastic hoses (PE), plastic pipes, copper pipes and brass nozzles.
  • Available for bigger pipes / objects
  • Also usable only before a water ionizer
  • No running costs
  • No repair costs
  • Has a 20 year warranty
  • Made in Germany:
Reviews & References
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Satisfied customers | 100% protection of the pipeline

Practical and long-term experiments by magnetic® under the supervision of cities, municipalities, public authorities and public institutions are being carried out frequently. For over a decade, the tests are conducted nationwide with various tap water compositions.

All tests showed a 100% protection of the piping and the hot water treatment from calcification as a result!

This provides the end user and the trade with the necessary security.

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Download the brochure in english: Magnetic Scale Transformer.pdf

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