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  • Next generation in sleep technology
  • 17 layers of various materials supporting wellbeing
  • Two controllers per mat, each side can be controlled diffrently
  • Warm infrared rays and ions in bed
  • Available finally in Europe in November 2017
  • 3 years guarantee
  • Includes a two week test phase and a 6 month guarantee

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      The Orgone BioMat | Health mat | Infrared and negatively charged...
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Product information "Orgone BioMat 7000mx"

The Orgone BioMat | Health mat | Infrared and negatively charged ions whilst you sleep

Orgone BioMat Amethyst 2

Over the last 20 years, the BioMat has been the leading therapeutic grade far-infrared mat highly regarded by health care professionals, fitness coaches and wellness advocates worldwide.

The BioMat holistically combines the latest technology so you can manage your pain and heal at home. The Orgone BioMat creates the perfect space for restful and restorative sleep.

Today, modern science shows us that centuries of lore surrounding the stone’s healing powers are supported by its unique physical characteristics, including its piezoelectric properties, which allow it to carry both a negative and a positive charge simultaneously.

Orgone BioMat tourmaline2


Orgone Biomat family sleeping

After 20 years of research and development, we have designed a holistic concept for sleep that has never been done before.

In 1997 we knew we had an amazing, life-changing product to share with the world. Never would we have anticipated
the way the world would embrace the BioMat, and the positive impacts the BioMat continues to have on users to this very day. Over the years, we have heard the amazing stories from hundreds of thousands of BioMat users all around the world. Some use it for a few minutes, others for hours, but many people have a difficult time sleeping on the BioMat. Several years ago, we set out to rectify this very issue.
As technology has advanced, so has our research and development. These progressions have led to many discoveries, resulting in patents in technologies exclusive to our very own BioMat. Through these discoveries, we are now on a path to revolutionize the way people sleep and recuperate at home.
Our latest creation, the Orgone BioMat will provide you with all of the benefits of the BioMat but on a soft and luxurious bedding product. Now, every night you can enjoy deep, healing sleep and wake up refreshed and renewed.
The Orgone BioMat is made with the same cutting edge technology, engineering, and methodology as the original BioMat. We know you expect the best, so each Orgone BioMat is made with the finest materials, to assure quality and performance.


Orgone Biomat woman sleeping

Orgone BioMat technology

The Orgone BioMat warms your body which dilates peripheral blood vessels which relieves muscle aches and pains. Joint pain and stiffness are alleviated with use of a BioMat, which can result in a better night’s sleep.
The BioMat’s heat warms you from within, stimulating and revitalizing your body’s cells, allowing your body relaxation and the regeneration time it needs.

BioMats produce huge quantities of negative ions.

Research has shown our health is directly related to the amount and quality of Ions in the air that surrounds us.

Negative Ion therapy can improve blood circulation and the immune system, controlling automatic nervous system and pain relief.


Orgone Biomat layers


How does the BioMat work?

The Orgone BioMat Healthmat is the most modern and innovative healing health mat in the world. It produces heat as well as a completely natural healing energy in every cell of the body.

The Orgone BioMat Healthmat is a complimentary medicinal High-Tech product, made up of 17 layers that are handcrafted.

The Orgone BioMat Healthmat by Richway produces with the conductivity of the precious stones amethyst and tourmaline natural, long wave infrared light as well as negative ions.

The BioMat boosts a regenerative sleep and provides deep relaxation. Furthermore, micro-blood circulation is increased and body core temperature is regulated.
With the exact possibility of setting the temperature is the BioMat ideal and simultaneously a very easy way for controlled heat therapy where pain, exhaustion and fatigue states can be reduced.

The Orgone BioMat Healthmat renders its high efficiency factor with the combination of Sun and semi precious stones.

The long wave infrared type C with a wavelength of 8 – 14 µm is healthy for humans and matches the light that our body receives from the sun rays.

Long Wave Infrared

Already for a long time was the salubrity of infrared rays observed. It is the reason why we enjoy summer, sun, beach and sea more than winter and why during winter we find a tiled stove utterly pleasant and cosy. In the meantime attention has focused on the section of Far Infrared Rays (FIR).
Especially when modern saunas are being built does the new, softer heat play a more important role. Also infrared cabins in the FIR section for home use follow this new Wellness-Trend.
Yet even if you can call one of these sauna’s your own: How often do you actually use it? To sit in the sauna is a main activity which requires a lot of effort and time. In contrast the BioMat doesn’t take up any extra time: You can use it up to 12 hours whilst sleeping. Who can sit 12 hours in the sauna? Or you use the BioMat Mini when sitting, watching television or sitting at the desk at work. Who uses a computer or home cinema in the sauna?


Comparison heatmat biomat-from Richway

The feel good light that you feel – but don’t see

Even the colour red is perceived in daylight as warmer than the colour blue. This is also the case with optical radiation beyond our field of vision: Infrared warms up and is cosy.
Infrared rays outdoors are at their strongest when the sun is shining. Yet the sun also shines, alongside visible light, ultraviolet light which is rich in energy but also harmful to life.
Infrared rays can only be seen with thermographic cameras. But you feel them with the sensation of soft heat. Not only the skin, also muscles underneath relax themselves.
Unlike an electric blanket (image left), which heats up and on contact warms you up, the radiant heat of the BioMat is distributed more extensively and quicker (image right).


Blood circulation

These images show circulation before and 14 days after having used the BioMat. The improved circulation is visible. The skin microcirculation, skin temperature and core temperature is increased and with the BioMat your body temperature is regulated.


Orgone BioMat Healthmat peach grapeseed layer


Patented fabrics

The Orgone BioMat contains special layers of fabric and an EMF interceptor to effectively reduce electromagnetic waves.

The Orgone BioMat micro-fibre cover is exceptionally smooth and soft. The outer layer of micro-fibre is easy to clean and is impervious to dust mites. It has been tested against Staphylococcus aureus and Klebsiella pneumonia.

The patented TOCA fabric will help you relax and enjoy your time on the Orgone BioMat. The TOCA fabric is specially formulated with powered tourmaline and monazite. This special layer emits negative ions as well as far infrared energy.

Amethyst fabric layer
The latest microencapsulation technology has been used to infuse amethyst into this layer. This allows for the same infrared ray output as the original Biomat, but is lighter in weight.

The high output of negative ions from the Orgone BioMat creates the optimal conditions for sleeping – similar to the conditions found in our natural environment.

Bio Clay Memory Foam
For added cushioning has the exclusive Bio Clay Memory Foam been added inside. This foam contains ochre which has anti-microbial enzymes which do not promote the growth of bacteria. This foam distributes your weight evenly and provides superior back support.

The Orgone BioMat contains 3 layers which work to protect the user from the electromagnetic field (EMF) generated from the mat. For those with EMF sensitivity, the Orgone BioMat contains special layers of fabric and an EMF Interceptor to effectively reduce electromagnetic waves.

The Nano Copper, Copper and Carbon fiber layers work behind the scenes to reduce electromagnetic waves.

Our original Peach and Grape Seed Fiber layer amplifies the far infrared rays emitted from the Orgone BioMat. Organic compounds also emit far infrared rays.


Orgone Biomat amethyst power

Each Orgone BioMat contains natural amethyst gemstone fabric. The amethyst fabric is distributed across the top layer, evenly distributing infrared energy to your body. Gemstones have been used for their therapeutic effects for thousands of years.

Amethyst is known as “nature’s tranquilizer” and has been used for centuries as a healing agent for toothaches, muscle pain, fibromyalgia, neuralgia and arthritis, as well as a means for detoxifying the body.

The Orgone BioMat is a significant paradigm shift in sleep science and will vastly improve the way humans sleep. The entire family can benefit from this groundbreaking product.

The way we attain sleep has not changed in thousands of years. This new creation, the Orgone BioMat, is symbolic of our latest progressions in our study of sleep.


Deep warmth from the amethysts

What does the amethyst radiate?

Its long wave heat rays do not need contact nor a contact medium for emanating. The infrared rays from the direct current are intensified up to about 200 times thanks to the amethyst.

The BioMat itself does not heat up with that. Almost all of the produced energy is directly beneficial to the body.

Deep heat

Unlike the short waves of sun rays does far infrared, like what is produced in the BioMat, have a high penetration depth. Like this also inner physiological systems are stimulated.


Duration of application

How much time you want to spend on the BioMat depends entirely on your assessment and preference.

We recommend, as well as the time to increase the temperature slowly. With a slow start you avoid possible unpleasant reactions from a too intensive detoxification.
A too slow metabolism which has been present for years or for decades will start to “dispose” of metabolic slack and toxins with improved blood circulation and optimal body temperature.

This can be supported with sufficient liquids (preferably alkaline activated water) before and after use, yet also with toxin binding preparations such as Biologo Rescue, Biologo Detox, healing clay, green mineral earth and deacidifying preparations as well as minerals (Rocky Mountain Phyto Microminerals).

The time you spend on the BioMat vary from 30 minutes to a whole night during your nights rest. During the night do most users prefer a temperature on the lowest level (35º) or on the second level (40º).

These levels do not correspond to the resulting body temperature! The deciding factor is always your sense of well being!


The Orgone BioMat provides two controllers, on both sides of the bed

Orgone Biomat controller



For sure you have found a peaceful place where you can rest on your BioMat. It is not very unimportant in which surroundings you want to achieve relaxation.

  • It should be peaceful, a little relaxation music maybe, if you prefer that. Or a PowerNapPlus program by Uwe Karstädt.
  • Before and after use you should drink plenty and preferably have your phone off.
  • To cover it, please only use cotton sheets, no synthetic fibres, like this the negative ions from the BioMat can unfold their whole effect.
  • Start slowly. Increase use and temperature gradually. Listen to your inner voice and don’t develop a hectic ambition: Relaxation is no sport!
  • Do not force yourself to relax. If your thoughts are too restless, allow them to be. The heat will have its effect automatically. If you really want to exert yourself, to become more healthy, concentrate on your body. Observe what happens with your muscles and where the relaxation later occurs compared to the rest of the body.
  • Intuitively find your ideal lying position, whilst you can simply be attentive with yourself. Nothing can go wrong.

What are the differences between the BioMat Amethyst and the Orgone?

While the BioMat Amethyst and the Orgone both incorporate the same technology (Far Infrared, Negative Ions, Amethyst), the Orgone is considered the preferred option for users who seem themselves needing the combined comfort and therapeutic benefits while you sleep.
BioClay Memory Foam – The improved comfort design uses our own BioClay Memory Foam which contains ochre for anti-microbial protection.
Microfiber – The outer Microfiber of the Orgone BioMat offers dreamy, inviting softness to the touch that doubles as a barrier to dust mites.
Dual Controls – Two individuals are each able to control the heat and timer settings on their side of the bed.
Orgone Sizes – Single (coming soon!), Queen and King
Pricing – The Bed Sizes of the Orgone are less expensive than their BioMat 7000MX counterparts

What are the similarities between the BioMat Amethyst and the Orgone?

These are features that have not been changed. From experience we have seen the benefits of these layers.

8 heat settings (95 – 158 F; 35 – 70 C)

1 No Heat, Negative Ion Only Setting

Timer Functions (2, 4, 8, and 12 hours)

TOCA layer (increased negative ion output)

Quantum Layer (amplifies the Far Infrared)

Nano Copper Fabric for EMF protection (physical layer 7)

Copper, Carbon and Silicon / Teflon layers for additional EMF reduction (physical layers 9-11)


Which Orgone Biomat is the right one for you? Queen size or King size? Single size coming soon.

With our websites we would like to give you the possibility to find out which Orgone BioMat is the best for you. You will be able to test it for 2 weeks free of cost. If you decided that this is not for you, you are able to send it back to us, we will sell this mat at a cheaper price to someone. Please don’t remove the protective film due to hygiene.


Overview of the assortment of Orgone BioMat Healthmats

Orgone BioMat Queen size

Orgone BioMat Queen size 150 x 200 cm, 15 kg

The BioMat uses verified scientific principles to deliver holistic treatment that reaches the whole body. The Biomat provides a non-invasive, soothing experience that addresses the root causes of many common ailments.

The set includes two controllers, the mat and a suitcase for transporting.


Orgone BioMat Queen size

Orgone BioMat King size 180 x 200 cm, 20 kg

It is intended for two people to use simultaneously. It has two controllers to be used individually. It is difficult to move the mat around and needs a fixed place for relaxation and recovery.

The set includes two controllers, the mat and a suitcase for transporting.

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