Replacement filter for the Allsbon Dion Special

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  • Remove 1 or 2 for the Allsbon Dion Special
  • Durability for ca. 5000 liters or 6 months, costs about 1.9 cents / liter of filtered water;
  • Contains various filter fleeces, sediment filter, Biostone, charcoal coarse filter and activated carbon fine filter;
  • Calcium or other mineral granules was omitted
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      Replacement filter for the Allsbon Dion Special Water ionizer, fits...
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Product information "Replacement filter for the Allsbon Dion Special"

Replacement filter for the Allsbon Dion Special Water ionizer, fits into the compartment 1 & 2


Allsbon Dion Special Filter

In the Allsbon Dion Special are two independent, consecutively traversed multilayer filter media.

By its construction, the water is pre-cleaned while over 99% of any heavy metals they contain, pesticides, drug residues, endocrine disruptors, of all types, microbes / bacteria and other unwanted chemicals filtered out proven.

You can taste immediately. The two successive filters and the long filter life also allows you to save costs.

Filter composition

9 stage multi-stage filter (sediment filter, Biostone, polypropylene cone, high-performance activated carbon granules of Japan, made of Neukohle – no activated carbon regenerated – and several Filtervließe.

The materials provide a uniform, long-lasting filtration to chlorine, drug residues, hormones, pesticides and toxic heavy metals detectable remove.

Filter capacity: ca. 5000 liters or 6 months in operation (DIN standard)

It may be that the flow decreases previously, if the water is particularly Sedimenthaltig. Then, a filter change before the 5000 flowed liters may be necessary.



A replacement filter you need only after the supplied filter is consumed.
To save shipping costs, we recommend a replacement filter to be ordered directly from the device with order.

You can trigger the fine adjustments in the menu, a warning to certain filters maturities.

For example, after 6 months for the first and also the second filter after 5,000 liters. By default the Waterionizer warns for 5000 liters.

However, we recommend not to comply with the indicated in the display filter throughput times and to replace at least 6-9 months at the latest after the first filter. After a change, you can reset the Filter time display of the respective filter by holding down the Filter touch key.

Tips to filter cartridge replacement

After removing the first filter, you can use second the second filter, the filter had to because of the first ‘pre-filter’ scarcely pollutants used as the first filter and the all-new filters.

For further questions please contact us at best an email to wasser or

call us at any time: +49 (0) 89 416 117 997
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Customer evaluation for "Replacement filter for the Allsbon Dion Special"
3 Jul 2017

Filter received and fitted.
Thank you.
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