UCE 9000 Turbo Under the Counter Water Ionizer

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  • Under the counter installation to the cold water pipe with the supplied 3/8" T-piece (DVGW-tested) or with the optional 3/4" screw-on adaptor
  • Operation via the Touch Screen Panel System on the tap, which does not replace the existing tap
  • 9 or 11 platinum coated titanium electrodes, SMPS power supply (Max. 375 W)
  • Limescale protection by auto-cleaning after more than 12 hours of non-operation or after 30 liters of water outflow
  • Dimensions of water ionizer (W x H x D): 36 x 35.5 x 13.5 cm
  • Dimensions of control tap: Height: 35cm, Base: Ø 5 cm
  • 3 years warranty, then a repair maximum 20% of the price of the device
  • Double filter system for double security, double filter set: € 99,70

On the go, you get for free hydronade® Magnesium – hydrogen effervescent tablets and the portable AquaVolta® Age2 Go 2.8 Water Generator.

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  Overview and Specifications for the Tyent UCE 9000 / Turbo 11  ...
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Product information "UCE 9000 Turbo Under the Counter Water Ionizer"

Overview and Specifications for the Tyent UCE 9000 / Turbo 11

  • Price/performance ratio: Excellent: many high end functions leave nothing to be desired, high quality workmanship, including a 14-day free trial period, when you buy, a 182 day satisfaction guarantee
  • Electrodes: 9 or 11 titanium electrode plates, galvanic coating 3 times with the catalyst Platinum ( layer thickness: ca. 0,25 µm), effective electrode surface: 1336,5 cm²
  • Amount of filter cartridges: 2 silver steamed activated carbon filter cartridges, including Calcium Sulphite and Tourmaline, price of each replacement cartridge: € 99.70
  • Decalcifying mechanism: Automatic cleaning after more than 12 hours of non-operation or after 30 liters of water outflow
  • Max. pH- / Redox values with 0,7 liter / min. Alkaline ionized water (not supply water) and °dH18: Even with calciferous Munich water, pH value: up to 11 pH, Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP): ca. -650mV (nearly 1 Volt electron surplus)
  • Installation: Under the sink installation with a supplied 3/8 ‘T-piece (DVGW tested) fixed to the cold water pipe
  • Display data: Ionization level, water flow, already flown out liters from alkaline outlet for filter 1 and 2, pH & ORP (pre-programmed, adaptable or switched off).
  • Activation: By ON-OFF touch control (magnetic valve)
  • Flow regulation: Optimal: 1.7 liters / min. Input water flow is reduced by the fixed installation on the T-piece. If connected to the tap, the supplied diverter valve on the flow regulator reduces the total flow supplied through an input valve
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Dimensions of water ionizer (W x H x D): 36 x 35.5 x 13.5 cm
  • Dimensions of control tap: Height: 35cm, Base: Ø 5 cm
  • Release Year: 2014, Korean manufacturer

Tyent UCE 9000 Turbo 11 | Under the Counter Water Ionizer

Tyent UCE 9000 Turbo 11 | With touch-operated tap

Modern and a very powerful under the counter water ionizer with beautiful touch control tap
  • The ionizer disappears under the counter
  • You can only see a chic mixer with touch screen control panel
  • The ideal solution if you want to install the water ionizer under the counter and since you can adjust the settings on the tap
  • Two filters: activated carbon and ceramic content
  • Automatic cleaning of the entire system
  • Intelligent control to prevent limescale. In case of very hard water it is necessary to decalcify occasionally
  • Easy selection of different levels of alkaline or acidic water
  • Activated carbon / EM ceramic filters and UF membrane filters remove pollutants from the water.

Tyent UCE 9000 Turbo 11 | Operating video

Tyent UCE 9000 Turbo 11 | Introduction video


What is meant by Turbo?


Improved Turbo function

In order to constantly offer you our best, we have developed an improved SMPS power supply system that ensures you get the highest levels of alkaline and acidic water of the turbo device.

More power for your electrolysis plates

Our patented SMPS power supply system has also been improved by increasing the performance of the electrodes, giving you consistent results at all levels of water.

9 improved Electrodes with Round-Mesh Plate Technology

Even more effective electrolysis through the electrodes in the latest "mesh" that enhances the instantaneous electrolysis efficiency.


The first full-colour Touch LCD Screen in ionized water production equipment


The Full Touch Screen Panel System automatically activates the unit’s operations through a simple touch to the desired icon displayed on the screen.

A 262,000 Color Touch LCD Display provides diverse information in true vivid colors for user convenience.

Simple, yet powerful. A Graphical User Interface is designed specifically for ease of use and operation. Communication between the user and ionizer has never been this simple!

You can also use the jog dial. The upper part of the faucet has a dialing head and you can turn it to select the function keys. Whichever is more comfortable for you.



The UCE 9000 is bursting with innovation

  • The LCD screen has automatic light-changing function and screen recognition so you always know what water you are getting
  • Diversified language guide support is available by selecting 1 of 6 languages featured from across the world
  • An automatic shut-off valve prevents unattended use. After 15 minutes of continuous use, the machine switches off automatically and goes into Eco mode
  • An automatic memory function saves the last function used by the user and it’s displayed on the Standby Screen for fast and convenient operation
  • Voice-controlled operating system with excellent MP3 sound quality
  • Integrated temperature sensor for safe operation to ensure that the normal operating temperature of the water is always between 4 - 35 ° C
  • Our fully automatic electrolysis tank cleaning function automatically cleans the "motor" of your water ionizer, ensuring stable electrolysis operating conditions. A regular decalcification in strongly calcareous water should nevertheless be carried out regularly
  • The angled outlet taps allow flexible handling, they are rotatable and thus never in the way
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Installation of the Tyent UCE 9000 Turbo 11 water ionizer for alkaline ionized water


All necessary installation materials are included in the delivery and, if necessary, additional ones as well.




Please see the following videos of another under the counter water ionizers. The installation and pH adjustment are analogous:

Installation of AquaVolta® Elégance Undersink Water Ionizer as an example

pH value adjustment | Adjustment of the flow


Installation of AquaVolta® Elégance Undersink water Ionizer | Special Case

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Changing the filters on Tyent UCE 9000 Turbo 11 Under the Counter Water Ionizer


Turn the power off and unplug the power cord. Shut off the water supply to the unit. Make sure the faucet is shut off.


Open the front door of the unit. Beware of the sharp corners of the cover of the unit when opening.


Pull the filter towards you so that it will be easier to turn. The filter will turn more freely when tilted at a slight angle. Remove the filter by rotating the filter counter-clockwise. Install the new filter by turning it clockwise. Hand tighten only. Tilt the filter back into its original upright position.


Close the cover of the unit.


Plug the power cord back in, turn the water supply back on and switch the unit back on.


Let the water run for approximately 2 minutes to drain any coal dust.



First Filter Reset

Press the lower part of the LCD screen. The MENU window will appear above the bottom part of the LCD screen. Open the front door by simply pulling it open (magnetic lock). To initialize, press the “F1 RESET” icon 2 times. LCD displays percentage (%) of initialization of filter. Close the lid of the device.

Second Filter Reset

Press the bottom part of LCD Screen. The MENU Window will appear above the bottom part of LCD Screen. Open the front door by simply pulling it open (magnetic lock). To initialize, press the “F2 RESET” icon 2 times. LCD displays percentage (%) of initialization of filter. Close the lid of the device.

Technical Data
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Technical data for the Tyent UCE 9000 Turbo 11 Under the Counter Water Ionizer

  • Dimensions:
    Dimensions of water ionizer (W x H x D): 36 x 35.5 x 13.5 cm,
    Dimensions of control tap: Height: 35cm, Base: Ø 5 cm
  • Applied Technology (ies): Activated carbon filtration with 2 filter cartridges, flow-electrolysis (galvanic ion separation)
  • Working medium: tap water, Well water thanks to double filtering possible depending on water quality
  • Output power: Shutdown when max. 375W, 5.5 A with 30V DC
  • Flow range: 1 to approx. 2.5 liters / minute, automatic adjustment of the ionization intensity to the flow
  • Diameter ∅: 500mm, drill diameter: 290mm
  • Electrode number and coating: 9 electrode plates of titanium, triple electroplated platinum-dip coating
  • Housing colour: Chrome, metallic spout
  • Filter features: 0.15 μm activated carbon filter, multilayer double filter system
  • Filter capacity: 2 filters are replaced about every 7200 liters, double filter set € 99,70
  • Filter costs per liter of treated water: approx. € 0.017 or 1.7 cents per liter, double filter system
  • Filter change: 1st and 2nd filter after approx. 7200 liters or every 6 months
  • Duration of guarantee: 3 years full warranty
  • Weight: 5 kg
  • Thread Norm Supplied T-piece: 3/8" inch
  • Manufacturer Details: www.tyentgroup.com, South Korea, Seoul
  • Installation options: 3/8" T-piece fixed to the cold water pipe; Caution: Do not install for a low pressure boiler, but before! Control tap: On the sink, either on the kitchen top or on the edge of the sink
  • International certifications: CE, IEC, IECEE, FC
  • Line pressure: 2 bar to 6 bar, adjustment on T-piece
  • Scope of delivery: 3/8" T-piece, descaling pump, 500gr of citric acid, indicator liquid for pH measurement, manual
  • Material: Housing material: Plastic, Control valve: chrome-plated plastic, Outlets made of stainless steel
  • Power supply and input voltage: SMPS switching power supply, 220V, 50Hz
  • Operation method: On-off by solenoid valve / or operating sensor, continuous electrolysis
  • ORP and redox potentials at 2 l / min, dH ° 14-18: -500mV at the strongest alkaline level to approx. + 500mV (millivolts) at strongly acidic level, pH values at 2 l / min, dH ° 14-18: approx. pH 5.5 at strongly acidic level (highest level 2 acidic), up to approx. pH 10.5 at strongly alkaline (highest level 4 alkaline)
  • Flushing or limescale protection: No need to wait through rinsing processes, fully automatic pole reversal after every water intake
  • Temperature of input water: 4 ° C – 30 ° C
  • Maintenance: Descaling every 6 to 12 months
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Downloads AquaVolta® Elégance Under the Counter Water Ionizer

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