VitaVortex Magic7 titanium / ceramic shower swirler

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  • Vita-Vortex® swirl shower head with 7 TITANIUM or CERAMIC swirl clamps
  • Latest generation after decades of experience
  • Optimized swirl chamber for a more intense showering process
  • Durable and ecological materials
  • Ecofriendly since it is water-saving
  • Fits every customary standard shower-hose
  • incl. testphase and 6-month satisfaction-guarantee



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  • SW10090
      Shower Swirler VitaVortex Magic7 with a titanium or ceramic swirl...
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Product information "VitaVortex Magic7 titanium / ceramic shower swirler"

Shower Swirler VitaVortex Magic7 with a titanium or ceramic swirl chamber, with optional anti-legionella protection


VitaVortex® | In the “Auqacentrum” for over 15 years

We can proudly claim that we at “Aquacentrum” have made the VitaVortex®-aquawhirler popular in Germany for over 15 years.

We still are the manufacturer’s best distribution partner, which is mostly due to our test- and satisfaction warranty also applyied to the VitaVortex® products.

After decades of testing, the VitaVortext® technology is way ahead of any other efforts to make the showering experience a healthy, refreshing and comfortable healing experience, thanks to its superb aesthetics, elegance and being economically friendly, you can now have this in your daily life with the Magic7 shower head.


The advantages with the VitaVortex® Magic7 shower head:

  • 7 Aquawhirler-chambers are made of  titanium or ceramic
  • Improves well being and increases blood circulation
  • Saves up to 50% of water
  • Reduced cleaning efforts and amount of chemicals due to less limescale on fittings, glass and bath tiles
  • Shower heads are extremely durable
  • Patented anti-legionella and anti-germinal mounting of the  Magic7 (can optionally be ordered through the drop-down menu below the price)
  • High “negative ionisation” of the water, like in nature, called waterfall- or coanda effect
  • High oxygen content in the water
  • Proven relaxation effect while showering

Functionality of swirling after Schauberger

The fine swirling of the water helps stimulate and harmonize the meridian and energy centres of your body.
Stimulating the life energy softens and vitalizes the skin.

The design lies in the ancient form of life, the swirl. In contrast to natural water our tap water is usually stale and is caused to move in 90 degree angles under pressure.

The Magic7 shower head atomizes this highly clustered water to a healthy elixir, ionizes the surrounding air and thereby supports
the revitalization of your lungs and respiration.

Tiny drops of atomized water

The VitaVortex® swirling technology produces tiny drops, like from a waterfall. The shower becomes a smooth, tropical rain.
The water itself is more solution-capable and cleans the skin down to the pores.

In the swirl chambers of the VitaVortex® Magic 7, the tap water is swirled dynamically in a confined space, as it is swirled in an alpine stream.

You feel the results immediately. The VitaVortex® principles combine the practical science of the fascinating implosion
forces of water with the practical realization of your showering equipment with premium materials in a unique way.


The unique VitaVortex® showering massage

VitaVortex® products excel, as with the Magic7 shower head, due to the suction effect. The swirl chambers suck in air to enrich
the water with oxygen from the surrounding air.

To spoil yourself with a stimulating warm water massage, aim the shower head directly at your body and
massage the tissue under your skin due to the pressure and suction effect.

The blood circulation and self-cleaning process increases. Allow yourself a deep muscle relaxation with the VitaVortex® Magic 7
as well as the vitalization of your meridians. Your body will thank you for it.

Re-invigoration through swirling

The water is energized and enriched with oxygen. Cascades of tiny drops make an incredible experience out of an ordinary process.

Ionization through fine mist

The atomization of the water causes the so called Lenard-effect, which is said to cause an increased ionization of the surrounding air. The absorption of air with a higher concentration of ionization is universally seen as very healthy.
The impact of ionized air is always salubrious in any quantity.

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Customer evaluation for "VitaVortex Magic7 titanium / ceramic shower swirler"
5 Dec 2016

This shower head is a dream. The water really comes out like a fine spray. I enjoy the temperature difference when I place the shower head close to my skin, really feels good on my muscles. It is a relaxing pleasure to use.

23 Nov 2016

I already received (to California) the shower heads and they are great as usual!
Thanks again for everything.
I'll be referring people to you
Gary G.

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