Short term fasting | Intermittent fasting | It is even easier with hydrogen water

The easy solution to many problems | Natural healing cure | More effective with alkaline hydrogen water

Last night it happened. I was able to get to know and understand this healing cure in a special way:

Intermittent fasting, the most logical thing to do. It becomes easier if you do this consciously, being aware allows you to live 30% longer and healthier and to age more slowly.


Intermittent Fasting | Expert: Dr. Mike

Please stay calm | Eating rarely is not unhealthy

I have been doing this for years, just not professionally. In short, intermittent fasting takes almost every day. The best versions are shown as follows:

  • Renounce breakfast and any kind of sugar and coffee, best choice in this situation is bulletproof coffee without milk. I love organic coffee with different kinds of powders, like Reishi-, Chaga- oder Cordyceps sinensis
  • The next meal should be as healthy as possible to quench your hunger at 12 PM, finally able to eat after 12 hours. I never manage before 3 PM yet then I do have a clean conscience when doing it.
  • 8 hours after this first meal are you able to eat again. It should not be too late and not just before sleeping.
  • In this meal no sugars or flour products should be consumed and then you fast the whole night. This would be 8 hours ( more or less) and then you wake up and wait for your first meal.
  • The idea about all this is to allow the body to rest 16 hours to allow its physical processes to take place, 2/3 of the 24 hour day.
  • You are also to allow able to allow the body to rest for more than 16 hours. You are able to give yourself hydrogen water and superfoods. Water, minerals, vitamins and salt.

Respectfully from Munich,

You Yasin Akgün


Trancript of the Presentation of Dr. Michael VanDerschelden | Intermittent fasting

I have a question for everybody
Who here is a fan at implementing
easy steps and getting huge results?
Oh you like the hard steps and getting crappy results?

Most people like easy stuff to do and getting huge feedback from that

What I’m going to be talking about today
is not a diet it’s just a simple lifestyle change that you can implement now and that will drastically change your life

I mean the research is clear
When you’re going through articles
And I’m going through articles on intermittent fasting you hear a lot of benefits
“it does this, this, this”
But they never tell you why

And that’s the challenge for me because if I don’t know if something works
I’m not going to implement it
and I’m not going to maintain it

for a long period of time
because I need to know how things work
it makes it more of a connection
and we like to do things that we understand

Intermittent fasting

We gotta first back up a little bit and talk about what everyone does in today’s society
Nearly every single health professional out there dietitians, nutritionists, even the general public they all advocate 6 small meals a day

Has anyone heard that before? Everyone

Six small meals a day
The theory was pretty good
If you eat small meals throughout the day You’re gonna keep your metabolism high and you’re gonna avoid that starvation mode when the metabolism drops, right?

That’s pretty much the theory

I remember going to a junior college
Chiropractic college
they all advocate that diet
they all promote eating six small meals throughout the day

and never going longer than 2-3 hours without a meal What I did was I tried to find research on it

You’d have expected there’d be a lot of research since everyone’s doing it, right?

What if I told you there’s not one research article implementing this diet
eating small meals throughout the day to keep you healthy – burn fat and stay healthy

That stuck me It’s crazy

I looked at the research and this is actually what the research did say Say that you had a one meal that had 2000 calories and you ate it

Did you know that you would burn the same amount of calories eating that meal than if you spread that 2000 calories throughout the day?

So there is no more starvation mode
there is no more keeping the metabolism high that already shot that theory throughout the roof if that makes sense because there’s not one research supporting that anyway
So, that wasn’t very hard

And also this starvation mode that they’re talking about
that actually does exist

There actually is a true starvation mode
But it did not occur until 72-96 hours after eating That’s 3-4 days
there’s your metabolism plummet

Back to what our hunter gatherers and your ancestors did

You see, they didn’t have available food around every single block 24 hours a day What they did, they would go on these hunting trips
And say that they weren’t catching anything for 3-4 days
Your body is smart because then what your metabolism is gonna do

it’s gonna shut down so you’re gonna maintain your body mass and survive A very intelligent response but it happened 3-4 days after not eating
Not 2-3 hours

That was completely false get that out of your head right now
What we actually need to do is alternate between cycles of feast and famine
Our ancestors didn’t have grocery stores on every block
They didn’t have any of that available food ready to go
They didn’t wake up in the morning and have a huge plate of pancake sit in front of them ready to devour
They didn’t have that
Instead, usually the guys had to go and do all these hunting trips
They’d go days without eating

Then they would catch food and eat a ton
Then they’d go days without eating and then eat a ton So they alternated like that

What they found is that this cycling of your eating habits actually produces huge results and made people a lot healthier
When we’re talking about those health benefits pretty soon

When your body is moving around and spending energy
the body likes to draw energy from a few spots
Your first primary energy source is glycogen and your blood sugar

So as long as they are replenished up
you’re gonna be using your glycogen and blood sugar
And the glycogen is stored glucose in your muscle and in your liver Let’s say we’re eating every 2 1⁄2 to 3 hours all day every day
That means you’re constantly replenishing your glycogen replenishing your glucose in your blood
how are you then ever going to get to your fat stores?

How are you ever going to burn fat as energy
if you’re only burning the glucose and the glycogen that we keep eating?

You literally can’t

What is everyone wanting to do They wanna gain muscle and burn fat Usually people wanna burn fat

If you’re eating this multiple meals a day throughout the day
you’re never be able to do that
And what they found out also is when you have glycogen store in you body it takes about six to eight hours
for those glycogen stores to be metabolized

What that means is that after six to eight hours
after eating a meal that is when you’re gonna start to use
your fat stores as energy actually burning fat around the mid section and everywhere else we store fat
but you gotta go 6-8 hours after eating to get to that mode

Does that make sense?

What exactly is intermittent fasting?

First of all this is not a diet at all

What you’re actually doing is you’re restricting your eating to a very small window throughout the day and the very best part about it is that you don’t have to restrict calories

Because all these fat diets out there especially mostly promote this massive calory restriction so people will tend to follow that advice and do this for about two days and they’re done because these

fat diets don’t work
It’s never based on science

With intermittent fasting you just restrict that eating window but you can still eat the same amount of food that’s easy to implement for people

You can maintain that and incorporate that in your daily regimen easy because you don’t want to starve yourself

You can literally eat the exact same diet you’re eating today and you’re gonna get all the benefits

How intermittent fasting first came into light was five years ago It’s a fairly new idea

What they found is that the researchers found out that the only experimental that increased the lifespan of these animals with cancer was continuous fasting and that’s where you actually restict calories for multiple days at a time and they actually found an increased lifespan of about 30 percent

Now just think about that: 30% – say your lifespan is a hundred years that’s adding thirty extra years to your life

Who would wanna live an extra thirty healthy years of your life? I think most people would say they would do that

They found out that it works with animals but realistically humans are not going to do this They are not going to continuously fast for 2-3 days at a time not eat a thing
Even though you get those good results you’re not gonna do that and that’s true
No one ever is successful with this – massive calory restriction

So when they found out that intermittent fasting where you just restrict your eating window actually gave you nearly identical health benefits
So that’s the good news it’s the same thing and then later the International Journal of Obesity came out and said actually it’s very similar with continuous fasting in weight loss but intermittent fasting was by far superior in reducing metabolic disease markers such as cholesterol, blood pressure, triglycerides, heart rate

There’s a numerous amount and there’s a few I wanna talk about With intermittent fasting we really got something here
So I’m looking at it
The health benefits are numerous

I’ll briefly just go over all the benefits really quick and then I’ll pick four specific ones that I wanna go into detail with
First of all when you intermittently fast throughout the day you’re going to normalize insuline sensitivity

Your gonna boost mitochondrial energy efficiency
You’re gonna be more efficient finally tuning the machine
You’re gonna increase … production which is your anti-aging hormone You’re gonna lower information
You’re gonna lower fat levels – shed the unwanted fat in the mid section Reduce your cravings
Reduce .. stress

Increase anti-aging, longevity Increase brain function Lower blood pressure

That’s a lot of benefits right there
And again it’s basically gonna clean and detox the body making it a finely tuned machine
And that sounds pretty awesome
So let’s look at this in more detail

I want to dig deep into the fat burning aspect The human growth hormone aspect
The brain function and the insulin sensitivity

Those four I really want to stress today

Fat burning – remember what I was talking earlier your body only likes to use fat as energy as a last resort – after all the glycogen all the blood glucose is out of the system

And that means that since it take eight hours for the glycogen to be metabolized Only eight hours after a meal is when your body is going to drastically burn fat

So it’s gotta be eight hours after you eat

When you’re in the fasted state – eight hours after you’ve eaten
The fasted state is like getting up in the morning after the eight hour sleep

Now you don’t have glycogen in your cells
You don’t have blood glucose available for energy Your body is instantly going after fat

But what do we do as the first thing in the morning? Eat breakfast

And usually it’s the biggest meal of the day because breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day

You’re going to burn a massive amount of fat on this “diet” It’s not actually a diet – it’s a lifestyle change

And also say that we’re going to work out in a fasted state
Wow – think about this: when you’re working out you’re using a ton of energy

If you have no muscle glycogen and you have no blood glucose
And you go and work out – you’re going to be massively decreasing those fat stores in the body using those for energy

It’s very short term
You gotta make it a habit
In about two weeks you don’t feel that way anymore It’s going to magnify those results there

I’m going to talk about this specific type of training to do while fasting next month We’re going to tie these two together

Human growth hormone – this is not just for guys – it’s essential for both guys and gals alike It’s the fitness hormone – that’s what people call it – it has a lot of anti-aging properties
That’s why as people age they can’t release growth hormone efficiently and it causes this aging effect and we loose longevity

The human growth hormone has a lot to do with healing growth and repair that’s probably the main important fact

When we talk about how sleeping is so important the reason why we say that is when your body is releasing growth hormone

But no one ever asked why when we’re sleeping do we release growth hormone

And I think it’s already plain and simple when we talk about this: insulin and human growth hormone are indirectly related and this means that when insulin is elevated in the body you cannot release human growth hormone

So when is insulin released?

Insulin is only released in the blood stream when you have a freshly consumed meal because that sugar in the blood that insulin releases puts the sugar into the cells

If we have no consumed meal no insulin we’ll be able to release growth hormone When do we not have a freshly consumed meal?
When we’re sleeping

You have an eight hours of no eating you’re gonna have low insulin
That’s when our body is making a massive amount of growth hormone
It makes sense but it doesn’t have to be just when you’re sleeping
Since we’re eating throughout the day that’s usually the only time it occurs And I never really thought about that until I did the research this time

This is the coolest part: say that it increased human growth hormone by 20-30 percent I would still do it that’s still fantastic results there

But the American College of Cardiology found out that increased 1300 % in women and a wapping 2000% in males

I’m not talking about this synthetic crappy human growth hormone that usually elderly males get injections of for their anti-aging effect we’re talking about the natural released human growth hormone from the pituitary

Let’s look at brain function this is fascinating

When you’re in that fasted state and you’re starting to use that fat as energy your fast is going to release key tones in the blood stream and that’s going to be used as brain food

Your brain actually much rather prefers key tones as an energy source than blood glucose Key tones are a lot more efficient

If the brain is getting key tones as its energy source instead of glucose you’re going to increase memory increase concentration and you’re also going to have a huge protecting effect against Alzheimer and Parkinson

That’s huge

We spend more on Alzheimer in this country than on cancer it’s a big deal

BDNF anyone heard of that?

“Brain derived neutrophic factor” is a natural protein that we have that actually activates stem cells in the brain to make new brain cells

With intermittent fasting when you’re in that fasted state you increase this brain-derived neutrophic factor by 400% so that means to activate your brain stem cells and they making brand new neurons nerves brain cells do you think that’s gonna help your brain as a huge role in neurohealth protection?

It really preserves the health of your neuromuscular junction which is where the nerve controls a muscle

A lot of the time when people lose their strength as they age is because of effects with that it’s not really the muscle itself that’s going bad it’s that junction the nerve connecting to the muscle that’s not working properly anymore

This increasing brain-derived neutrophic factor is huge

Now on the insulin sensitivity because this is kind of confusing

I know the insulin resistance is being stressed all the time now

Insulin resistance is basically linked to every single chronic disease out there

It destroys your blood vessels increases heart disease cancer diabetes stroke osteoporosis

That’s just a few and it’s all from insulin resistance

If you look at these two pictures here you’re going to find the following

On the left you see a normal response

The bottom with little blue dots is blood glucose being released in the body after a meal

The insulin being released at the very top by the pancreus is just a little but to put that glucose into the cells – that’s efficient it means you’re very sensitive to insulin

You only need a little bit of insulin released for all that glucose to go into that cell and that’s what you want because it means that your body is very efficient at utilizing the energy that you’re eating

The picture on the right shows you eat the same meal you release the same blood glucose but now that little amount of insulin is not responsive to the body anymore now you need a ton of insulin being released and what happens? The ton of insulin being released is still ineffective at bringing the glucose in the cells so you’re left with the condition called hyperinsulinemia and that’s just a fancy term for too much insulin in the blood

When you have too much insulin in the blood that’s what means to be insulin resistant leading to any chronic disease out there

When you think about this: if we’re eating these small six meals a day of these processed carbohydrates always increasing blood sugar and then being insulin released after a while just constantly doing this job it’s going to lose its effect

It’s kinda how you hear and annoying sound in your ear is really annoying at first but after a while you become immune to it and forget about it

It’s like what’s going on with the body when you’re eating all these meals You’re insulin can only react so much that finally it just loses its effect

With the insulin benefits the brain benefits and the growth hormone benefits we’re going to tie this down into three fasting plans

There’s basically three options for you when it comes to intermittent fasting The first two I’m not a big fan of

The first one is called the five tube intermittent fasting plan You fast for two days and eat normal for five days

The second one is the alternate day fasting – and you got it it’s fasting one day eating normal the next day – fasting eating normal and it’s altering like that

The problem with that is when you’re week is so sporadic like that it’s hard to have a consistent lifestyle to make a consistent regiment going on in your life and that’s why I prefer restricting your daily window – daily because when you add something consistently you’re able to do it over and over again

That’s why it’s easier to literally work out a little bit every day so I do not have once Monday once Thursday and once Saturday because you’re breaking your system too much you want to make it consistent throughout the day and that’s what responds to people’s behaviour

I’m going to share my personal routine on how this is done

You’re going to break down your eating window to eight hours a day which means for the additional sixteen hours you’re not eating

Now the cool part is that when you’re sleeping that’s eight hours right there
So the first half of the time you have to fast you’re sleeping so that’s the easy part

And then like you see here in the morning I skip breakfast – the most important meal of the day

It’s pretty crazy but the good news: coffee lovers you can have coffee – black – got it you just can’t have sugar because any sugar that you put in the system is going to increase insulin increase blood sugar you’re not going to use your fat stores any more

Coffee and tea is okay

Lunch then becomes my first meal of the day and that’s around 12 pm then I snack throughout the day and then dinner at seven or seven thirty is my last meal of the day

So I’m eating basically between twelve and eight and I’m fasting the remaining times

I snack throughout the day between lunch and dinner but not outside that window only in that eight hour window is when I eat so I still eat a ton of calories throughout the day I mean I eat a lot of calories but it’s just in that eight hour window

I’ve been doing this on and off for two years

I do this throughout every weekday and then I go off at Saturday and Sunday because it’s hard it’s nice to have a cheat day

I also do this throughout the week make it my normal routine which is easy to follow and on the weekends I just live it up so since it not a diet it doesn’t really mean that you can eat just anything you want – yes it’s true – if you eat a crappy diet you’ll still get killer results just following this plan However you are what you eat at the end of the day

If you’re eating crappy fats crappy processed carbs and sugars you’re cells are going to be sick even though you might have a little low fat stores

Just because you have a low amount doesn’t neccesarily mean you’re healthy

But I think everyone here wants to be healthy so you still wanna pay attention to your diet you wanna limit those processed carbs and instead replace it with healthy fats vegetables fruits all that good stuff

And in the morning I tell you when you skip breakfast because I found it’s the easiest way you will get hungry in the morning for the first week and that’s what I noticed

Literally two weeks is enough time for your body to adequately burn fat as it’s primary fuel and you won’t need to have those cravings anymore

You don’t have those sugar cravings you don’t have that food cravings because most of those cravings we get is for sugars in the first place

So if you limit the sugars and you get your body adapted to burning fat you’re not gonna have those cravings anymore

I just wanna spread a caution out to people who should not do this and really everyone should except people should have generally low blood sugar for those pregnant and nursing mothers

Let’s talk about the pregnancy first when you’re pregnant I just want you to focus on a healthy diet we don’t need to restrict eating windows because you’re taking care about a baby too it’s not just about yourself – pregnant women should not do this and also when you’re nursing because you’re still using your nutrition for the baby – just focus on nice healthy diet in that case

And also for people who have low blood sugar naturally if you have low blood sugar and then you diminish it even more you’re gonna feel pretty loopy dizzy I wouldn’t recommend that I recommend just going by a good diet instead and not doing intermittent fasting that way

And I just had to put up this because you know the old wife tale the breakfast is the most imortant meal of the day you know the cracking of the knuckles causes arthritis you know we’ve heard a lot of these things – not true the world was flat – these are not true at all never one research article says breakfast is important but somehow just like the six small meals a day we get these ideas we hear them everywhere and that’s just common knowledge and we all think that’s right but we just never questioned it

You know tony the tiger would disagree with me – you know about the breakfast – like I was talking about the benefits of this come because these benefits are already crazy I mean do it for two weeks and you will be happy you did but they’re even further magnified if you train in a fasted state so what that means if I go back to my regimen here before lunch at 12 pm I work out and so I’m massively decreasing the fat in my body and then right after my workout I eat like the biggest killer meal ever and it is awesome and I feel good after that but right here again like I said before lunch is when I work out because I want to make that workout regiment at the very end of my fasting window because there’s no way you’re gonna do it in the middle of your fasting window because then you’re not gonna be able to eat after your workout and that’s not fun and your muscles need nutrition right after your workout

I know it sounds crazy but you gotta do it

Stay tuned for next month I’m going to talk about high intensity interval training and some other training techniques that again are going to be easy to implement and are going to give you huge results thank you

Q: When you do your exercise is there a certain time you need to do the exercise like a certain amount of minutes?

A: No there isn’t I would say I give myself about twenty five minutes but I’m not talking of the gym I’m just solely getting my work done

You can do anything any type of exercise you do you’re going to be increasing the metabolism that means that your body is looking for energy and you’re going to be burning fat regardless

Q: I thought it’s eight hours before it’s using fat I thought it’s even longer than that

A: It takes six to eight hours to reset your glycogen and your blood sugar only after that is when your body will turn to fat as its energy because it’s gotta get its energy from somewhere it just doesn’t have the available blood glucose or the glycogen to use from

Q: In that two week period it seems to me that when you start doing it it’s almost like you’re retraining your body

A: Every time you implement something new you’re gonna be changing your pattern and that’s why

it’s a lifestyle thing it’s not a diet because you’re still eating the same thing you’re not cutting calories it’s the same thing you’re just basically skipping breakfast

Q: I have found that I’m not even hungry in the morning I get to a certain point like I get hungry that may be just because I’ve gotten into that habit

A: Yeah that’s your cycle and exactly you will not get hungry in the morning anymore but you have to go through it it’s kind of like quitting coffee anyone tried that? It kind’a sucks the first week you know and quitting breakfast is the same thing you gonna go through a little kind of alarm stage but after that your cravings for sugar sweets go away and I can’t tell you how many patients bring us food “I don’t eat it”

I don’t recommend limiting fruits I think it mostly bases on people with chronic disease

Because if someone does have diabetes I wouldn’t even recommend them eating fruit

However fruit combined with the fiber doesn’t raise your insulin like processed sugar does

So really it’s just the processed food it’s not the fruit that are killing people today it’s the processed corn sirup sugar

When you’re burning fat your brain is only using key tones as energy exactly
Your brain’s preferred energy is key tones not glucose so you can be eating all day giving it glucose it doesn’t really like that

When you give it key tones then it boosts your BDNF your brain derived neutrophic factor by 400% and be smarter more intelligent learn better you can choose

Q: A lot of people can’t work out until after work around five or six so do you have a good plan for those people?

A: I mean you can still do it it’s tough in my schedule it works out but people have schedules where they can’t necessarily do that ideally in a perfect world you would do your workout right before your fast is ending that way right after you can eat a huge meal and be out of that but if you work to five it I would do the workout and still do the fasting when I was in school I was doing it but you just can’t work out until later and again for an effective workout you need just twenty minutes it doesn’t take a whole lot of working out to gain huge benefits because all you body is using now at that point is fat you’re not using glucose you’re just massively burning your fat

There’s something called the bullet proof fast which is basically intermittent fasting but instead of having black coffee in the morning it’s bullet proof coffee it’s organic coffee you’d put it in a blender add a table spoon of coconut oil a table spoon of gras-fed raw butter and blend it up that’s called bullet proof coffee

The theory behind that and it’s actually researched is that the coconut oil is a medium-chain fatty acid it’s instant brain food so that way if people are starting off and feeling loopy in the morning without a breakfast this gives this gives your brain instant food right away and also increases mental clarity

Since coconut oil has no sugar it’s not gonna increase your insulin level so you’re still good with that so you can actually have bullet proof coffee however cream and stuff like that is first of all not natural it’s a dairy product it’s vastly pasteurized processed and it does have sugar so bullet proof

coffee would be a great alternative for that

I do it every day and once you have it it tastes so good that you’ll never go back and then if you have the vitamix which is like the blender on steroids it turns in like this foamy beautiful just creamy goodness it is awesome

Obviously for every meal you wanna have a good healthy protein you wanna have vegetables good healthy fats so anything that’s not like bread cereals and grains I would say that’d be awesome healthy fats

Chinoa and chia seed are not a true grain they call them pseudo grains they’re little bit different they’re more on the vegetable side and what’s cool about Chinoa is that it’s one of the only vegetarian complete proteins you can get

Awesome thank you

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