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Geoengineering | “Repairing Earth” | Climate Engineering | Global Dimming – Solar Radiation Management

“Thank God men cannot fly, and lay waste the sky as well as the earth.”
Quote by Henry David Thoreau

Dear openminded friend, I know, you don’t like it, when I make public videos about Geoengineering or Climate Engineering, but I am sure, that this is fact, and I have to inform everybody possible, in order to generate a Crowd-Brainstorming-Campaign to find some new solutions against the big threat we are facing in the coming years. Please forgive me, I am just acting very deep from my sad heart. We have to WIN this war, and it is a war going on! A war against all life on earth. We have to act swiftly and efficient. We need good ideas. Please send your ideas to:


Art-Video | True message | Stand-Up-Comedian George Carlin

I know, the following information is not easy to accept and I am really sorry to inform you here about Geoengineering, but we must face the following fact:

Today, in most areas of the world, nearly everyday, the sky and the clouds are sprayed through airplanes! This is a fact, please look up and inform yourself through this video and several other videos we will post on this site.

It does really feel not nice, to accept this crisis, in which we are already since decades.

The tipping point is nearly reached, the Point of No Return is maybe already crossed.

But we can still trust to the strong forces of mother earth and the harmonizing effects, it can obviously do, once we let it breath again. The spraying and all other Climate Engineering must stop immediately. We have to put our forces together and inform as many people as possible.


Dave Wigington | Geoengineering

Be prepared for this presentation. Maybe you get the beer out of the fridge, and ask your partner or friends to be with you, while you watch it. Dave Wigington is the living proof, that one single person CAN MAKE A DIFFRENCE!

Since 10 years he is researching and producing hell of a lot of material, in order to inform the world about the unbelievable situation we are.

Stratospheric Aerosol Climate Geoengineering | Global Dimming | Solar Radiation Management

The presentations below are in my point of view the most important ones I found. Dane Wigington has many other videos available on Youtube. Search the following terms: Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering | Climate Engineering | Global Dimming | Solar Radiation Management



Hacking The Planet: The Climate Engineering Reality

Must see! The most important presentation of your life

Please, inform yourself and send the best videos to your friends and colleagues.Don’t try to explain too much, you need to let videos of experts speak.

It is not a nice matter, nobody likes to give up his comfort zone, and accept the silent war on the humanity and the mother earth, in which we are already longer than one decade.

We get poisoned from every corner, and the Weapons of Mass Destruction, such as the Media, Politician, military, bankers … are only lying to you! You know that as well as I know it.

Just be open for the chance, that you also can make a big difference in this time where Youtube and websites ect. can reach millions of people.



GeoEngineering: The Collapse of Civilization, Weather Warfare


CIA Officer Speaks Out: Where are all the Whistleblowers


Together we are strong | Let’s unite! | Action needed

We have to produce a consciousness-shift, we must win this war! And it is a war, please accept this. We are poisend. I am sorry, that I bring this information to you, please don’t judge me, I am only the messenger.

Inform yourself, get back in to your power, and you have the power, and think about solutions. Everything has a solution!

We must win this war! Let’s do something

Be a gentle-man, a strong but an empathic man! So many animals, plants, aquatic insects and fish, human beeings, all life on planet earth is right now suffering so much from the various kinds of poisons, they get from every angle. We need to feel their needs, their problems and find solutions.

Together we are strong! We have to make a difference. Be part of it!


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