Always more fascinated by the EOS Water Ionizer



A huge thank you to EOS and to Kim, Eul-Hwan, the “President” of EOS and his team.

The EOS Lydia water ionizers, then under the German brand name Bionlite Platinion Classic with 5 electrodes and the Bionlite Platinion X-Cell Ultra, where for me personally, always too weak for our Munich tap water. The only weak spot in older models was, in my opinion, the adjustment of the performance of the ionizer to the current water flow rate. Because of this you could never unleash its full potential.

The engineers in Korea have, in principle, something sensible in their head, which is to have the device adjust automatically to the current water flow rate. For:

The lower the water flow rate, the more time the electrodes have to ionize the components of hydrogen and oxygen. Therefore, the end products alkaline and acidic water heavily dependent on the water flow.

Of course the mineral composition of the water source plays an important role in the maximum amount of hydrogen, the ORP and pH values. Following are the main characteristics, in my opinion:

  • 9 large and also slit electrodes with a very efficient SMPS switch transformer (500 W)
  • No adjusting to the water flow rate, like this maximum potential of the 9 electrodes is reached
  • Double filter system with activated carbon technology
  • A very low failure probability, proven model, very stable, so seven years full warranty on the EOS devices

In our opinion we have, finally, for the first time in history a mature water ionizer. Especially because the EOS water ionizers really are manufactured in high quality and are particularly fail safe. Something we do not know from other water ionizer brands.

Über Yasin Akgün

Alman asıllı Türk Yasin Akgün, 22 Mayıs 1977'de Münih'te doğdu. Avrupa Fakültesini tamamladıktan sonra Münih TUM Üniversitesi'nde mühendislik bölümünden mezun oldu. 2006'dan beri 1987'de Fraunhoferstreet 13'ün avlusunda kurulan “Wasserstelle München” (Water Point Munich) 'in dükkan sahibi. 2009'dan bu yana ana hedef, su iyonlaştırıcıları ile üretilen alkali iyonize hidrojenli sudur. (Su-elektroliz cihazı). > Yasin Akgün hakkında daha fazlası →

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