Aquaphor masaüstü filtre AQUALEN K7B filtre seti

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  • Tabla filtresi 0,8μm aktif karbon blok filtre kartuşu ve hollow fiber membran ile kapatılmış mikrop koruması; patentli Aqualen® teknolojisi ile; Kapasite : 3.600 litre veya 6 ay (DIN standardı)
  • Akış: Yaklaşık 4,0 bar'da (58 psi) maksimum 4 ila 5 litre / dakika; Ağırlık: 1,1 kg; Malzeme beyaz PP Boyutlar Filtre: çap 80mm, yükseklik 350mm; taban çapı: 140mm
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Ürün bilgileri "Aquaphor masaüstü filtre AQUALEN K7B filtre seti"

Aquaphor table filter with AQUALEN K7B filter cartridge inkl. Accessories for faucet


Double protection: AQUALEN charcoal
and hollow fiber membrane (germ protection)


This is the table-top version of the famous and esteemed Aquaphor filter Aqualen and hollow fiber membrane for home away from home and.

You get the filter holder incl. The Aquaphor Water filters k107b with accessories to make it easy to connect to the tap.

A detailed description of the filter and the filter performance can be found here:

Aquaphor Filter K1-07B inkl. AQUALEN and antibacterial barrier

Please look there came to a halt for the full product presentation.


QuickChange Auftischfilter Instructions

Note: The Complete Guide (with pictures) is available as PDF in the Downloads tab.

The integrated plug-in / plug-out system of filter replacement is particularly easy to carry out. These filters consist of a filter head and a filter cartridge. They offer a high degree of hygienic safety. When changing the filter medium and the filter housing is exchanged automatically, because both forms one unit. The cleaning and disinfection of the housing interior, as in classical systems, is eliminated. It can reach the interior of the system, no germs during filter replacement. The user also is no longer with the used or new filter medium in contact. This represents a significant advantage for hygiene.


Remove the aerator on your faucet spout, position (1) and adapt the switching valve with seal:
Direct, if the faucet has an external thread example (2) or by means of the adapter (M22 / M24) with a water valve with female thread example (3).

Despite careful assembly please check the tightness.
Before you enjoy the first filtered water, leave min. 10 liters of water run (3 to 4 minutes at a fully open faucet), diverter valve in position filtration].For technical reasons, are natural substances
from the activated carbon rinsed with the first liters of water. This procedure must be observed when changing the filter.


Operation of the plant



1. General information

Please note that after completion of the filtration of water from the spout drips (this is not an error, but for technical reasons)

If no water is filtered, then the switching valve to the position perpendicular, as shown in the photo below to ask,!

Thus it is avoided that in case of a
Vacuum is drawn in the piping of water from the filtration system into the pipe system.

Filter systems must never be operated behind depressurized (ie not pressurized) water heaters!

Operating only with Cold water up to max. 30 ° C permissible.
Please also read all instructions on the product data sheet.


2. Filter change

After no more than 6 months of QC filter is exchanged. This also applies to only a small water supply during this time. At high water intake (daily more than 30 liters) or under heavy particle load of the water may be an earlier change necessary.

The capacity window is 3000-10000 liters. Let mind. Drain 10 liters of water from the new filter unused (3 to 4 minutes).

Pull entire filter unit upward from the sleeve, press the blue release button and ausklicken Filter by left-handed.

3. Stagnant water

Basically, according to the recommendations of the UBA (Federal Environment Agency), to water (eg.B. after 4h stagnation in a line) run before the first withdrawal as drinking something.

To filter this means to go about 10 to 20 seconds in the filter operation, and only then take water as drinking water.
When not in use for several days, first let expire unused a few liters.

The water tap for connecting the Auftischfilters requires a standard thread (22mm or 24mm).


4. Other operating requirements

For the cleaning and disinfection of all water-carrying parts (valve, filter head, spout) The application of recognized spray (disinfectant Hygiene Spray Drugstore / pharmacy) is recommended.
The supply hose (diameter 6.35 mm [¼ ‘]) should be replaced every 2 years.

5. Housing Care

Do not treat the case with aggressive or abrasive cleaners or scouring pads, they would roughen the surface of Auftischfilters.
The surface is deliberately designed, which can be performed a cleaning with a cloth, detergent and water.


Disposal of filter cartridges

We take the used filter cartridges back and ensure proper disposal!Freight paid by the return station. Alternatively: Used filter cartridges perform other household waste.
And when, after many years the unit but must be disposed of: The housing is made entirely of aluminum, all components are bolted and thus be separated, so that an optimal separation of materials and recycling is possible.


Consumer will receive a 24-month warranty, dealer of 12 months.
The amount of the guarantee is limited to a maximum of the respective replacement value and is carried out by replacement in kind, exchange, repair or replacement of the purchase price.
Any additional guarantees, we do not allow. A return is possible in accordance with the legal requirements. 

A liability for damages, from normal wear and tear, improper handling, surface damage from mechanical influences
improper use or non-compliance with the instructions in the owner’s manual or the product datasheet shall be excluded. We are not liable for damages which have not occurred on the delivery item itself. For any consequential damages arising from the operation, no liability is assumed.
Likewise, we are not liable for consequential damages. Extent permitted by law, the liability for any secondary, incidental or consequential damages, indirect or otherwise damage that arose in connection with the purchase, maintenance and use of the product, are excluded.
The objection of contributory negligence of the customer remains open.A modification of components or a person other than the specified application must be validated by the user and is located in its area of responsibility.


Important safety instructions:
Filter change after 6 months. The operating instructions given by the manufacturer must be observed.
All filter systems may only be operated with cold water.
Filter systems must never be operated behind depressurized (ie not pressurized) water heaters!
The operator has to ensure a proper use. New filters should be rinsed with 10 liters of unused prior to the first drinking water. The rules of technology and the legal requirements of each country are taken into account.

All products may not be operated any more in a visible damage or other disturbance. Despite carefully prepared information we can not accept any liability or guarantee as to the accuracy, timeliness, and completeness of the content on the website, the product information sheets, the instructions and the product and price lists. The statutory copyright protection to all we’ve created images and documents must be observed. Technical changes and misprints.The detailed safety instructions can also be found in our terms and conditions.

Intended use

Filtering only cold water, according to the regulations of the valid Drinking Water Ordinance for details and recommendations:



Value and accuracy
Made in Germany & Filter technology by AQUAPHOR

Scope of supply:

  • Table filter bracket
  • Diverting the water tap
  • 1m 1/4 ‘PE tubing
  • Filter Aquaphor K7B
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Aquaphor Tezgahüstü filtre Özellikler 

  • Uygulamalı teknoloji (ler): Aktif karbon blok filtre, içi boş fiber zardan terminal mikrop bariyeri
  • Çalışma ortamı: musluk suyu
  • Çap ∅: 78 mm (filtre elemanı + kafa) veya 140mm taban
  • Beyaz renk
  • Arıtılmış su litresi başına filtre maliyeti: ≤ 0,019 Euro veya ≤ 0,2 sent / litre
  • Yükseklik: 350mm
  • Hat basıncı: 4 bar
  • Malzeme: Gövde: polipropilen, içerik: gümüş kaplı aktif karbon granülleri
  • 2 l / dk'da pH değerleri, dH ° 14-18: değişiklik yok
  • 2 l / dk'da ORP veya redoks potansiyelleri, dH ° 14-18: değişiklik yok
  • Akış aralığı: 4-5 litre / dak, en uygun şekilde 2 litre / dak
  • Güç tüketimi: elektrik yok, sadece hat basıncı gerekli
  • Ortam sıcaklığı: 4 ° C - 40 ° C
  • Giriş suyu sıcaklığı: 4 ° C - 30 ° C

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