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Increased calcium content in alkaline activated water? Video from Dr. med. Dr. Ing. Petrov

Dear Mr. K, this is a common question and I have already commented on it several times. For example in the “Service Handbook for People”. And under the FAQs about calcium, Roberts, Töth in my book “Electroactivated Water”. You can download both books as PDFs for free via the link list. Or here in the FAQ collection from Aquacentrum I have the following […]

How do you rate reverse osmosis systems from Hpreiss and Truu Water?

Mr. Asenbaum How do you rate reverse osmosis systems from Hpreiss and Truu Water Dear Mr. Asenbaum, I have been dealing with the topic of water for a long time out of personal interest. This email is simply to thank you for all your actions, your commitment, sharing your interview, preparing the topic, for example in the form of short videos, so [...]

How much does alkaline water neutralize stomach acid?

Answer from Karl Heinz Asenbaum | Alkaline water is weakly buffered Hello Mr. H., you really can't say that ionized water is “greatly buffered” when it takes 16 glasses to neutralize 1 glass of cola! What I show in the experiment is that the ionized water is buffered twice as much as [...]

Is that correct? According to Dr. Sircus, it is these H ions that are responsible for the healing success, not the alkaline water

Question about an article by “Dr. Sircus” against alkaline hydrogen water Hello Mr. Asenbaum, the currently recommended devices create 1.5 mg/L hydrogen ions. According to Dr. Sircus, it is these H ions that are responsible for the healing success, not the alkaline water: So for the future you should attach great importance to this value and [...]

Does activated carbon filter up to 2 million chemicals from the water and if not - what happens to it after electrolysis?

Reply from Yasin Akgün on October 28th. 2016: Dear Erich, now we know each other from before. So, you should know that every reverse osmosis system has several activated carbon pre-filters. These are often not given priority as coarse filters. HOWEVER! And as an expert you should be able to read this at least once in every better data sheet for a reverse osmosis membrane filter: Reverse osmosis membranes […]

Counter-article to criticism from Bestwater | The alkaline water | What is alkaline water?

Johan K.: The more you look into “alkaline water” on the internet, the more unsure you become! For example, here on the site they don't write positive things about it: What's really about it, who can you believe the most, or...? For simplicity, I took the article from the mentioned website (2016.08.06/XNUMX/XNUMX) […]

Toth, Ewald

Sylvia S.: I received a report by email from Dr. med. Ewald Töth, which I should distribute further. It represents a sharp criticism of the concept of alkaline activated water. Title: “The operation of water ionization devices and the possible effects of filtered, electrolytically reduced water in the human body.” What do you think about that? In […]

Jan Roberts Nexus Magazine

In the magazine Nexus Magazine Issue 19, a woman Jan Roberts writes that consuming alkaline water causes health problems. Is that true? When discussing an alkaline effect, one should not forget the indirect consequence of drinking alkaline activated water: If we replenish our daily water requirement primarily by drinking this water and, [...]

Pimag water

Thomas N.: At a health fair someone told me that alkaline activated water is a thing of the past. The latest achievement with much more oxygen is Pimag water. But I didn't understand the difference. What do you mean?

Conductance and PPM measurement

Andrea G.: Yesterday a representative was with me who measured the water from my water ionizer. It actually has more parts per million than tap water! I thought the filter took out all the pollutants! Now, the man says, there are even more and he advises me to get a reverse osmosis system. This is a well-known juggler's trick.

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