Aquacentrum Update 2019 | Drinking hydrogen water & breathing hydrogen

Short course on alkaline & neutral hydrogen (H2) - water from a hydrogen (H2) generator


Overview of the state of the art hydrogen (H2) industry

List of topics that Yasin Akgün, Dipl.-Ing. TUM is talking about in the video.

Yasin Akgün has now been working for over 14 years to educate people about water filters, water ionizers and wellness products. You can trust his recommendations, especially because he advises independently of manufacturers. He is currently working with more than 20 different manufacturers from Asia and the EU.

  • Alkaline hydrogen water: 1:43
  • Hydrogen gas: 1:59
  • Units for the production of alkaline hydrogen water: 3:13
  • Reverse osmosis filter: 5:59
  • Yasin's trick technology: 7:59
  • Test phase and satisfaction guarantee: 9:59
  • Ionizer as water filter with an additional function: 12:00
  • Hydrogen booster: 14:59
  • Hydrogen gas generator : 17:58
  • Hydrogen inhalation: 21:59
  • Aquaphor water filter: 27:59
  • Short term fasting : 29:01
  • Osmoveda reverse osmosis with hot water function : 29:59
  • Hydronade Magnesium Hydrogen Effervescent tablet : 31:59

About Yasin Akgün

Yasin Akgün, of Turkish origin, was born in Munich on 22 May 1977. After completing his high school diploma he completed his studies of mechanical engineering at the TU Munich. Since 2006, he is the proud owner of the Munich watering place, which was in the inner courtyard of Fraunhoferstr. 13 from 1987 until 2018.
Since 2018 Aquacentrum has moved to Garching, a suburb of Munich.>More about Yasin Akgün in his biography
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