Dr. Robert Young in Munich 2015


Dr. Robert Young | Lecture in Munich 2015 | Alkaline Water


Interview with Dr. Robert Young | Munich | 2015

Finally ready | Interview with Dr. Robert Young

We proudly present the probably best quality video in the world wide web with Dr. Robert Young, the Guru for alkaline food and water.

The second part of the interview will soon follow.

Thank you very much dear Robert! Yasin


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Yasin Akgün, German of Turkish descent, was born in Munich on the 22 May 1977. After completing his European Baccalaureate he continued with his degree on engineering at Munich’s TUM University. Since 2006 he is the shop owner of the “Wasserstelle München” (Water Point Munich), which was established in the inner courtyard of Fraunhoferstreet 13 in 1987. Since 2009 the main point is alkaline ionized hydrogenous water produced with water ionizers. (Water-electrolysis device). >More about Yasin Akgün