AQUACENTRUM / Water treatment comparison and effect | interview

Water treatment comparison and effect | interview

Telephone interview 2014 | Alkaline active water | 6 mins

Telephone interview: Yasin Akgün is interviewed by Lukas Tobler on the topic of water and treatment.

What it is:


  • Introduction of Dipl. Ing. Yasin Akgün – Managing Director of AQUACENTRUM
  • How much water should you drink, which water?
  • Reverse osmosis / water ionizer / water filter in comparison – what is really good?
  • Drink from a reverse osmosis system or a water filter or a water ionizer?
  • Secrets and background information about water

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Water treatment comparison and effect interview

I was interviewed over the phone by Lukas Tobler in Lisbon at the beginning of 2014. The questions had already been sent to me in advance, although I actually hardly prepared for them as I now have enough practice on the phone from the numerous customer conversations that I have every day.

It's important to me that I don't just hand over customer advice to any sales partners or employees. I always enjoy talking to interested parties and, depending on the case, sometimes thinking about a special solution.

Of course, it's easier if you inform yourself in advance through our few but very effective videos so that we tackle exactly the right topic. The best way to do this is with ours Main video, the lecture on electro-activated water by Karl Heinz Asenbaum.

You can listen to or download the entire audio interview below. The introduction to the audio interview as a video, practically the first 6 minutes of the phone call, can be found right below. If you like the video, you can listen to the audio above the video.

Then I wish you lots of fun and success with your research! Yasin Akgun

Contents of the interview about water treatment comparison, water filters, reverse osmosis systems and water ionizers:

  1. Welcome/Introduction (Luke)
  2. Brief introduction about yourself and how you got to your job.
  3. Most people know that you should drink 2 - 3 liters of water every day, but the reality is often different: many people don't like water. What are the consequences of too little water intake?
  4. Tastes vary among those who drink enough water: some only drink tap water, others only drink sparkling water and others only drink spring water. Does the type of water play a role or does “the main thing is to drink enough?” What are the consequences of these different drinking habits? (In your answer, can you please address the fact that the body a) becomes acidic and b) has to expend energy to absorb this water c) possible other consequences.
  5. Now there is also ionized water, which we would like to discuss further. What is meant by ionized water and to what extent does it support well-being?
  6. There are countless suppliers of water ionizers and each one claims to be the market leader. You yourself put water treatment devices through their paces. What did you discover and which providers are your favorites?
  7. There are critics who advise against using alkaline water because there are no reliable studies. How should our listeners deal with such information?
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