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Testimonials Tesla Experiment Set | Water revitalization 150 MHz oscillator

Experience reports for Tesla experiment set for water revitalization | 144MHz & 150MHz Oscillator

Experience reports up to 2020 Tesla 144 MHz oscillator | 7 hours to listen here or via Spotify:

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Conductivity high frequency through melon bread & water | 150 MHz oscillator

Differences antennas of the Tesla experiment set | Arthur Trankle

Awesome: Tesla Celltuner vs. COPD | whoever heals is right

Customer references only – water energizer according to Dr. G. Lakhovsky

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The best videos about the Tesla experiment set for water revitalization, Lakhovsky multi-wave oscillator, Celltuner, from Wassermatrix

Must See Video > Recovery through high frequency energy > How it works

Sports medicine and the Tesla high frequency | Arthur Tränkle | QS24

Quote from the book “If the patients knew that” by Jan van Helsing and Vera Wagner:

“11.7. Insider tip: high frequency therapy

The moment I decided not to subject myself to the dental surgeon's scalpel, a gentle path to healing seemed to open up. One evening I saw a report on the news platform “The Untouchables” under the heading “High-frequency therapy for dental interference fields.”

I breathlessly read the article about the cell tuner, whose technology is based on the fundamental theory of the brilliant physicist Nikola Tesla and which was developed a hundred years ago by the Russian engineer Dr. Georges Lakhovsky had been further developed into a medical device.

Prof. Dr. Ewald Paul, who worked as head of high frequency and light research in Munich in the 1920s, published the book »Advances in radiofrequency therapy« in its hundredth edition. He published several books on electromedicine, and in 1932 his book on “High frequency in the service of dentistry” was published. Even back then, dentists were already successfully treating diseases and disorders in the jaw.

I contacted the author of the article, Arthur Tränkle, who is familiar with this technology and sells Tesla devices, and asked him what my chances were with dental interference fields. “It takes patience, it can take a few months with daily treatment,” he answered and provided me with information, doctor’s reports, and patient reports that were impressive.

Because people with pacemakers or implants are not allowed to use the device, I ask: I have a lot of metal in my mouth. Can I still use it?" The answer: "Yes, that's no problem. “ Even though it was a larger investment, it was still cheaper than the monster operation, and this route, even though it required time and discipline, seemed much more pleasant to me because I had the feeling that I was now taking the healing into my own hands gain weight. I ordered the water vitalizer, the accompanying book »Introduction to high frequency therapy« provided interesting insights.”

T2 Dieter Broers, The therapeutic potential of 150 MHz carrier waves

Dieter Broers: Healing with vibration fields, 2013, 62 min.

> Download patent Dieter Broers | Irradiation device for treating living tissue with electromagnetic waves.pdf

History of high frequency therapy

High-frequency therapy uses alternating currents with high voltage but very low current (i.e. harmless to the human organism).

As early as 1891, the physicist Nikola Tesla developed a high-frequency generator for use in medicine for healing purposes. Initially, the mechanism of action was the gentle warming of deep tissues and organs. The use of these high-frequency currents in medicine goes back to the developments of the physicist and electrical engineer Nikola Tesla, who was described as a genius. At that time, Tesla was an employee of Thomas A. Edison and developed, among other things, three-phase current and, a few years later, a multi-phase system for electrical energy transmission.

He managed to transmit energy wirelessly through the earth and air. He is said to have been the actual discoverer of radio and invented numerous technologies that were registered in over 800 patents. Back in 1891, Nikola Tesla first introduced the high-frequency transformer he had developed. This was the birth of medical radiation treatment.

The French physician d'Arsonval further developed high-frequency therapy. Intensive research work dealt with the effects of high-frequency currents on processes of cell metabolism, tissue regeneration and the chemical conversion and excretion of decay products in the extracellular space.

High-frequency therapy was widely used in medicine in Germany from 1920 onwards, but this important form of therapy was initially forgotten again due to the Second World War.

Recent research shows that the special therapeutic effect of high-frequency therapy comes about, among other things, through so-called longitudinal waves. These waves, discovered by Tesla, flood the cells of the human body when used; In resonance with the longitudinal waves from the generator signal, a diseased organ reacts with a specific healing reaction.

Many molecules in the human body have a periodic charge distribution and are therefore in constant motion, which is changed or disturbed in disease states.

As a result of the application, the molecules realign themselves in rapid succession, which results in, among other things, a permanent realignment and a particularly gentle healing tissue warming from the inside, without any heat being supplied from the outside.

The resulting warming causes increased blood flow to the tissue and increases cell metabolism. In open wounds, wound granulation can be significantly increased. In addition, the electrical information transfer (via biosignals) between the individual cells is activated.

In modern naturopathy, high-frequency therapy has a very wide range of applications as a powerful yet gentle procedure. Here are in particular

  • Orthopedics (treatment of diseases of the entire musculoskeletal system),
  • Rheumatology,
  • cupping therapy,
  • Meridian and acupuncture treatment,
  • Reflexology therapy, treatment of various skin diseases,
  • Treatment of wound healing disorders,
  • Stimulating ion exchange in the cellular area and
  • general metabolic activation as well
  • Dynamization of medicines and water for healing purposes

to call. Flooding certain areas of the body, for example with two generators at the same time, is a highly effective special application for some clinical pictures. The treatment of pacemaker wearers and pregnant women should be excluded from the treatment of the abdominal cavity and points that could potentially trigger contractions.

Georges lakhovsky

Lakhovsky was a Russian-French engineer and electrotherapist. He developed a so-called MWO (multiple wave oscillator), which could simultaneously generate EM waves in a large frequency range (20 Hz - 150 MHz). After he was able to successfully treat cancer in plants, he continued his work with animals and humans. In 1925 an article of his appeared in Radio News: “Curing Cancer with Ultra Radio Frequencies”. He has published several books in French. In 1939, “The Secret of Life” was published in English. He postulated that cell structures have antenna properties and can absorb and emit electromagnetic radiation.

Georges Lakhovsky, born (possibly) in Minsk, Russia, on 12. September 1870 and died August 31, 1942, New York, USA, was a controversial writer and researcher. He was inspired by a pseudoscientific hypothesis about possible communication between living cells via high-frequency electromagnetic radiation. We owe him the invention of alternative medical devices that supposedly can cure cancer, which has never been scientifically proven.

Biography of Georges Lakhovsky

Lakhovsky's biography is incomplete, and some sources confuse him with a contemporary Russian painter of the same name.

Georges Lakhovsky was probably born on September 17, 1870 in the Minsk region (now Belarus) (or perhaps 1869).

His education is also uncertain: he would have completed an engineering degree in Odessa and studied at the medical faculty in Paris. The only certainty is that he was never a doctor.

Lakhovsky imagined that cells emit and absorb electromagnetic radiation at specific frequencies. In various works he argued that the health of living things depends on the quality of the vibrations of their cells. He believed that it was possible to amplify these vibrations by applying electromagnetic fields tuned to specific frequencies, opening up the possibility of therapeutic treatments.

After the First World War he contacted Arsène d'Arsonval, who at that time had developed an electrical therapeutic procedure.

In 1923, at the Paris Hospital Pitié-Salpêtrière (then called Clinique Médicale de la Salpêtrière), Lakhovsky developed a personal process that he tested by attempting to treat "cancer" in geraniums. His process, based on high-frequency electromagnetic fields, was based on the ideas of D'Arsonval.

In 1924, he exposed plants previously infected with the bacterium (Agrobacterium tumefaciens) to an electromagnetic field producing a single frequency wave of 150 MHz. To do this, he used a “Radio Cellulo Oscillator” of his invention. Since he had no experience in plant physiology, he believed that this bacterium induced cancer while producing only limited cell proliferation and forming growths reminiscent of cancer. He believed he could cure cancerous plants with high-frequency radiation and extended his experiments to humans.

Multi-wavelength OLOM oscillator

Around 1930, Lakhovsky invented his "multi-wave oscillator OLOM" (in: multi-wave oscillator MWO), which he patented in France in May 1931, with an addition in February 1932, and in the United States; . It is an ordinary shortwave transmitter with a variable transmission frequency. He presents his invention as "a device capable of emitting different wavelengths at the same time, so that among these waves or their harmonics, one or more will almost always be able to produce the best possible effect for n" any application ". “We exploit for this purpose the property of open circuits with a fundamental or natural self-induction and the ability to oscillate at a precisely determined wavelength when excited by electrical impulses emanating from discharges from any source. The radiating part of the system, which produces waves of different lengths, therefore consists of a certain number of concentric open rings of different diameters, kept isolated by a suitable method. These rings may or may not be determined by small skill ranges. These rings can be powered by any high-frequency generating device, for example a combination of a tremor coil (or other transformer) and a high-frequency circuit using a self-induction coil and a capacitor.

He treated several patients suffering from tumors with this device, with some success according to photos taken at the time. However, these supposed successes were never confirmed by independent authorities. It was his principles and experiments that inspired Antoine Priore's research after World War II.

Downloads on the history of high frequency therapy

Why does high frequency radiation heal?

Depending on the frequency and energy density, he was able to detect different physiological effects. Nicola Tesla suspected that the human body works like a capacitor and is capable of accumulating electrical energy.

Small manufacturers quickly emerged and began producing the simply constructed Tesla coil as high-frequency healing devices, also known as the Violet Wand. A primary coil was installed in small cases. There is also a film capacitor and a breaker mounted on the coil. The interrupter works as a Wagnerian hammer and is the actual heart of the device.

Through its structureless flashes, it ensures the transformation into extremely broadband high-frequency radiation. As an example of high-frequency stimulation current devices, the previously used Saneta HF healing device should be mentioned.

This high frequency distinguishes these old devices from modern high-frequency healing devices. The divine spark is replaced here by electronic components. This makes the radiation constant and reduces the bandwidth to a precisely limited section of the frequency spectrum. These devices emit narrow-band high-frequency radiation to specific organs and areas of the body that resonate with the corresponding frequencies.

Georges Lakhovsky developed his own system based on the radiant energy of a Tesla coil. Through microscopic observations of amoebae, he discovered their reactions to electric fields. This was the basis for his considerations about energy potential in cells and their importance for the human immune system. Since each cell represents an oscillating circuit, he developed a broadband high-frequency antenna with a large number of smaller oscillating circuits. The antenna emits broadband high-frequency radiation and the organism sitting in front of it absorbs this energy in its own oscillating circuit.
Lakhovsky's apparatus was used in Paris hospitals on hopeless cancer cases, with great success. The successes of his healing treatment are documented in minutes and photographs.

All high-frequency healing devices follow the principle that high-frequency radiation can penetrate the body through the skin via a small glass electrode containing a gas or vacuum. The treatment is partial and small area. A large antenna could send its healing rays to a much greater extent and, above all, over a very large area. The human body is able to naturally accumulate radio frequency energy. A healthy organism is able to use these energies, as well as sunlight, profitably.

Humans generate certain frequencies in their brain even in different sleep states and, as creator beings, generate their own vibration frequencies for certain states of recovery: gamma brain waves, beta brain waves, alpha brain waves, theta brain waves and delta brain waves.

If a part of these human frequencies is placed in an antenna snail designed according to the golden ratio, the human brain can be influenced. A high-frequency source is connected to the inner end of the antenna snail. The outer end is terminated with a ball that prevents spontaneous electrical lightning discharge. The larger arcs of the antenna also trigger the slowest oscillations. They are particularly suitable for tense muscle groups or joints; the smaller arches inside the antenna are more effective for superficial treatments. The high frequencies help the organism to accumulate life energies and thus enable it to successfully fight diseases and inflammation.

In addition to artificially generated high-frequency radiation, Lakhovsky was also interested in natural radiation and its effect on organisms. In extensive tests, he discovered that a simple copper loop around a sick plant heals and makes the plant itself grow large and strong. This effect has been reproduced in countless experiments with a wide variety of environments and plants.

Globebusters Show: Understanding the Aether's Role in Creation

Very eye-opening YouTube channel for free spirits ;-)

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