Water filters

 A water filter can be installed either to the tap (counter top filters like the products below in this main category) or under the sink (under the counter filters). The filter should be changed every 6 months (approx) at the latest, depending on the type, water pollution and overall flow time.
The short video on the right shows impressively what an AQUAPHOR® filter alone can achieve. The white, larger, under the sink and over the counter filters from Russia are even better in performance. Their strength lies especially in removing heavy metals, which other active carbon filters can not filter effectively. Thanks to the built-in silver ions in the filter matrix,  germination is counteracted if the water filters stand a long time with water inside.

Our main recommendation for all water filters in the world are the ones from Russia, AQUAPHOR® Modern, the simplest, but very effective Countertop-Waterfilter which you install to the kitchen tap.

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