Water whirlwind

Water swirlers return water to its original state

Water swirler from CARAT Aqua plus (formerly VitaVortex®)

From 1987 onwards the VitaVortex® water swirler made known through our “watering hole”. These swirlers are used in two different areas: as Attachments for the faucetto prepare the tap water at the sink or sink, or as Shower heads for vital showers.

You can buy both types of products in our online shop. The water vortexes they create make your drinking water more digestible and tastier than standard tap or bottled mineral water.

UMH whirlwind from the tap to the entire house

With his smallest Drinking water vortex, the UMH Pure, the Austrian manufacturer UMH (environmental technology with a heart) provides an important addition to all osmosis and filter systems. The filtered water is energized in a simple and effective way.

The range of uses of the UMH water swirler Ranges from drinking water filters and reverse osmosis systems to aquariums, circulation pumps and more Water Ionizers through to systems that supply the entire apartment or building with physically treated water.

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Results 1 - 12 of 15 are displayed