All the videos from with Alexander Glogg and Yasin Akgün about H2 gas and H2 water and H2 generators
Short course on alkaline & neutral hydrogen (H2) - water from a hydrogen (H2) generator
Like Oxidative Stress Inflammation is necessary for our bodies. Too much of it or too little and our bodies develop all sorts of issues.
The Guardian | Comprehensive study of tap water | Considerable contamination with plastic fibres According to an extensive scientific study revealed by The Guardian, tap water from a dozen countries would be contaminated with plastic fibers. However, pollution,
You cannot imagine how happy these two videos make me. Your Yasin, from Aquacentrum Unpacking | TranceBoard CARBON 35-7 | electric skateboard Maiden Voyage | TranceBoard CARBON 35-7 |
"The King of Hydrogen": Tyler LeBaron | Molecular Hydrogen Foundation | Scientific proof We are so happy and feel really blessed, that Tyler LeBaron is doing what he does. He is working for many years on this matter and is proving through real facts and scientific documents, the various effects
Geoengineering | "Repairing Earth" | Climate Engineering | Global Dimming - Solar Radiation Management "Thank God men cannot fly, and lay waste the sky as well as the earth." Quote by Henry David Thoreau Dear openminded friend, I know,
New version of the AquaVolta® Hydrogen Booster Procedure with the H2 Blue Kit® for testing the amount of molecular hydrogen Testing the amount of molecular hydrogen with the H2 Blue Kit is done immediately after production.
The water-heat link I am lucky, that for the last 30 years I am allergic to most fever sinking remedies. So I prefer to lie in my warm bed and allow my body to do the work.
High Intensity Interval Training with Dr. Mike VanDerschelden Because it really fits have I placed this video presentation on the website, for it fully corresponds with my philosophy, even if I have seldomly applied it. In my opinion I also train like this, even if rarely,
Vision correction by Dr. Dewitt | Relaxation, proper nutrition and chiropractics At the latest when you have eye problems or generally a sight problem which has become worse, now is the time for you to deal with this 3 part presentation.
Two important presentations in one video | Dr. Michael VanDerschelden & Dr. John Bergman talk about the ketogenic diet and cancer No bread (no flour products alltogether), no noodles, no sugar or sugary foods, but therefor a lot of fat.
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