Drinking bottle 1 liter violet glass, including screw cap


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  • Unique Miron Violet Glass Dark
  • 7 years of development for the “perfect” purple color
  • Weight: 700 grams
  • Height: 278,7 ± 1,5 mm, diameter: 84,5 ± 1,5 mm
  • Material: Miron violet glass; Volume full: 1000 m
  • Opaque, so no algae formation like with transparent plastic or glass bottles

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Drinking bottle 1 liter violet glass, including screw cap

This Miron violet glass bottle from Switzerland offers the optimal solution for your freshly prepared water or other fresh drinks thanks to its special permeability for violet light, its partial permeability for UV-A and IR light and the opacity for visible light.

Water crystals with Miron violet glass, brown glass, and white glass

The father of water crystal photography is Masaru Emoto, born on July 22, 1943 in Yokohama (Japan). When he realized that no two snow crystals are the same, he came up with the idea of ​​using frozen water drops and photographing them to prove the quality of water. He commissioned a young researcher to confirm this theory using a high-resolution microscope. In the meantime, his crystal paintings have traveled around the world.

In his experience, water has a memory and responds to treatments. Spring water forms beautiful, harmonious and delicate hexagons, while water from the lower reaches of rivers hardly forms any crystals. In his work he points out that the imagery of water is diverse. The images, shapes and appearances resulting from the investigation cannot be reproduced, just as nature does not repeat itself. Conclusions about chemical, biological and physical qualities cannot be drawn using this method. But he also believes that the water crystal photos can say something about information and energetic content.

For our experiments, water was bottled in three different apothecary bottles with the types of glass: white, brown and violet. Short-term storage of 7 days and medium-term storage of 74 days were carried out. We would like to point out once again that the imagery of water is multidimensional and no scientific conclusions can be drawn.

miron violet glass chive test

Storage test with chives

Stained glass, white, green and brown glass are transparent in the visible light spectrum and do not offer sufficient protection against degradation processes induced by light.

In a 3-month storage experiment, various herbal and spice preparations were exposed to the sun or stored indoors for several hours a day in different types of glass (white, brown, violet).

After 2 months, the quality was recorded photographically using visual changes and the change in smell was also determined in a blind test with human volunteers. The illustration shows the clear bleaching of chive samples in brown and white glass stored in sunlight.

As photographed in this illustration, the sample stored in MIRON violet glass shows no color change. The smell of the chives stored in MIRON violet glass was also clearly stronger and fresher.

miron violet glass tomato test

Storage test with tomatoes

In order to ensure optimal quality protection of the products stored in MIRON violet glass
To make this easier to substantiate with foods, a microbiological experiment was carried out with cherry tomatoes. In this experiment, a cherry tomato was stored in a white glass and a MIRON violet glass for seven months and kept at room temperature with sunlight.

After seven months, the result was photographed. The microbiological changes can be clearly seen in the tomato stored in white glass. In contrast, the tomato stored in MIRON violet glass shows no loss of color or signs of drying.

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Downloads 1 liter Miron violet glass bottle

  • Diameter ∅: 84,5 ± 1,5 mm
  • Weight: 700 gr
  • Thread standard: DIN-CET PP28 STD
  • Height: 278,7 ± 1,5mm
  • Material: violet glass, very high quality and thick
  • Volume full: 1000 ml
  • Volume full to the brim: 1025,0 ± 10 ml

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