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  • Energy
  • An intact immune system
  • More resilience
  • Peace and balance
  • Only high-quality vitamins, minerals and trace elements are used here
  • One of the best vitamin supplements ever
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Aktivamed – The basic formula | Nutritional supplements

For more energy, an intact immune system, more resistance, peace and balance.

We should think about vitamin deficiency as a possible cause, especially when there is a decline in performance, inner restlessness, stress or chronic illnesses. The basic formula provides us with a balanced mix of vitamins and trace elements. Depending on the dosage, a deficiency can be avoided or compensated for. Pregnant women can also benefit from the basic formula.

Your all-round supply of high-quality vitamins

One of the best vitamin supplements ever! A jury of experts evaluated 500 vitamin preparations. Result: Basic formula is one of the 10 best!

There's a reason for that. Aktivamed attaches great importance to the highest quality. We have the basic formula manufactured by Douglas Laboratories in Pittsburgh. Douglas has over 40 years of experience and is considered one of the best vitamin manufacturers around. In addition to the basic formula, we also purchase our children's vitamin “Power Kids” and all other preparations from this company.

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Vitamins – indispensable helpers

We must supply our body with all vitamins regularly through food. Only with a high-dose and balanced vitamin preparation can you be sure that you are absorbing all the important substances in sufficient quantities. You can actively prevent deficiency symptoms and also achieve many positive effects, such as:

  • Your Health
  • Your vitality
  • Your well-being

However, no noticeable effects are to be expected from the usual daily dosages in Germany. When producing the basic formula, we therefore use the high dosages that are common in the USA. That's why the basic formula is produced there and imported specifically for you. With the entire spectrum of natural plant substances, valuable vitamins and minerals, you are well looked after.

... for more energy, an intact immune system, more resistance, peace and balance. In particular, loss of performance, inner restlessness, stress or chronic illnesses are caused by vitamin deficiency.

Vitamin supplements are particularly important for women who want to have children, pregnant women and breastfeeding women. Taken before and during pregnancy, vitamin supplements reduce the risk of miscarriages and deformities.

Regular consumption – comprehensive effect

The full effectiveness of the vitamins develops when you take the basic formula regularly over a longer period of time. Only then can the valuable vitamins accumulate in the body and do much more than just prevent vitamin deficiency. Try it!

Quality control and purity

The basic formula is produced for you under exceptionally strict production conditions. Only high-quality vitamins, minerals and trace elements are used here. The requirements for quality, purity and hygiene are high. In addition, artificial additives are deliberately avoided during production. Not only allergy sufferers appreciate this: Basic formula - these are tablets that are pleasant to swallow without:

  • colors and preservatives
  • Gluten, yeast, wheat and soy
  • Added sugar and flavoring

Also suitable for pregnant women!

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Ingredients and quantities base formula

Aktivamed - The basic formula - nutritional supplement content 1200

2 Reviews for Aktivamed – The basic formula – 180 tablets

  1. Michael Weller -

    These basic formula pressings are great, if it's really the problem I have almost no pain anymore.

  2. avatar photo

    Yasin Akgun -

    A doctor whose opinion I trust very much recommended the basic formula to me, and I have to say that I voluntarily and even happily take the basic formula at least twice a day. It's really good for me.
    Finally a supplement that covers the bases and you can really feel it in your body and mind.
    I have actually tested numerous nutritional supplement products as I have been selling health products for 10 years now.
    It was always 500 euros or more invested and I rarely used up a product completely. Somehow I didn't feel like it.
    And I rarely noticed anything physically or mentally.

    Since I haven't had a balanced diet for years, often eating in restaurants and hardly any fruits and vegetables, I really feel that what I've been missing needs to be included in the basic formula.
    For this reason, I bought 50 cans of the basic formula directly from the manufacturer and give it away to every customer who buys an EOS water ionizer from me and has, for example, cancer or other health problems.
    This guarantees that my customers are strengthened twice:
    On the one hand with alkaline, hydrogen-containing water as an antioxidant and on the other hand with the most important minerals, trace elements and vitamins, in the right mix.

    My loved ones, such as my father, my mother, my sister, my girlfriend and friends, regularly receive the doses from me free of charge because I want them to be well.
    In this sense, I can only recommend that you definitely try it out!

    All the best from Munich

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