AquaVolta® aqua living® bluebalance® | portable hydrogen water generator - returned, like new


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  • Hydrogen generator for extremely tasty hydrogen water with, depending on the electrolysis time, very high molecularly dissolved hydrogen content
  • Suitable for all water, including reverse osmosis and distilled water
  • Hydrogen yield, in 350ml plastic cylinder (BPA-free): approx. 150 ppb (parts per billion) or 0,15 ppm (parts per million) per minute, e.g. approx. 1,5 ppm H2 content after 10 minutes.
  • Not to be confused with the typical HRW generators (the save Membranes use and do not work under pressure)
  • Battery charging time: 90 minutes, enough for approx. 50 minutes of running time (depending on the water)
  • Dimensions: ∅ 77mm, height: 105mm, 2 year full guarantee
  • Includes 500 grams of citric acid for descaling and 2 different bottle adapters for all common bottles (28mm and 31mm thread) and 380ml double-walled glass tube and matching adapter with lid
  • Note: Currently only the color white is available!

Currently only particularly reduced items, such as new returns, are available. 

The aqua living® hydrogen booster bluebalance® keeps the water neutral and does not produce wastewater. Thanks to its high-pressure technology, it can store even more hydrogen in the water than a normal water ionizer. Energy on the go. Always and everywhere fresh.

AquaVolta® aqua living® hydrogen booster bluebalance® for at home and on the go to produce hydrogen-rich water

For many years it was considered irrefutable that activated water only retains its negative redox potential and thus its electron wealth for a few hours to days.

But when it was discovered that dissolved hydrogen was the decisive factor for the antioxidant effect and thus the electron wealth, an industry developed that pressed hydrogen at high pressure into multi-layered water bags, where the content could be maintained for several months. However, such a bag with 0,2 liters of hydrogen water costs around €4 and also causes major waste problems.

The mobile one aqua living® hydrogen booster bluebalance® is ideal for producing hydrogen-rich drinking water on the go or for refreshing alkaline activated water that could not be drunk fresh from a water ionizer using hydrogen. Hydrogen production in the newly designed SPE (solid polymer electrolyte) electrolysis cell makes it possible to avoid acidic wastewater. Only a small amount of condensation is created, which can be easily removed after five to six uses. The production time for a glass of hydrogen water (0,2 liters) is 5 minutes. You can also ionize bottled water up to 1,5 liters directly in the screwed-on bottle. Depending on the size of the bottle, this takes up to 20 minutes. The system's high pressure resistance theoretically allows up to four times supersaturation with hydrogen. Stationary water ionizers usually achieve a maximum of 1,6 ppm hydrogen.

New version hydrogen booster – hydrogen water

Comparison tests | Molecularly dissolved hydrogen content

What is a hydrogen booster or an HRW generator?


  • Until then, hydrogen-rich water had only been produced using stationary electric water ionizers. But you also want to drink fresh active water on the go.
  • Initially, small electrolysis devices were simply converted to battery power. However, these could not store enough because they did not remove oxygen but increased it.
  • Hydrogen is very reluctant to dissolve in water unless you force it into it at high pressure. This is exactly what a hydrogen booster does. It is a high-pressure diaphragm water ionizer with a PEM cell that produces only a few drops of wastewater as condensate, but still removes the oxidizing water components:
  • Result: more hydrogen-rich water. Unfortunately, it is not even alkaline, like from a water ionizer.
  • While the bags are filled with hydrogen water with 2,8 ppm hydrogen content, the aqua living® hydrogen booster bluebalance® reach up to 6,1 ppm.
  • The currently available hydrogen booster only comes with plastic and glass bottle adapters, without the glass tube that will soon be available as an option

Working principle of the SPE membrane electrolysis technology

SPE membrane electrolysis principle - diagram

Hydrogen Water – The New Bar for Drinking | Hydrogen Rich

When it comes to a device for on the go, one thing is clear: there is no point in making water more energy-rich with hydrogen if it does not meet the demanding requirements for drinking water.

That's why we have it aqua living® hydrogen booster bluebalance® designed so that, unlike a stationary water ionizer, it does not rely on a single type of water.

If you don't want to trust existing tap water, you can use any trustworthy bottled water and even water from a reverse osmosis system (RO water).

You can fill the normal or the larger one of the high-pressure cylinders included in the delivery with the mineral water.

Thanks to various bottle adapters, you can also ionize the water directly in the mineral water bottle and enrich it with hydrogen.

Only restriction:

The water must not contain carbon dioxide. Otherwise the overall gas pressure will increase too much.

Technical description of the water cell: Proton exchanger cell (PEM) with solid polymer membrane (SPE) made of Nafion, made by Dupont, USA.

Hydrogen testing by titration (H2 Blue Kit ® test drops)

From the redox potential to measuring the dissolved hydrogen in active water

In the past, only the redox potential was measured to determine the antioxidant effect of activated water. But this is a very imprecise and relative value because the redox potential depends not only on the dissolved hydrogen, but also on the different redox potentials of the various substances dissolved in the water, e.g. B. Minerals are influenced. (see also the video about baby milk powder and water selection)

After the role of hydrogen was recognized as important, a supposed hydrogen measuring device came onto the market in Japan (Trustlex ENH 1000), which calculates a dissolved hydrogen content from the measured redox potential using an experience-based conversion factor of approx. (-)2,14 wanted to derive.

However, this factor has been criticized by numerous experts and Trustlex itself admits that the device does not work properly.

H2 Blue Kit Hydrogen test liquid when dripping

Measurement | Hydrogen content | with the H2 Blue Kit ® test drops

1 drop of the H2 Blue Kit ® is currently internationally recognized as evidence of 100 ppb (0,1 ppm) of dissolved hydrogen in water.


  1. In the picture (middle) you can see the normal container of the AquaVolta® hydrogen booster, which was filled with 0,2 l tap water (Munich) and 10 drops of the H2 Blue Kit ® reagent solution.
  2. After 25 seconds of operation, the solution decolorized and thus detected dissolved hydrogen.
  3. In the 7 minute operating level, the AquaVolta® hydrogen booster achieved 1,7 ppm with the same tap water.
    This corresponds to a supersaturation of 0,1 ppm.
H2 Blue Kit hydrogen test liquid and logo

Procedure for testing the molecular hydrogen content with the H2 blue® kit

The molecular hydrogen content test with the H2 Blue® Kit is carried out immediately after production. To do this, carefully fill a 6 ml water sample into the measuring cup and add a drop of the blue measuring liquid. Each drop that discolors represents 0,1 ppm (=100 ppb) of dissolved hydrogen gas. If a drop no longer discolors itself, you can stir gently.

If the liquid still does not change color, the last drop added to the water no longer counts. Water under normal atmospheric pressure can contain up to 1,6 ppm hydrogen gas (full saturation). With the AquaVolta® hydrogen booster you can also produce supersaturated water with over 6 ppm. However, this falls back to full saturation within a few minutes when the sample comes into contact with the normal atmosphere. If you want a lot of hydrogen, you have to drink it quickly.

Measurement results from hydrogen water devices | Table from the AquaVolta® Hydrogen Booster manual, page 15

Hydrogen producing device (water ionizer with PEM cell)

H2fXCell HIM (Hydrogen Infusion Machine)
GiseAqua HIM (similar to H2fXCell)
GiseAqua HIM (same device)
GiseAqua HIM (other sample device)
KYK H2/O3 Hisha prototype
aqua living ® hydrogen booster
AquaVolta® hydrogen booster
AquaVolta® hydrogen booster
AquaVolta® hydrogen booster
AquaVolta® hydrogen booster
AquaVolta® hydrogen booster
AquaVolta® hydrogen booster
AquaVolta® hydrogen booster
AquaVolta® hydrogen booster
AquaVolta® hydrogen booster
AquaVolta® hydrogen booster
AquaVolta® hydrogen booster
AquaVolta® hydrogen booster
AquaVolta® hydrogen booster

Water used (tap water, reverse osmosis water, bottled water)

TWM (=Munich tap water)
TWM (pre-filtered)
TWM (pre-filtered)
TWM (pre-filtered)
ROW (=reverse osmosis water) 5 min.
ROW 7 mins.
ROW 7 min. standing open after 30 minutes
TWM 5 min.
TWM 7 min.
Aqua panna 7 min.
Evian 7 mins.
Volvic 7 mins.
Volvic 7 min. prod. + 30 min. open
Volvic 5 mins.
State Fachingen healing water 7 min.
Mehrner Spring “Nothelfer” healing water 7 min.
ROW with 235 TDS Himalayan salt 7 min.
Nordenau tunnel water

Measurement: Trustlex ENH 1000 (ppb)


Measurement with H 2 blue kit (ppb)


The two operating modes of the Hydrogen booster bluebalance®

Basically it offersaqua living® hydrogen booster bluebalance® two ways to produce hydrogen water:


  • Either you use one of the two pressure vessels supplied with the screw cap (a)
  • or you can use a mineral water bottle with a capacity of up to 1,5 liters as a pressure chamber (b).

For both operating modes, one of the two adapters must first be screwed into the base device. Their internal thread differs depending on the desired bottle size.

During normal operation with the pressure vessel made of glass or plastic, it is then screwed tightly to the adapter and then filled with water from above.

The most efficient hydrogen production occurs when there are no air bubbles between the screw cap and the water. from a To connect a water bottle, the device with the appropriate adapter is screwed on from above and the whole thing is then turned over.



Only use still water! There must be no carbon dioxide in the water filled.

Generate hydrogen water with the aqua living® hydrogen booster bluebalance®

During operation, the hydrogen booster must stand straight on a firm, smooth surface. If the surface is too soft, the pressure valve on the bottom will not be closed properly and the device will not work with sufficient pressure.

Use the on/off button to start hydrogen production, which you can recognize by the fine bubbles rising.

When you press the button once, the LED lights up blue and the device produces for 3 minutes.

When you press the button twice, the LED flashes blue and the device produces for 5 minutes.

As production time increases, an increasingly larger pressure bubble forms above the water surface (c).

If you have filled without air bubbles, this is predominantly hydrogen gas, which increases the solubility of the hydrogen in the water due to its pressure.

The larger the water vessel used, the longer the electrolysis time should be.

The small pressure vessel holds 0,2 liters and produces 5 ppm hydrogen content in reverse osmosis water in 0,8 minutes (a). With VOLVIC (b) it takes 7 minutes.

The gas bubbles shown in a 1,25 l bottle of EVIAN mineral water show the gas pressure build-up at 7 (c) and 35 minutes (d). This corresponded to a hydrogen content of 1,3 (c) and 5,9 ppm (d).

Hydrogen water | Best made with alkaline, already activated water from a water ionizer

In contrast to alkaline active water from one classic water ionizer the pH value of the treated water is maintained.

Hydrogen water can also be slightly acidic, although not as much hydrogen can be stored as in alkaline water.

For example, we measure a significantly lower hydrogen content in slightly acidic reverse osmosis water treated in the same way than in slightly alkaline mineral water such as Aqua Panna:

The ratio is 1,2 ppm to 1,9 ppm for mineral water.

Hydrogen water – Don’t just drink it! | recommendations


  • Drink up to 0,3 l per 10 kg of body weight daily. Correspondingly more at high temperatures and/or heavy physical exertion. Use water that is as alkaline as possible. One of the classic ones would be ideal AquaVolta® water ionizer, which prepares filtered alkaline activated water that already contains 0,6 to 1,2 ppm hydrogen. The aqua living® hydrogen booster bluebalance® Its high-pressure technology can then store additional hydrogen in the water, making it suitable for pickling food:
  • Soak fruits, salads, cut flowers, raw eggs, fish, meat and vegetables in fresh hydrogen water for 15-30 minutes. Such foods refresh themselves by absorbing hydrogen, which even passes through eggshells. The penetration of hydrogen reduces the redox potential of the food, which, for example, the food tester Prof. Dr. Manfred Hoffmann considers it to be a sign of higher food quality.
  • Mix milk powder, diet powder, fitness powder etc. with hydrogen water. Dissolve mineral and vitamin mixtures in it. The redox potential also decreases favorably due to the role of dissolved hydrogen.
  • Buy juice concentrates – if possible with an organic seal. This is what you do No more dragging and environmental pollution from beverage packaging. No manufacturer on the market can yet supply juices with better redox potential. Please refer: Asenbaum, KH, Electroactivated Water, Munich 2016, p. 43 ff.
  • Mix alcoholic drinks and cocktails with hydrogen water. They become milder and the taste comes into its own better. Make ice cubes from hydrogen water.
  • After drinking alcohol, drink 2 glasses in the evening and 2 glasses the next morning on an empty stomach.
  • Give your pets (dogs, cats…) hydrogen-rich water to drink and watch the positive changes in coat and overall health.

AquaVolta hydrogen booster portable PEM hydrogen generator with pressure vessel

AquaVolta hydrogen booster portable PEM hydrogen generator with bottle

Battery Disposal Instructions

In connection with the distribution of batteries or accumulators or with the delivery of devices containing batteries or accumulators, we are obliged to point out the following to you:

Batteries may not be disposed with household waste. As an end user, you are legally obliged to dispose of used batteries properly. You can return batteries free of charge after use at the point of sale or in your immediate vicinity (e.g. in municipal collection points or in stores). You can also send used batteries back to us by post.

Batteries or accumulators that contain harmful substances are marked with the symbol of a crossed out garbage can. The chemical name of the pollutant is located near the garbage can symbol:

“Cd” stands for cadmium, “Pb” for lead and “Hg” for mercury.

38 Reviews for AquaVolta® aqua living® bluebalance® | portable hydrogen water generator - returned, like new

  1. Angelica F. -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    Thank you very much for repairing the booster. Now everything is working again.
    Best Regards,
    Angelica F.

  2. Karen L -

    Dear Mr. Akgün,
    I received my hydrogen water booster from you last week and paid immediately via PayPal.
    At the same time, I wanted to tell you that I am very satisfied with the product, so I was able to convince my friend Marion R. from Stralsund to buy this booster. She has already ordered it from you.
    I wish you many more great ideas in your research and remain with kind regards from Stralsund, your customer, Karin L.

  3. Andrew H. (Verified owner) -

    Hello Mr Akgün…
    ...I can also tell you that I can already feel the effects of the active water generated by the booster. Clarity and lightness, energized and accelerated bowel movements are the effects.
    The hybrid PWI-2100 you bought back then never did that. I'm not surprised either, with the H2-Blue set I was able to determine a value of only 0,2 ppm. Producing alkaline water works very well with this.
    With the hydrogen booster after one pass, 1ppm. Much more.
    Kind regards,
    Andrew H.

  4. A. Benke -

    Hi all,
    We bought the aqua living® bluebalance® from you a few months ago.
    Our osmosis water is enriched with a few minerals and our vegetables and fruit are only treated with them...
    If you don't experience it yourself, you won't be able to understand how unique the added water works and tastes. …
    … Best regards
    Andrew B

  5. Malik -

    The device is the classic from Korea that has proven itself for many years and still works reliably for me.

    The only small drawback compared to other devices is that this booster can only be charged with the small charger provided and not via any USB cable on the PC or cell phone charger.

    The booster is largely pressure-tight up to approx. 2 bar. Only at higher pressures or a longer period of time under pressure will larger amounts of water be forced through the seal into the lower waste water tank with this device (which is a good thing at higher pressures for safety reasons).

    With this device, the trick described in the instructions helps to fill the water container as free of air as possible in order to significantly increase the H2 content in the water due to the resulting excess pressure.

    According to my measurements, the most effective H2 production with this device is achieved by using a 0,5 liter reusable PET bottle instead of using the original container. (I warn against thin-walled or angular glass bottles that can burst at 2 bar pressure, like the boron-silicate bottle previously offered here.)

    The reusable PET bottles offer better pressure storage than the thinner disposable bottles or the more rigid Plexiglas original container because they “inflate” elastically at 2 bar and can therefore maintain the pressure for quite a while after boosting.

    It is even more effective to unscrew this bottle for another 15-30 minutes after boosting, leaving it under pressure, and only unscrew the bottle for drinking after this waiting time. If you still hear a slight hissing sound, the water is still slightly under pressure and the H2 content has increased significantly during this time).

    With this waiting trick (fill the PET bottle to the maximum, boost it to over 2 bar and wait) the H2 content increases significantly compared to immediately opening and drinking.

    Filling the charged water from the booster to drink it later quickly nullifies the overpressure effect. After decanting, the concentration then slowly falls back to the normal saturation value. It is ideal to store H2 water under pressure, so only open the booster bottle shortly before drinking.

    And finally ...

    Quite expensive but definitely recommended. A mature classic from Paino from Korea.
    With the above-mentioned tricks, high H2 concentrations in the water can be achieved even on the go.

  6. Dima -

    I have just transferred the money. Sorry for the circumstances. Was waiting for the money from H2 Vital.
    You were right on the phone. The colleague is dubious. Withheld my money. He responded to every message from me saying the goods were shipped today.
    Finally last week PayPal transferred the money back to me. I had nothing else to pay the bill.
    I know I could have contacted you. The topic annoyed me so much that I didn't want to deal with it.
    That's just how it happened.
    I didn't mean that in a bad way.
    Best regards,

  7. Mr. Wegener -

    RETURNED AGAIN!!!! OK, I'm 78 years old...young...
    With that in mind...see you in May
    Wegener + Sobak

  8. Oliver T -

    Great.. then I bought the right booster. I'm very satisfied after just one day. How much pressed magnesium in 500 ml of water? After boosting, do you put the pellets in first?
    Very gladly. ..I'm pleased
    You are a very special person yasin. thank you very much

  9. Claudia L -

    ...The water tastes really fantastic and I drink like never before in my life - I'm thirsty without end...

  10. Nikita B. -

    I already have the AquaVolta® Hydrogen Booster Classic and am very satisfied. The water becomes softer and tastier.
    With kind regards,
    Nikita B.

  11. M. Beck with family -

    Dear Mr. Akgün,
    Thank you for your quick delivery of our two boosters and the filter.
    We have now had the parts for 2 weeks and we are both (including my brother) thrilled with this little device.
    We take it everywhere, whether in the kitchen or the dining room even in the living room, it's just awesome.
    We do it like they told me on the phone, 2 x 5 minutes. The taste is just different and more pleasant to drink.
    We tried all the options and came to the decision that we would keep both Bossters, including the filter.
    I will transfer the money to you in full.
    By the way, my other brother “W. “Beck” has already ordered a large booster from you – I gave it to you in your information booklet – that’s what he told me.
    He was also allowed to try the water from my little boosters and he was thrilled too.
    I brought the device to my old mother (89 years old) and she tried it too - the result was only positive -
    We would like to thank you very much and wish you all the best and only success with your aquatic center
    Best regards,
    M. Beck with family

  12. Noe F. -

    There are now many hydrogen devices on the market. Despite the high price, I decided to buy the Aquavolta hydrogen booster. The main reason for this is that you can send the device back if you are not satisfied. I tested the device and am personally not satisfied with the device and therefore sent it back.
    I got the full amount back (including shipping and price for the H2 Blue drops) and would like to thank you for the opportunity to really test the device without getting into trouble from the seller. 🙂
    Noe F.

  13. Denis K. -

    Hello folks,

    The shipment arrived safely today!
    We will now load the boosters and start testing/drinking.

    Thank you very much for the fast completion

    Kind regards
    Denis K.

  14. Martina K -

    Martina K

  15. Iris H -

    Hello Yasin,
    After using my water fiter Aquaphor and my hydrogen booster Aquavolta for a few weeks now, I wanted to give you some feedback.
    I'm really excited about hydrogen water and am drinking more water than ever before. It's really good for my body and the great thing is that I can take the booster with me everywhere. I don't want to go without it even for a day. I already recommend him.
    Thank you again for the informative and nice afternoon with you at the aqua center,
    LG Iris

  16. Dr. Jens Tesmer -

    …Hydrogen is neutral. One electron from each partner forms a shared electron pair. There is none left or there is too little, so it is externally neutral.
    Warm greeting
    Dr. Jens Tesmer

  17. Liane P. -

    Hi Yasin, servas...

    After four months, finally my review... I live in a motorhome and am super happy to be able to use such a small mobile device at all, and I use it every day, every single day, always and constantly, I don't drink any other water at home anymore... it simply tastes delicious, softer and... more alive... I drink more than ever and my body demands it because it is good for it in many ways... I feel more awake and fitter and I trust my body completely...

    We all know how important good water is... It is one of the greatest assets on our beautiful planet, and I think it's so great, Yasin, that you are doing the Aquacentrum and, above all, how you are doing it... with so much enthusiasm and thirst for research, always in a good mood, good energy, always friendly and courteous, accommodating…. great advice with in-depth knowledge and now also experience...

    We've been friends for quite a while now, wait a minute, I'll take a look, woh, it's been eight and a half years since I've known you and always enjoy coming to visit... and it's getting more and more exciting what you do discovered and developed... I can't imagine a better aqua center...

    Thank you for everything, Yasin, for your willingness to help, your being and your really cool spirit…. see you sooooon my friend, I'm looking forward to it :-)))

    Warm greetings from Liane

  18. Markus B. -

    I found you via Kopp-Verlag for Uwe Karstädt's book “Defeat Diabetes 2 Forever”. You've been recommended in here. 🙂

  19. Martina S -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    I wanted to tell you the following:
    When I drink the water from the hydrogen booster, my head stays clearer and I'm somehow more alert.
    I already tell my patients about the water.
    If something feels good, people are happy to spread the word.
    The Modern filter is now also attached to the tap and is now tight. So you don't need to send an additional adapter. Thanks.
    Martina S

  20. Elena S (Verified owner) -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    Thank you for sending your products, which are currently being tested in our home.
    Overall, we were impressed by the water quality (basicity and hydrogen). The water tastes great, even for the children. They even voluntarily give up sweet drinks...
    …Thanks and best regards
    Elena S

  21. Alf J. (Verified owner) -

    Email subject: Phew…
    Hello Yasin,
    first experience with 3 liters of hydrogen water boosted 5x for 0,5 minutes:
    wonderfully smooth to drink, but the next day you had a faint feeling (diarrhea) all day long.
    Warm wishes,

  22. B. Sunshine -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    Thank you very much for the opportunity to test the Aquaphor can filter and the hydrogen boosters Blue 900 and Aquavolta Paino.
    For now, I have decided to keep the Aquaphor can filter and also the Aquavolta Paino hydrogen booster.
    This means that I am satisfied with the taste result and my options financially and here with the Cologne drinking water until I buy a water ionizer from you in the future.
    At the moment my budget is limited and that can relax again in the future. …( >Continue reading for complete evaluation with table)
    It was good to be able to try everything here with my water and I am grateful for your support of my little solution. Everything else can come then.
    You may receive inquiries from friends who have owned a Kangen Leveluk for many years and who I will pass on your brochure to during the conversation.
    I wish you continued commitment and enthusiasm for your future projects and visions.
    Best regards,
    B. Sunshine

  23. Marcel O (Verified owner) -

    Good evening 🙂

    A few days ago I ordered two “Blue700”. Since the on-off switch is too pressure-sensitive for me and the beeping noises bother me a bit, I looked for an alternative. That's when I came across the much more powerful AquaVolta. I have now ordered two of these and am completely satisfied.
    I sent the Blue700 back with insurance (up to €500).
    I would also like to mention that I am very impressed with your company and will recommend it to my friends.

    Ofitsch M.

  24. Nicolai (Verified owner) -

    Hello Mr Akgün,

    The enthusiasm about hydrogen water in my family is really making waves; my sister now also has one of these H2 boosters and is amazed at its effect.
    Thank you.

    Nicolai F.

  25. Gregory K. (Verified owner) -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    I use boosters several times a day.
    The ionizer is great and I use it diligently.
    Use level 4 and set the flow to 1,5 – 2l.

    I use about 3l/day.
    The water here is very hard and rather limestone.
    What do you mean,
    – how often should I descale?
    – and when does a filter change become necessary? (Cost for a filter?)

    By the way, her videos on her site are great. Everything is always explained very well.
    Keep it up.

    Gregory K.

  26. Dr. Walter S. -

    Dear Mr. Akgün,
    Thank you for sending the new AquaVolta® Booster.
    I once measured the drinking water from my ion exchange system and got the redox potential: + 185 mV.
    The same sample after exposure to the hydrogen booster in the 2nd stage gave: – 315 mV
    I found the clear result with the small, very handy device very surprising and ultimately convincing. I'll monitor the effects in the near future.
    I might then buy another device for my daughters.
    I will send the test devices back to you with this shipment. Likewise the unused, unopened can filters for resale.
    I transferred the invoice amount today.
    Thank you for your efforts and great work,
    With kind regards,
    Dr. Walter S.

  27. Nicolai F. (Verified owner) -

    Hello Mr Akgün,

    I told my uncle about the hydrogen water and let him try it.
    I was surprised by his reaction since he's not usually one to get excited about stuff like that.
    He said that he would also like an H2 booster.
    I'll try to advertise you more. The ionizers are just too expensive for the people I know, for most the pain threshold is around 200-max 400€ for such a device...
    …Greetings from Ulm
    Nicolai F.

  28. Patricia F. -

    Hello Mr. Akguen,
    Thank you very much for the many links and information.
    The delivery was super fast and I'm already enjoying drinking the new active water!

    Warm greetings from Vienna
    Patricia F.

  29. Gerald T -

    Hello Mr Akgün,

    If you go to the trouble of working on a holiday, you should get an answer.
    I really like Mr. Asenbaum's (or both of you) videos. I hesitated for a while whether I should buy an ionizer from them or from Mr. Erich Meidert. Ultimately, the decisive factor was the price and their statement about a certain level of goodwill that you would exercise in the event of dissatisfaction with the devices sold.
    Well, I assume I won't be dissatisfied. I'm very excited to see what effect the water will have on me. I will make it measurable or visible with the GDV camera, a camera that can display biophoton radiation.
    If you are interested, I will tell you about it.
    Kind regards from the Rhineland

    Hans Gerhard T.

  30. N. Faßmann (Verified owner) -

    Hello Mr Akgün,

    I think it's really great what you and Mr. Asenbaum are doing here, there aren't many products that deliver what they promise.
    The effect of H2 water is absolutely logical and simply brilliant if you take a closer look at the topic.
    I drink the H2 booster water every day and am really amazed at the effect, I would never have believed that you could feel it like that.
    I'm suddenly in great shape and wide awake after enjoying it. There is the advertising with Red Bull: “Red Bull gives you wings”, I think that applies most to the H2 water. To me it also seems like a subtle flash, ABSOLUTELY GIGANTIC, that is a real enrichment for humanity.
    Many kind regards from Ulm
    N. Faßmann

  31. Nicolai (Verified owner) -

    Hello Mr Akgün,

    the hydrogen booster is simple and ingenious. After drinking H2 water you will clearly notice an invigorating effect.
    A glass of booster water when I get up in the morning and I'm wide awake. My “weather sensitivity” is also better, I can definitely recommend the booster.
    There aren't many products that deliver what they promise, but the H2 Booster is definitely one of them!
    Thank you for this sensational device!

    Best regards,
    Nicolai F.

  32. Boris M -

    Hello Yasin,

    thank you for the fast delivery and the test option, perfect service…

  33. Hans S. (Verified owner) -

    Hello Mister. Akgun,
    We have now tested the original booster (with blue LED) for a few days and are keeping it.
    I think that since the hydrogen topic has only really been discovered, completely different products will appear in 2,3 years??!

  34. Dennis V. -

    It's quite interesting. I drank the first glass just now, screwed a 0,33 liter Coca-Cola bottle on it, and the water, I have to say, tastes different than Lourdes, even though I use the same osmosis water. I'm super satisfied, yes, and thank you very much.
    I'm looking forward to the video of the Lourdes compared to the hydrogen booster.
    See you soon Yasin, thank you
    Dennis V.

  35. Tatiana W. (Verified owner) -

    The booster water is divine and forgives the anger I had. I just want to have this brilliant water ;-). It's all ok!

  36. Helga K -

    Dear Mr. Yasin Akgün,
    The first package arrived today with the hydrogen booster and the audio double CD.
    Many thanks for the fast delivery.
    Best Regards,
    Helga K

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    Yasin Akgun -

    I have experienced a lot in the last 10 years here in the now 30-year-old Aquacentrum. Visitors come every day to present me with a new product or technology. However, something like the hydrogen booster has never happened to me. I can proudly say it is our best and most important product in our range.
    The water becomes extremely tasty and soft after about 10 minutes. With alkaline water the taste is even tastier and even softer, but even just filtered water or bottled water gets its pleasant note thanks to the hydrogen. You can “pump” almost any amount of hydrogen into the original water to obtain water that was probably not available on this earth. Extremely soft, very drinkable and motivates you to drink more hydrogen water. We are hydrogen beings, so we now have the perfect water.
    With this in mind, I recommend that anyone interested definitely give this product a try, everyone enjoys it Free trial period and 6-month satisfaction guarantee. It makes the most sense together with a water ionizer, because then we add the hydrogen booster to the water ionizer at a cheaper price. Everyone needs a travel ionizer or a water ionizer for work or something similar.
    All the best from AquaCentral ;-), Yasin-San

  38. Carola B. -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    the booster is really great, thank you for that ;-)). I'll send the Aqua Blue next Monday (I hope that's ok - I have to go to the post office anyway).
    I'm looking forward to Moses 7...
    Kind regards, Carola B.

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