Countertop water ionizer

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Countertop water ionizer usually look very similar. They consist of a housing in which the replaceable pre-filter unit, the direct current supply via transformer or switching power supply and the electrolytic cell are housed.

There is usually a rotatable flexible hose at the top as a filling aid for the alkaline active water. This is typical for (almost) all table-top water ionizers. Only Aquion® devices have an alternative telescopic spout, which is, however, less suitable for filling bottles.

Sometimes devices, as shown below, look very similar, but have clear differences in the inner workings and device software. The connection for electricity and tap water is on the bottom. There is also the drain for the acidic active water, which usually flows into the sink.

It is very important that the display has a flow rate in liters/min. has. The flow rate has a decisive influence on the ionization performance of almost all devices. If the flow rate determined to be optimal is not correct, the pH display will also be incorrect.

>Here you can find the replacement filters for the various water ionizers

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